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This was my question some years ago, when i was told some people eat snake, now i hate this animal passionately for the way it look so deceptive among other reasons, but am shocked to see how many people in Nigeria actually love to eat snake after killing it, they roast or boil and cook it, this is something i can never do in my life, but the truth is, som other people are doing it.

A Nigerian Man today killed a snake and ate it, a big snake for that matter, I honestly do not know how people feel when they get to eat snake, don’t they have the imaginary picture of how weird and crazy snake could be, or how cruel it could be?

What’s your take on this, do you also eat snake?

Do you encourage people to do so?

See the photo of the snake that was killed and consumed today by a Nigerian man;


Do you think it is safe and healthy to eat snake? Let’s hear from you.

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