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Our Father, this morning we thank You for bringing us before Your presence. We are grateful for counting us amongst the living. This morning, we look up to You again for encounter like never before. Give life to everyone today, move us from where we are to where we should be and at the end of it all, let Jesus alone be glorified. Thank You Father, in Jesus name we pray.

I want to appreciate God and celebrate leadership for this opportunity given to me this morning. I trust that the grace of God here will answer in our lives, in Jesus name.

Since this week opened up, we have been looking at our Covenant of Hour of Prayer series –
Please let’s remind ourselves from prophecy that the end time Church is ordained a Church of giants in all spheres of life. Please let’s remind ourselves also that the Church is a people, not a building and so the Bible gave us some classic examples of the Church, what God has ordained and we want to look at:
Who is a giant? He is a person of extra-ordinary strength or power. So that’s what the Bible desires that everyone of us in Church should be. Extra-ordinary strength and power. Now there is a description of such a people in the Book of Joel chapter 2 verses 7 to 11
Joel 2:7-11
What God has said is that they will be mighty men with extra strength. Such a people.
They will be people who are focused, each of them on their God ordained path of life. They are people who are able to scale great heights in life. Church Gist. We are looking at the giants God has ordained for His Church.
They are people who are immune to danger: giants God has ordained. They are people who will be shaking the earth wherever they go. That is what God has ordained for you and I: the Church

God has ordained us as giants to be looked at on the earth. Every of our lives, every sphere, whatever endeavour, whatever we put our hands in: the Bible says, “we are people to shake our world.”
-I see that become your portion at the end of today, in the name of Jesus Christ.
But you know, dedication is the covenant platform for the rise of such giants.


What is Dedication? To be deadly committed. Dedication!
Please note also that your rise as a giant based on the function we have seen is a function of how deep your root is, your rise as a giant. We see high rise buildings; their foundation is deep. Your rise as a giant in this Kingdom is a function of how deep your root is; how sold out; how deadly committed you are. No wonder in Psalm chapter 87 verse 1, “his foundation is in the holy mountains.” Church Gist. Your dedication in the holy mountain, the House of God determines how far you will rise.
How much sold out are you, how deeply committed are you to the things of God?
Dedication simply means, “I am dead to the things around me. I am sold out to the ways of God.”
That is the covenant platform for the rise of giants. It is good to become a giant, to become a star that is considerably more illuminous than all other stars, but you see you have to be dedicated.

We saw our brother Daniel who was so dedicated and the Bible talks about what will happen to the Church
Daniel 7:27
That is what the Church is expected to turn out but individually within the Church is expected to be a giant that will result in this dominion.
-I see by the faithfulness of God, everyone of us resulting indeed in our lifetime, in the name of Jesus Christ.

But you see, Bible has shown us that this dedication is not a task that cannot be attained. We have examples from scriptures and so this morning, we will be looking at another example. We will be looking at the example of Daniel.

Daniel: A most dedicated patriarch and as we look at him, I believe that the hand of God will do us good in the name of Jesus Christ.

Daniel was a most dedicated patriarch. Don’t forget Daniel was a slave in Babylon, he was taken captive but he made his choice to remain dedicated.
Daniel 1:8
Dedication, as we have been told often and again, is a choice. A choice that you make and all through this week, our father in the faith has been singing and telling us definitely that, “you make your choice and God supplies the grace!”
The choice you make for dedication is for your personal gain. Everyone who is dedicated is doing it for their personal gain. You cannot be dedicated for another person to be glorified. No. You dedicate yourself, you will now become the one glorified by yourself. The hand of God will take you up.
So Daniel purposed, he made up his mind, to be dedicated, to be sold out, not to defile himself with the king’s rich food. No matter where you find yourself, there is a focus you should follow as a child of God, knowing what pattern of life you should live, that brings about the glory that God has ordained for us and so we find out that this same Daniel in (Daniel chapter 1) verse 17, the Bible says, “as for these children, God gave them knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams.”
As you remain dedicated, the hand of God comes upon you, to begin to lift you step by step by step. Before you know it, you are far above your peers, because God sees beyond the ordinary. He sees the heart of the dedicated person and He supplies the grace, the divine help needed to fulfill what the dedication is all about.
-I see by the power of the Almighty, stars, giants rising from this Ministry in the name of Jesus Christ.

Daniel 6:4-5
Please know this, every man or woman who is sold out to the Kingdom of God, like we said, you are immune to danger. No matter the gang up, your God defends you.
“They could find no occasion”
Is it because there was no occasion or because God blinded their eyes to it?
He was dedicated to his God and God took care. Every of Daniel’s effort was coloured by God and so they could find no occasion.
-As you remain committed, dedicated to God, before their very eyes, you will rise and leave them.
“They could find no occasion.” Why? Because God protects His own.
-From today, no arrow from the pit of hell will survive against your life.
-No man or woman will be able to find occasion to bring you down, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Daniel 6:11-12
Daniel knew a writing had been written against him and had been signed. This is the truth about dedication, no matter the noise around, remain focused because you know whom you have believed, He is able to keep you and bring you out successful at the end of it all.
Daniel knew and so they all gathered together; they found him still dedicatedly serving His God and so His God arose for him. When they took him to the lions, before he got there, his God was waiting.
-I see everyone of us here, as you remain dedicated, the sky will be your beginning point.
-The faithfulness of God will answer for you.
Be dedicated to the Kingdom cause. Have a plan of what you must do with God. Be focused, be sold out, be deadly committed to the things of God. God is too sufficient, always sufficient and very sufficient to take care of you. He is all out just for the dedicated. He said, “we are all ordained to be stars, we are all ordained to be giants, rising above our peers.”
-That shall be somebody’s else testimony. This week a new giant shall be born from this assembly, in the name of Jesus Christ.

The God that we serve is able to keep you. He is there to watch over you, to defend you, to stabilize you. Please remain dedicated. Make your choice. Church Gist. God has never disappointed anybody before and He is not ready to begin with you. Trust your life with Him.


The way we are all seated down, the chairs are carrying our weight, the same way, God can carry our destiny. Let’s be dedicated to Him. Let’s be sold out to Him, then you see His faithfulness come upon your life. I see that the hand of God will rest upon you.
-Somebody will make a choice today that Heaven will supply grace to support, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Prayers: Ask God for grace. Lord, grace to remain dedicated. I want to be dedicated to the Kingdom cause like Daniel was and his light shone. Grace to remain dedicated.
Ask for grace, it is available.


CHoP is an acronym for Covenant Hour of Prayer.

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