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Due to where God have placed me in the body of Christ, I am privileged to meet alot of people online and onsite.

Most of the time I am online,it’s to answer questions and provide answers as God is helping me.

A youngman came to see me in Ikorodu about a year ago with an instruction from God.

Listening to him I was convinced he was lying.

As he entered, the Lord opened my eyes, I saw him in a dry well, there was a grinding stone in it and he was breaking palm kernel.

I kept quiet as he spoke, I appreciated him and told him to go.

As he was about stepping out, he said brother Joel, the Lord just gave me another word for you,I said OK and he spoke.

You know we all love sweet words and ego massaging prophecy even if it’s anti-scripture.

For few minutes I kept quiet then I spoke, why are you in a dry well and breaking palm kernel deep inside it?

I told him, you saw my video on facebook and decided to get close to me to deal with your former leader who happened to be a friend to one of my intimate friends.

God didn’t send you to me, He didn’t send you.

I told him, you spent 6days rehearsing how to talk to me,you studied my pattern and explore what you presumed to be my weakness.

That I relate freely with people doesn’t mean I don’t hear God quickly.

God doesn’t speak to a rebel except to repent.

So repent.

God didn’t say so!

At that junction he kept quiet, his countenance changed, full of anger and pride.

I said why are you angry?
He couldn’t talk except fuming.

I smiled and went inside.

Never you go to a servant of God with a lie nor use the smart key.

I returned and he had left.

Never lie with thus saith the Lord, there is a great consequence.

This morning I was privileged to talk to someone, a preacher used thus saith the Lord to get her married to a man under two months without courtship, marriage counseling or any form of prayers.

The home collapsed and another thus saith the Lord was issued to keep them together without correcting the foundation.

I told her, the foundation must be corrected, God didn’t say what your prophet say, He is not the author of confusion.

Did God say so?

I am prophet by God’s grace, I am privileged to alot of information and instructions but I know we don’t do anything without God’s principles.

Whatsoever God says is worth waiting for.

In 2004, God told me, you shall start your own ministry 12yrs from now, I was still in training in those days.

It was 8.00am during a Sunday service, exactly 12yrs and 10mins, we held the first service of our ministry.

You don’t want to know many storm I went through till the day the word was fulfilled.

We don’t use scriptures to manipulate people either.

You won’t believe there are more false teachers than false prophets, read the epistles you shall understand better.

Paul warned almost all the churches of false teachers than false prophets.

Falsehood and manipulators are on the rise, it takes beyond English to detect, discern brethren.

Did I say there are no true prophecy? NO

Did I say I am the only good and accurate prophet? NO

Did God say what you’re about to Say?

Faith class resumes Thursday night.

Get ready.

A.T Joel.

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