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-Pastor Paul Enenche at Dunamis International Gospel Centre on ‘DESTINY DESTROYING CHARACTER’ at 1st Service, Glory Dome.

Lift your hands high.
Breathe upon this assembly this morning Lord, let no one present leave here the same way they have come. There is a name given above all names by which men must be saved, healed and delivered, it’s the name Jesus. Can you whisper that name J-E-S-U-S…

Thank You for lifting burdens this morning; healing the sick, delivering the oppressed, touching the needy. We worship You Lord in Jesus precious name.

Give the Lord a clap offering as you take your seat.

I’ll like to welcome everyone here this morning in Jesus precious name. I’ll also like to bring greetings to you from Ilorin, Kwara state. We had the most exciting crusade, in our estimation what looks a little bit to us was the estimation of the people of the land, a very, very rare kind of gathering. We have only according to them seen such level of impact, maybe twice and so we are grateful to God for the privilege. Minister’s Conference was highly impactful and then lives were changed, destines were transformed and we give the King of kings and the Lord of lords the praise.

Psalm 1:1-3
The subject is:
Our objective is to understudy character traits that destroy destiny. I trusting the Lord to be able to finish this before the rest of the month and if it is possible, do all you can to be in the Mid-week services so we can finish up these traits.

We saw on Wednesday that there is a strong connection between character and destiny. We saw that people of strong character in scripture were people of strong destinies. We saw the example of Joseph, the example of Esther and other such people in scripture. Today we want to examine specific character traits to avoid in other to fulfill our God ordained destiny and the first one we want to deal with is the original Luciferic sin; pride.

The original sin that was invented where there was no sin.
Proverbs 11:2, Proverbs 16:18-19
There is an easy way to know that a man is about to crash when pride is noticed. It is a better thing to be humble, to be lowly than to have any wealth or riches as a proud man because it has no future. If we look through scripture, we’ll see example of individuals that were ruined by pride.
a). Lucifer – pride was responsible for the crash of Lucifer. What turned Lucifer into satan was pride (Isaiah 14:12-15, Ezekiel 28:12-15). Lucifer was a personality that God created not with dust like man but created with precious stones with diamond, beryl, Jasper, sardius, topaz, sapphire, emerald, carbuncle, even with gold and wired into him music equipment; tabrets, pipes. No wonder music people in the world try to go to satan to get inspiration and get musical power.

The iniquity of Lucifer cannot be atoned for, he invented sin, he was not tempted. He sinned where there shouldn’t be sin and from there he crashed (Luke 10:18). When iniquity was found in him, I think that Jehovah called the Warrior group, archangel Michael, see; this guy is not part of here anymore and they kicked him out with the speed of light and then crashed all the way to the earth because iniquity was found in him
– You will not crash!

b). Pride was responsible for the crash of King Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 4:29-34, 37). Nothing aborts destiny like pride. There is something called abortifacient in medicine, things that will just push out a baby easily.

1. Pride is the exaggerated estimation of one’s importance. A healthy estimation of yourself is correct, it is accurate. Moving about with inferior mentality is anti-destiny as well but when there is an exaggerated estimation of one’s importance, it is pride.

2. Pride is esteeming one’s self with superiority and others with inferiority. It is the exhibition of a superiority mentality to the detriment of others existence. It looks down and talks down on others.

1. Pride goes before a fall and a haughty spirit before destruction (Proverbs 16:18, Proverbs 28:12). There’s a way to know that a man is about to crash when he embraces pride and there’s a way to know that God is about to honour a person, when they possess humility.

I remember the story of a young man, God began to use him with miracles, signs and wonders; blind eyes were seeing, deaf ears were hearing and so on and then he stopped coming to Church. But that is not strange because the Bible says this sign shall follow them that believe. It didn’t say this sign shall follow Pastors or Apostles; this sign shall follow them that believe. The young man stopped coming to Church and they told him; won’t you come to Church again? He said which Church? That Pastor, he was calling his Pastor ‘that Pastor’. When he prays, do blind eyes see, do deaf ears hear? The gift of God turned this man into a beast. Not long after that, he became a drunkard, ran mad at the frequency of pride. The same devil he was casting, when those demons saw pride, they came back and ruined him. When the young man was talking carelessly to his spiritual father and the spiritual father said ‘me that carried you, I backed you when you were nothing. Is it me you are talking to like this? He said you back me, drop me. If you claimed you are the one who backed me, okay drop me and the main said I drop you and God heard it, Heaven heard it, angels heard it, demons heard it. That man was dropped and he crashed. I think he died blind.

Please don’t never let any realm of success, any realm of miracle enter your head. If the devil is about to destroy a person, he will inflate their heads with pride. There are so many people struggling in life today because of fullness of self.

2. Pride disconnects man from the presence of God.

3. Pride deprives people of grace.

4. Pride will cost people eternity with God in Heaven. If Lucifer couldn’t remain in Heaven because of pride, nobody can enter Heaven with pride (Isaiah 14:12-15). Somebody may say “I don’t commit fornication and adultery, I don’t steal, I don’t kill but I am as arrogant as a peacock”, it’s the same eternal destiny of hell but that will never be your portion.

