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-Pastor Paul Enenche at Dunamis International Gospel Centre on ‘DESTINY DESTROYING CHARACTER’ (PART 6A).
1st Service, Glory Dome.

Give the Lord a shout of praise…
The King of kings and the Lord of lords and the I AM that I AM. Lift your hands and lift your voices and let’s worship Him, let’s honour Him, let’s adore Him.

Welcome to the first Sunday of the month of October. Let’s honour Him, let’s adore Him, let’s worship Him. Lift your hands and worship the King of kings.

ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶You are worthy to be glorified, You are worthy Jehovah.
You are worthy to be glorified, You are worthy LordğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶

Father visit us today, touch somebody this morning. Let Your power, let Your presence overwhelm this service this morning.

Let not one person leave here today the same way they have come. Thank You for this Blessing Sunday; we worship You, we honour You and we adore You in Jesus’ precious name.

Give the Lord a big clap of hand as you take your seat in the presence of the Lord.

Welcome to the first Sunday of the month of October; welcome to the Blessing Sunday of October. The Blessing of God that will come upon you today, no devil shall stop it in Jesus’ name.
We are going to be looking at a spill-over subject from last month that will help us to come close to finishing what our syllabus was for last month but also a very important factor for the release of the blessing of God in our lives. It is:

Psalm 1:1-3
Our objective is the same; Understanding character traits that destroy destiny and today, we shall be looking at one of the most dangerous destinies destroying character that exists and it is called envy.

It is very subtle but very dangerous. Examples abound throughout the scripture of individuals that were destroyed by this force.

1. Lucifer – the crash of Lucifer was a combination of envy and pride (Isaiah 14:12-16). Have you ever tried to assist somebody up, only for them to begin to engage you in competition? Have you ever tried to say, “let me raise you”? That was what happened to Lucifer. This man began to envy the position of His Maker.

It was the kind of way that Lot engaged Abraham in contention. Abraham was the one who brought Lot up, then suddenly, he said “what can you be that I cannot be? I have arrived” and that envy crashed Lucifer to the pit. When next you see someone you are trying to help begin to contend with you, remember Lucifer.

2. The brothers of Joseph (Genesis 37:4). They envied him and the envy led to hatred when they saw that his father loved him more than them.

Listen, most times envy and hatred will come because of a favour you didn’t ask for. Joseph did not ask his father to love him more than the brethren. It was not the doing of Joseph that endeared him to his father. Promotions you are getting that you didn’t lobby for, possibilities that you are experiencing that you didn’t struggle for, maybe graces and gifts you found in your life that you didn’t give yourself; are all going to provoke envy.

Genesis 37:8 and 11, Acts 7:9.
What do you learn from Joseph? – Favour you didn’t ask for will attract envy. Graces and giftings you didn’t give yourself will attract envy.

We also learn from Joseph that every time you dare to dream big, it will attract envy and hatred – “who do you think you are? You want to achieve this?” Every time you dare to be different, it is going to attract envy and hatred.

This message is beneficial in two ways so that you are not a victim to be envied and then you are not an envious person to ruin your own destiny.

In Oxford Dictionary of English, Envy is a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else’s possession, qualities or favour. Anger – ‘why am I not in that position, why am I not the one with this opportunity, why am I not the one who married that husband’.

The kind of things that is happening in this world is so terrible. In our position, we get prayer requests from people all the time. A woman sent me a message yesterday; “Pastor please pray for me”. She said; “a strange woman stepped into my house and pushed me out of my house and this strange woman now is in control of my family, including my children”.

She said; “my first son graduated from school and this strange woman is the one who went there to represent the mother and I am alive”. That is, this woman went as the mother of the child and she warned the children not to call their mother. They should call her only on Saturdays and Sundays and she must probably be around to watch what they were saying. What a devil!

It is terrible! On the graduation day, the father of the child, the mother of the child were supposed to be around and this devil was the one coming out as the mother.
– You will never experience such a thing in your life and in your family.

