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Turn with me to Psalm 55:12-14, no man can say this subject better than the greatest king in the history of men.

It’s when saints wage war against themselves.

Many struggle today can be attributed to secret battles wage from altar of saints.

It’s when some believers under the influence of the devil began to wage war against the unsuspecting.

The first time I ever experienced this was while I was still under ministry training, I was ministering to a man when I heard this Ogun awon eniyan mimo( conspiracy from the saints).
As I perused further I saw someone placed his hand on the man to tie him down.

Do you remember the old and young prophets, 1 Kings 13:11-25.

Do you remember the Jews led by the High priest doing the same against Jesus.

The disciples encountered the same.

I was on the mountain praying one day, I walked into the thick and there I found some folks mentioning a pastor name and his ministry screaming his end.

I told them to stop right there or I shall add to their lives trouble.

One other time, I saw the picture of a pastor nailed to the tree with the name of his ministry.

This may sound funny or unreal but it’s very real.

It’s not out of place to terminate every battles and conspiracy from Saint against your life.

The most heinous thing about this truth is that they are calling the name of God to do this evil.

Do you remember David saying a prayer against Aithophel.

We must not be ignorant of the devices of the devil.

As a young prophet I have seen wickedness done in Saint places.

Apostle Johnson Sulaimon once said the enemy of a pastor is a pastor.

The greatest battle a pastor will ever face shall come from pastors and fellow believers.

The devil is too small to bring a pastor down if he doesn’t involve the believers.

Most of the people waging war against the church today are those who have benefitted from the church.

In Nigeria, the man who is promoting CAMAA law is a pastor in one of the biggest denomination here.

It’s a battle you can’t fight without tact and wisdom hence you endup in trouble.

The devil knows that until he teamed up with some believers he can’t succeed.

The present decay in the church was promoted by the enemy of the church masquerading as saints now we are all battling it.

Let me tell you this for free, a man confessed to me that he deliberately go to the brothel to sleep with prostitute every Sunday morning to hinder the flow of anointing of his pastor because he is the most trusted interpreter.

I was just ministering, I discovered that my spirit is undersiege, I stopped, I didn’t hear anything outside look at the interpreter.

I gazed at him for about 2mins, I knew something was wrong but I don’t know what it was.

To be on a safer side I told him to go and sit down.

I stepped down from the altar and boom I began to flow in my office again.

When I asked what was wrong, he said the pastor promised to be paying his house rent and his children school fees but he stopped because he discovered that his life is not consistent with the Bible.

So he decided to pollute the altar and his spirit.

David knew about this people even Jesus our master.

On this blue app a pastor paid some folks to report the page of another pastor to Facebook to bring down his growing page.

When they didn’t succeed these folks began to attack the pastor online until they were able to hack his page.

One of the folks paid to do the job came under the judgement of God, that was how I got to know the evil they did against a fellow saint.

You will not believe some so called pastor pay people to bring other pastor down.

Some folks paid journalists to bring Papa Idahosa down.

I saw a compile file written by some folks against God’s servant David Oyedepo, a 200 page so called research, I wept reading it.

Such evil by fellow saints.

Let me share this last one, a choir master slept with a lady on the church altar to deal with his pastor because he didn’t support his serial perversion .

The members began to leave one after the other until the pastor went to pray.

He saw blood on the altar, as he probed further, he saw pants and semen.

Then the Lord told him, bad enough, this same brother was always the first to get to church, he will even be consoling the pastor as the trouble raged.

When the pastor told me, I told him to bring the said brother, asking him he confessed and begged me not to tell his pastor that he used to do it once in a month.

He didn’t know the pastor had seen everything.

It’s my sincere prayer today that every conspiracy of the Saint contending with your miracles and breakthrough expire now in the name of Jesus.

Powers that employed the enemy within your tent shall collapse today in the name of Jesus.

I heard the Lord early this morning, He told me to put this up here, I struggled to interprete the word into English I had to speak to my friend Pastor Ogunbona to help me with right word.

If you’re presently waging war against a fellow Saint stop it now hence the judgement of God consumes you in 24hrs.

A.T Joel.

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