1. The revelation and realization of our nothingness without God (John 15:5). Jesus said the only thing you achieve outside of me is nothing. If you want to achieve nothing with your life, try and do nothing without me.

Now say this to yourself; “the revelation and realization of my nothingness without God”.
🎶🎼All of you and none of me is what my heart cries out for Lord.
May I decrease that You may increase, may You be the Lord of all🎼🎶

John 5:30
I told one arrogant guy the other day, I said substrate what God has done through this ministry in your life and let me know the balance. Everything God has used this ministry to do in your life and this Church and this Commission and this mantle, can you subtract it from your life? What is the balance, He said nothing. And that is how all of us are without God. Subtract everything God has done in your life, including the breath you have in your nose, the heart that is beating, the brain that is working and let us have the balance. This realization will humble you; it will cause you to calm down.

2. The revelation of God’s glory through intimacy, that is you are close to God enough to see who He is (Isaiah 6:1-5). Every time you see His Almightiness, you will also see your nothingness. The reason why we think we are something is because we haven’t seen God. Whenever you come in contact with His Almightiness, you’ll become aware of your nothingness. We will only think we are something if we are disconnected from God.

Camp around God; run away from those who will clap for you in your error. Run away from those who will inflate your head with praise. Don’t hang around those who have nothing to tell you but what you want to hear. Go to God and hang around Him who can tell you everything including the things you don’t want to hear. Camp with God and He’ll kill your pride.

3. The revelation and realization of who and what you were before God helped you (1 Corinthians 15:9-10). There are many of us that God has helped despite our character of the past. Truth is; anywhere you are now, there are people better than you who are not there – let that humble you. If it is prayer, there are those who have prayed more than you, who fasted more than you, who are more intelligent than you.

Stand up on your feet.
I’m fully aware that there are those who have prayed more than me, there are those who see more revelation than me; they see per second. It is not my powerfulness that is the reason for where I am, it is His faithfulness. So I trust Him and receive His grace to work with that mentality, with that consciousness. Humility does not mean an inferiority mentality or moving about wretched. You have a healthy sense of who you are in God, yet you have enough sense to know that by the grace of God you are what you are.

Lift up your hands and let us appreciate Him for His word this morning. Appreciate Him, honour Him, worship Him.

🎶🎼Lord make me a practical instrument for You, use me Lord🎼🎶

Thank the Lord for the Word you heard this morning. Father I thank You for the Word I heard this morning, I give You the praise, I give You the honour, I give You the adoration. I worship You, I honour You, I adore You. Blessed be Your name, honour to Your name, adoration to Your name. Thank You Master and thank You Master in Jesus precious name.

Lift your hands and say; Father I give You the praise and I give You the honour and the adoration for this morning. I have come before You today to drop every pride, every negative lifestyle that is a limitation to my destiny. I ask for forgiveness, I ask for mercy where I have erred. Open your mouth and speak to God.


Stretch your two hands in front of you:
I prophesy upon your hands; I declare your harvest will look for you, from the North, and the South and the East and the West. God bless you. Systems are coming under pressure to lose their peace, sleep and rest until what is yours enters your hand in Jesus’ name.

Lift up your materials for Impartation:

I declare today that that which you have brought today for Jehovah to touch will receive a life transforming touch of God in Jesus’ name.

Take your seat and place it right in front of you as you give your offerings.

I prophesy upon that which is in your hands; there are people before the giving is done, under 24 hours, your harvest is released. Under the next 48 hours, your harvest is released. Under the next 72 hours, your harvest is released in the name of Jesus.

Father I make demands of a change of story, I prophesy that this envelopes have become altars in the hands of the people and I decree a complete change of financial story in the name of Jesus and every material in your hands for impartation, I declare the release of God’s power. I decree that systems are put under pressure, they shall lose their peace, they shall lose their sleep, they shall lose their rest until what is yours enters your hands. I decree the reproduction of the testimony of brother Kennedy a thousand times, a hundred thousand times in this assembly. People that will be breaking forth in housing estate, real estate, in oil and gas, in banking; breaking forth in every area in the name of Jesus.

I declare that Jehovah God is shaking the Heavens and the earth and shaking the seas and the dry land and the Nations until all that is yours enter your hands in the name of Jesus.

Blessed be Your name Adonai, blessed be Your name Elohim, blessed be Your name El-yon… I decree a new season. The work of your hands shall prosper. Your business shall prosper. Your career shall prosper. The things that belong to you, the system shall lose their peace and sleep and rest until they are released into your hands in the name of Jesus.

A new day, a new season, new help, new grace, new mercy in Jesus precious name.

I prophesy the mantle of wealth to be released upon you right now. God will give you multiple encounters that will usher you into the realm of wealth, into the realm of supernatural supplies in Jesus name. Go forth and break forth and return with your testimony.

Let me give you a caution:
God is going to bless you beyond your wildest imagination. Look at somebody and say: God is about to bless you beyond your wildest imagination. It is not the end, it is the means to the end. Don’t forget your covenant practices; tithings and giving when you are blessed beyond your wildest imagination. To keep the flow on, you must keep the covenant going.

So shall it be!


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