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Broilers and Layers are both chicken types, and both are consumable type of chicken. The fact that they are sustainable different functions does not make any inconsumable. Even though layers are majorly kept for the purpose of egg production, that does not make its meat useless after they are unable to produce egg anymore. Broiler also is a type of chicken that is majorly keeps for consumption purpose. They are majorly for meat production.

In these days where there is serious campaign against consumption of imported chickens in our dear country, which has led to high focus on chicken that are solely raised here in our country. This has given the sales of poultry bird which are reared live or freshly slaughtered chickens good market and many farmer as also given attention to rearing of poultry birds such as layer and broilers.

Even at the increase of people venturing into this sector we still have a very limited supply compare to the demand of the consumer of the particular product seen in both chickens, we still have limited production of eggs and chicken meats.

The market is still very large for as many farmers that’s are still willing or will be investing in this particular sector of agriculture.

This actually not the point of our focus on this particular issue what we want to consider is the different between the meat of both Broilers and Layers chicken, we have discovered that many people are just eating their meat and sometimes do felt that the meat of broiler and that of layers is the same. On the other hand many don’t just feel they have any difference since it is chicken, chickens are chickens. We will be seeing the slight difference the slight differences that occur between both of them

Identifying these chickens is very easy while these chickens (layers and broilers) are yet to be slaughtered and de-feathered. Broiler birds are most times white in color while layers are commonly brown or black. However, this is not the rule as there are layers that are white in color too, the brown and black are just more common.

In many situations when consumers are about to purchase the meat of birds for consumption in the open market, they cannot tell the differences between the chickens that meet their preference in terms of taste, texture and flavor.

Now let’s see the differences between the meats from both birds.

Broiler meats are usually juicier and softer compared to that of layers. This is because broilers are market ready when they are between 8-12 weeks old, since their major purpose is for meat productions unlike layer which basically is for egg production. They contain a very high value of fat and protein due to their diet composition.

Layer meats are usually produce tough meat. It is important to state that the nutrient values in these birds are lower compared to that in broilers, because they are made available for consumption after they have performed series of laying of eggs.

Also during cooking the meats from both birds, mild and low heat is required for Broiler Meats while high heat can be deployed for layers.

For a good number of eateries and restaurants, broiler meat are fried directly without cooking them unlike the Layer Meats that compulsorily needs cooking before frying. They are also grilled and roasted easily.

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