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Is it too late to say happy new month? 🥲😁🥳🤗💃🏿

The “Consciousness” picnic is gonna happen this month guys 🥳🥳🥳
It’s gonna be at the Rose of Sharon park at the Lord’s garden, Airport Road Abuja.
This is a free event that is welcome to all 🥳😃🤗
It’s gonna be so lush guys 🥺😁
There’ll even be a bouncy castle 🏰🤸🏿‍♀️

Dress code is avant garde
Basically, be innovative, fun, elegant and of course comfortable.
Or just dress like I tend to 🤪😁

It’s a picnic so make sure to come with food and a mat. But we have some amazing vendors volunteering so we’ll deffo have lots of food too.

If you’re a a creative (eg. art, dance, music, fashion), there’s lots of time to show off your skills
I’d even love to have a caricaturist 🤩😋

To the vendors, I love you guys and thank you so much 🥺
I’m also so grateful to the artists and DJs who are gonna come 😭🥳🤗. Y’all are incredible and I’m so honoured to have you.

To my hypeman and publicist @realsammysas, you’re the actual man
For sponsorship, partnership and/or inquiries, please 📞 call Sammie +(234 907 789 5457)

I’m so excited family 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Thank you Abba 🙌🏿❤️.

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