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Your weekly dose of Sunday Reels

1.) Dad pointing while speaking but from my perspective he looked like a little floating angel about to touch mum 🥲
2.) Mum dancing with her kids from @destinychristianacademyedu
3.) Myself and the lovely Lady Bee Music. It was so awesome to finally meet you ma’am 🥺.You looked gorgeous today 😍. We’re gonna take Kenya 🇰🇪 by storm for Jesus 😤
4.)Mama reading “Seeds of Destiny”
5.) 😏
6.) New evangelistic T-shirts. Y’all already know I’m gonna wear one of them soon with some wild shoes 🤪
7.)Man with a metal brace in his leg gets healed 🥳
8.)Coke and fanta 🧡🖤😂
Tega, don’t worry…when I visit y’all in Dunamis UK, Imma lighten up. It’s Nigerian sun that’s showing me 😩😂
9.) headed home 🏡
10.)my 3rd service sermon notes

Have a great week guys. Go with God 🫂✨

PS:- a very happy birthday to the phenomenal Mercy Chinwo Page 🥳😍🥰❤️🫂. No better prayer than a big “The Lord bless you” (Proverbs 10:22) 🥰🥰🥰

Thisnos beautiful, isn’t it? Jesus be glorified!

kingdom people are now been celebrated and the church is full of glory!

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