So there is that resentful longing. Instead of being happy with the results, the person is angry and that means; “I should have been the one; who do you think you are to be the one?” “What is that man preaching that we cannot preach? Maybe there is something they are doing and we don’t know” – Envy

Envy, the feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else’s possession, qualities or favour.

That is, they are angrily longing for what somebody has.

2. My definition – Envy is the orchestration of conspiracy and opposition towards someone because of their results, impact or superior accomplishment. That was what happened in Acts 7:9. Envy has killed before; it can easily lead to murder.

This orchestration of conspiracy is not limited to worldly accomplishments. Do you understand that a major reason, one reason why Jesus Christ was crucified was envy (Matthew 27:17-18). They handed Jesus over to be killed out of envy. Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes; they were saying “where did this boy come from? We have been in this temple preaching before He was born, nobody heard us. Yet this guy will go to the wilderness and they will gather there, He will go to the sea side and they will gather there. Anywhere He went, crowd followed Him. Let’s kill Him”. For envy, a whole crucifixion was anchored on envy.

There are some of us seated here today that has become a very massive victim of persecution because of envy. Some of you have not even achieved anything yet but the envy is so massive because they can smell what is coming.

That was not all. Paul the Apostle experienced massive envy in Acts 13:44-45. Paul stepped into a city and the whole city gathered into the Church and those who claimed to be spiritual people began to attack what Paul was speaking.

Some of the attacks that some of our leaders have experienced in Churches especially people rising up and saying; “what that person is saying or preaching is not correct”. Some of the attacks were born out of massive envy and competitive jealousy.

Little minded people who are absolutely irrelevant, who will not amount to nothing on earth because what you attack, you can’t attract. So they begin to attack those they envy; those they cannot become like and it is not of him that willeth or runneth; it is of God that showeth mercy. They began to contradict what Paul was preaching, they began to neutralise what Paul was saying… “No, no, no. That is not correct. He is saying something else”.

Can you imagine that envy can leave worldly things and also enter into the Gospel? So don’t be shocked that envy left that realm and entered the Gospel.

Lift your right hand and say;
“Father, I refuse the plague of envy. It shall never be my portion”.

The basic reason for this preaching is to make everyone here to be envy-free because I’ve heard from one or two persons, “When I got promotion, congratulations were low”. I’ve heard from people; “I had a lot of friends until my wedding cards came out and then those who will greet me and congratulate me became few because wedding card came out”.

This thing is so subtle, it has destroyed many people; wedding card came out and then no more greetings? Those who will not congratulate you when success happens, their commiserations when anything opposite happens is hypocrisy. Those who cannot say; “congratulations, I heard that you were promoted” who comes to you and say; “I’m so sorry I heard that your elderly father passed”. That sorry is hypocrisy. Don’t take them serious; they don’t mean it. They are only on a lookout for what is negative and they are quick to say “I am sorry”. But they are never quick to say; “Congratulations, I am happy”. The world is filled with such people. Please don’t let these things tamper with your destiny. This is the first reason why this is being said.

Job 5:2
1. Envy makes people silly and foolish; childish behaviour is exhibited by envy. Envy will suspend your reasoning and wisdom; matured person behaving like a child because of envy.

All senses suspended, reasoning suspended.
– That will never be your portion!

A wise person who has character and who does not have envy can withstand the success of people. I wish people well as a seed from my life. If I say it should be well with you, no devil can say it should be evil with me. If I say you should become everything God wants to you to become, no devil can stop me from becoming who I am meant to become; no devil born in hell and what you are to become cannot stop what I’m to become.

Envy makes people silly, foolish, childish in behaviour.

2. Envy kills; envious people easily die before their time by the same foolishness of behaviour (Job 5:2).
– You will not die before your time.

3. Envy attacks health and vitality.

4. Envy brings uncontrollable temper.

5. Envy results in shame.

6. Envy which normally results in hatred, enhances further divine openings for the envied.

7. Envy is in the class as murder and leads to eternal damnation (1 John 3:14-15).
– I see help coming for somebody!

1. Realize that there is a glory allocation for every child of God. We are seeds of Abraham and Abraham seeds are stars (Galatians 3:29, Genesis 15:5). To be a seed of Abraham is to be a star (Genesis 26:4). Somebody say: “I am a Star. I am a seed of Abraham; I am a Star” – 1 Corinthians 15:41.

