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Few weeks back, someone called me that the husband is about to file for divorce.

She was accused of sabotaging her husband business and efforts.

As I prayed, I kept seeing a mattress, could it mean that her bed is defiled.

I saw the bed shifted then and then I knew what was wrong with their marriage.

I told her to go to the bedroom, move her mattress.

Every money and documents her husband brought to the house always got missing.

It was assumed that she took them.

Raising the mattress she found money, huge money and every of the documents causing havoc in her home.

Satanic manipulations of the highest order, if she had done it when the husband was not around, he would have thought she kept it there.

The call was made in his husband presence, he followed her to the room, they moved everything together.

They found it there, the husband took the phone from her and said other prophets told me to chase my wife out.

You told her she allowed the devil by not praying that she should go to the bedroom and move the mattress that all of her problems shall be solved.

I told him, if you had been praying with your wife, the problem will have long died.

Between knowing and decoding, it will take time.

Don’t be in a haste to be prophet because of the little gifts you’re experiencing.

The gift is different from the spirit, the Prophetic is not the prophet.

It takes the minimum of 15yrs before a prophet is made, it is beyond the Prophetic (gifting).

Until you follow Jesus more beyond your gifting, you will keep guess-working.

There is always a deep silence between vision and explanation, only a prophet can know that not a person in the Prophetic.

Not everyone is called to be a prophet, stop meddling into what you’re not called to do.

Many homes have been destroyed due to guess work and accidental prophecy.

The husband had boasted that his home will not fail like that of his friends, one of them under the influence of the devil chose to deal with him.

Don’t boast until you have been incubated in fire and prayers.

We are more than conqueror.

If you give the devil a space, he shall take the whole place.

The Lord shall show you great mercy this weekend, long time trouble shall die in the name of Jesus.


A.T Joel

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