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If you are the type that is always conscious on noticing labels on product you’ve in one way or the other noticed on the labels of our several milks term that appears like skim or skimmed milk and full cream milk or simply cream milk. These are term that means a whole lot of different meaning when it comes to consuming milk.

I will like to touch the fact that when we go to the market, grocery stores or marts to purchase goods talking about goods in general now though our focus on this article is milk, the fact still remains that what applies for milk apply foe every other goods in the market, we most time buy stuffs based on their brands especially when the brand is a very popular one, we don’t further care about reading the label, which make us most time being ignorant of the main uses of product or the how to use them, and I tell you different manufacturer has the reason and intent for every products that’s why the inclusion of labels on product become more important so as to know the uses of the product and the how to use them, this actually not our focus on this article just a digression on the usefulness of labels on products.

We will be looking at the difference in the different type of milks we do purchase and am very sure after reading through this article this will give us a glimpse of what and usefulness of each type of the milks, before we kick start the difference I will like to give the glimpse of what a milk is all about, Milk is a whitish nutritious liquid secreted by the mammary gland of mammals, it is also an opaque white fluid produced by cows, sheep, or goats and used by human beings as a drink, in cooking, and to make products such as butter and cheese. Though all mammals produce milk including human beings, but the common milk which is being sold commercially is that which produced by COW, there are some part of the world where milk from goats and sheep are being consumed but the major and popular milk is that of the cow.

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Now to the differences;

  1. One of the major difference between skimmed and full Cream milk (also known as Whole Milk) is that full cream milks are milk that still have their complete nutrition, and doesn’t have any extraction so to say WHILE the skimmed milk are milk that has had most of or all of their fats removed that’s the have limited fat compare to that of full cream milk. In that case if you are the type that desire to burn Fat, talking full cream milk may not be of advantage to you like that of skimmed milk.
  2. Another difference that occurs to this both milk is their VITAMIN COMPOSITION  while some people prefer to take skimmed milk because it does not contain fat but are ignorant of the fact that, unlike full cream milk which contains both water soluble and fat soluble vitamins, skimmed milk lacks the fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K). This is because the Vitamins have been skimmed alongside with the fat during the production process. It’s simple; they are only soluble in fat, so they are dissolved in the fat. What happens when the fat is removed? The vitamins are removed too.
  3. We will lastly be looking at the Nutritional Composition of about 236ml serving of the both milks so as to have a holistic picture of what they entails and how it applies to our health, to the degree of knowing how we take them.

 Full Cream MilkSkimmed Milk (In Grams)
Protein7.9 grams 8.7 grams
Carbohydrates11 grams12.3 grams
Calcium276.1 milligrams349 milligrams
Potassium349 milligrams419 milligrams
Cholesterol24 milligrams5 milligrams
Sodium98 milligrams130 milligrams

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