2. Realize that no one’s success happens at the expense of another’s. You are not down because somebody is up. You can be up too.

You are not at the back because somebody is in the front. You can be in the front too. Nobody is blocking you from whom you are meant to be or where you are meant to be. Realize that and let it kill envy (2 Corinthians 3:18).

Don’t hate anybody because they are there. Find out what they did to be there. Understudy them if possible. Be excited with them, believe the God that they believed in and you can be there too.

Whatever you attack, you can never attract. Whatever you hate you can’t have, whatever you don’t like, you must lack.

3. Realize that gifts, graces and abilities of God are in levels. We all don’t have the same level. That is the reality of life (Matthew 25:15). There are people who will have money in billions of dollars and naira; there are those who will have in billions and in millions. There are those who may have business that they are controlling in 125 countries; there are those controlling Kingdom business in 50, some in 5 countries, according to their several abilities. So don’t compete with another’s ability, maximize your own ability.

You see me dance like this… Somebody is saying a man is dancing like that, let me also try and do my leg like that.

One Bishop said, he might need an orthopedic surgeon to be nearby incase he falls and the truth of the matter is, even within dance, there are different dances. So find out the one that is suitable for you and just enjoy it. I’m using that as an example for different things.

If you are an eagle, don’t struggle to be a lion. Just soar in the sky. If you are a lion, don’t struggle to be an elephant. Leave the elephant to do his thing.

The only thing I will say to you is that, ensure that you are not a vulture.

4. Realize that no one can receive anything except it is given from God

5. Realize that faithfulness at your current level is what qualifies you for promotion to higher levels. All the things I see myself doing now in ministry and in life, it didn’t start at the scratch. I’m sure those who knew me in secondary school will be surprised at several things they are seeing now.

6. Realize that goodwill towards others will provoke success in your life.

7. Realize that envy and hatred consolidate stagnation and frustration. When you are envious and you are hateful of those moving forward, you are only concretizing your stagnation and establishing your frustration. There is nothing that will move you from there.

8. Realize that envy and hatred will guarantee eternity in hellfire.

If you are victim of envy, what do you do?
That is, you are the one being envied. God is lifting you, helping you and you are being hated and envied:
a). Refuse to lose focus. Intensify your focus so that your speed can remain. Refuse to be dragged into distraction; refuse to take your face away from where you are going (Proverbs 4:25 – 26). A major attempt of envy is the breaking of focus; a major attempt of hatred is the breaking of focus. Once your focus has been broken, your impact is gone.

b). Refuse to be dragged into strife. Refuse to be a victim of bitterness (James 3:16).

Stand up on your feet.
I heard from my father in the Lord, Bishop David Oyedepo, He said; “those who strive for excellence; they don’t strive with people”. If you are gunning for the front, you have no time to quarrel with the people around; you don’t have the time. There is something right there in front of you, you are heading for and you have no time to strive with people in the background.

Lift up your hands and lift up your voices and let us give Him the praise. What a Word to hear on the first Sunday of this month.

Let’s appreciate the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the I AM that I AM, the ancient of days, the Lilly of the valley, the Rose of Sharon. Father we love You, we honour You, we adore You, we magnify You. Thank You and thank You and thank You in the name of Jesus.

– Father, thank You for Your Word to me this morning.
– Father I receive deliverance from the plague of envy. I can’t be a victim of envy and I cannot succumb to the effects of envy. I receive the grace to be everything You want me to be in the name of Jesus.
– Father I receive help to live free of these destiny destroying character traits in the name of Jesus.

Father we give You the praise, honour and adoration.


Stretch your hands in front of you:
I prophesy upon your hands and I declare and decree that your harvest will look for you from the north, south, east and the west. I call it done in Jesus’ name.


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