Detailed information about the Koinonia School of Ministry (KSOM)for 2022


Dear Intending Students of the Koinonia School of Ministry (KSOM), Kindly note that the registration portal is NOW OPEN for the 2022 Academic Session.

You can register via the link below:

Do ensure to read the information on the header above before registering.

Thank You and God bless You.

  1. Dear koinonia team,
    How does an international guest interested in meeting apostle Joshua selman for prayers do?
    The nos shared both for public relations and protocol,the users are not helpful.
    They either don’t pick amidst any calls that drop in or pick and lie.
    I have for a long time kindly sent in my request for help to confirm when apostle will be in Abuja so I can arrange my flight but none is willing to offer help both by email,wattsapp that was recently connected but promising response.
    Its doesn’t make sense for one to fly all the way from uganda at a high ticket cost,pay for pla pricey accommodation,high covid tests and visa charges only to be told its impossible to meet Apostle selman or his not available .
    Surely why isn’t a Christ heart be shown as the messages we listen too from Apostle joshua Selman.
    Alot of unprofessional,unethical covered with a bad attitude is being shown as that bleeds my soul wondering if we are truly bible readers.
    Some serious training in customer care is needed among the public relations and protocol team team or persons using the kononia nos.
    I have today cancelled my scheduled flight for 15th January 2022 bse I wasn’t sure which kind of people am to meet for help.
    My request is to have christ like hearts towards one another as christ loved us all and be of help to people in need…
    Am so disappointed in with the unkind treatment .

  2. Dear Apostle, Good Morning Sir. I started listening to your very anointed teachings that blessed my life so much, and I made a decision to come and join your school of ministry. Hmm, I received the worst treatment from the head of protocol and a man they call barrister, that I got home and cried till 4am in the morning, I stood begging for seats that I could see that was empty from 3 40pm till almost 7pm at Chida. I was so pained that I stopped listening to your teachings. But I have started again, because I know you might not be aware of all these things, I RESPECT THE OIL Upon your life, I pray that GOD Will Grant you men that will Represent what you stand for Well. GOD Bless you Sir.

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