DEAF EAR POPPED OPEN! Pastor Korede Komaiya’s Church


It is never in doubt that we are in the days of God’s power and this is evident in the dimensions of mind blowing, incredible and creative order of miracles we see on a daily basis. The instant miracles God wrought in our Special Communion For Settlement Service yesternight was humongous.

This brother had being deaf in his right ear for months after suffering from series of ear pain which later degenerated to deafness in that particular ear. For months, he took every available medication all in search of help but all proved abortive.

Right in the service, a precised word of knowledge addressing every ear pain, disease and defect came forth and instantly his right ear POPPED OPEN! Now he can hear even the faintest of sound and the deafness is gone forever!

The Miracles continue in unprecedented dimensions this Sunday 6th of February in 6 Power Packed Services (6:45am | 8:15am | 9:45am | 11:15am | 2pm & 4pm). It will be COVENANT DAY OF SETTLEMENT (Forever Settled) and you don’t want to miss it for anything. You are next to testify!


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