Deborah Enennche at The Museum of Legends in Ghana


The Museum of Legends 🏛

I met the wax figures of my heros today 🥺. It was a very immersive and enlightening experience.

This is one of the incredible features at the Anagkazo Campus of @daghmills

It was such an informative tour. I’ve read up on many of these God’s generals but something about today’s experience was incredibly humbling, illuminating and served as a huge challenge to me.

I must do great things for God. I must leave my mark on the sands of time.

Thank you again @themillsdude for the engaging tour. It was a huge blessing.

PS:- For those who may not know, these are the figures in the photos
– Kathryn Kulman 🥺
– Archbishop Benson Idahosa
– Mother Theresa
– Reinhardt Bonke
– John Wesley
– Martin Luther
– Andre Crouch


And there were many others too. I’m so honoured to have seen them all.

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