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Evening Session,
Day Four.

Father I thank You for Your word today and I ask that You will speak through me, Your servant to be a blessing to Your people, in the name of Jesus. I ask that Lord God, You will help us connect closer to our purpose as we listen in the name of Jesus.

I want to share with us for few minutes about:

Can somebody say with me; Purpose in my hands. If you look at your hands, look at your hands please. Can you see your hands, are they beautiful hands, are they fine hands? Okay. Are your hands soft like ‘mede-mede’.

Are your hands strong like farmers, like me? All of our hands do different things, our hands clap, they praise God, we lift our hands to do different things.

But also, I want you to remember this; there is a Purpose in your hand and I will share with you about: What purpose is, the purpose for which Christ came and how that purpose connect to your mind; from your mind, it connects to your mind.

There is purpose in your hands. Now, what is purpose?

Purpose is the reason why something exist. We heard this morning from our Bishop, that the purpose of something is determined not in the market, but when it is been made in the factory by the marker. So the reason why your hands are there is because God has a purpose for your hands. Now, let’s go back to Christ because Christ’s purpose is the reason for which we are brought into the Kingdom.

Our Archbishop told us, our purpose is the reason why we are on the earth. She said, purpose is what you are wired for. She said, purpose is your end from your begining.

The book of Isaiah talks about how Christ was made known on this earth. We knew His end from the beginning. In the book of Revelation, we are told that Christ was the Lamb who was slain from the foundation of the earth. So His purpose was determined at the beginning, God sees the end from the beginning.

There is a reason why He was made known to us; so that He can destroy the works of the devil. To destroy the work of the devil means, to undo the work which the devil came to do. I want to talk to you about the purpose of Christ.

So very quickly I have three volunteers here. Christ came to undo, now think about this, look at your hands. If you have a screwdriver in your hand, your screwdriver is to do what? It is to tighten the screw or to unscrew a screw that is too tight.

So, I told you there is a purpose in your hand. If there is a purpose in your hand and you are holding a screwdriver, your screwdriver is in your hands and so, your hand, when it finds a screw that is too tight, you will unscrew it. Okay, the same hand, if it is too loose, you will tighten it.

Christ came in to the earth to do one thing, to undo the work of the devil. In John, He said, my purpose or my reason for being in existence is to do the work of the Father and then to undo the work of the devil.

In the beginning, God and man were in fellowship in the garden, am I correct?

There were in fellowship, they were communicating, always talking in the evening.

At one point, the devil comes in and then brings sin, sin then came to separate God and man.

Because God cannot be where sin is, God cannot stand sin. So because of that now, God is here and man is there. There is a separation because God cannot be where sin is. However, when God sees that there was a separation between Himself and man, God puts Jesus on earth.

The reason why Christ came was to bring them back together, to undo the work of the devil.

His purpose from the beginning was to undo. It was not a second thought. God had a plan. God sent Christ to the earth. Remember we told you, for this reason, was the son of God manifested or was made known. He was here for a reason, to undo, which is this separation, the work of the devil.

So here we go, Christ came to the earth and one day, He was in the temple. In the temple, Luke 4:18-19, Jesus said; the Spirit of the Lord God has anointed me to preach the Gospel to the poor; to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind. Now, all of these things are things that Christ was doing, not as His purpose but as part of His purpose.

Remember, His purpose was to undo the work of the devil.
So as He was doing these things; healing the sick, Christ goes around and when He sees a blind man today, He heals the blind man.

One day He saw a man who was lame and He told him to get up to walk. One day, a man dies, Lazarus and He just speak; Lazarus come forth! All of these things Christ was doing, the Bible says everywhere He went, He was doing good things.

Now the devil is angry, why is Jesus doing good things?

So the devil said, you know what I am going to do? ‘I am going to kill Jesus and so, one day, he took Christ to the cross and at the cross, he thinks he is about to win his greatest victory. He thinks that by killing Jesus, he would defeat Christ, once and for all. Not knowing that God has a plan to defeat him, once and for all.

So he took Jesus Christ to the cross and he took his hands, remember that there is purpose in your hands and now he thinks he has won the victory, are you following me?

But by putting Christ on the cross, he has put one hand on man, one hand on God, ‘hands’ and he thought he had won the victory, so he is rejoicing, not knowing that he had connected the God of creation to the man who was separated from God.

Let me tell you why the devil hates the blood of Jesus Christ, because you see, when he nailed one hand here, blood came out.

The blood of Jesus was been shed to reconnect, to reconcile God and man. If he had known, he wouldn’t have done it, he wouldn’t have put a crown of thorns on the head of Jesus. Because on His head, blood flow down and it flow down to His face, to His beard and touched His body.

From your body, rivers of living water are flowing because in the same place, he puts a spear.
What came out?
Blood and water.
The blood of Jesus.
He also came and puts 39 stripes on His back.
What came out?

Blood, but by the blood and by those stripes, you have been healed. The blood has a purpose. His hands have a purpose, you have a purpose.
Am I making sense.
1 Corinthians 2:7-8

Christ was not killed for his glory, He was killed for your glory.

At the cross of Calvary, Christ dies, reconnecting God and man. Then He said the three most powerful words that have ever been spoken; ‘it is finished’.
What was finished?
The purpose in which He came has been accomplished; barrenness is finished, cancer is finished.

We have seen testimonies, I am a testimony.

They told me that I had a low sperm count. My wife had a blocked tube. Who told you? It is not because doctors are our enemies ooo. No, we love doctors okay. Here is what faith does; faith does not deny facts, faith supercedes fact.

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