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I hear some people say “I’m 40 years old and there’s nothing to show in my life” and for that reason they never have anything to show. You never become a show if you keep claiming that you have nothing to show.
Don’t despise God. Don’t abuse God with what you say. Don’t despise the days of little things. God said “little by little will He give you the land (Ex 23:30, Deut 7:22)”. Little by little; small by small, that’s how God takes people.

Let nobody say “I want to become like Bishop David Oyedepo; I want to become like Archbishop Benson Idahosa” you need to know what they went through – the fastings they went through. How many days have you fasted? Even the week of Spiritual embassy, they asked you to fast for three days, you dodged it. You pretended as if you didn’t hear that there will be three days of prayer and fasting. So you are missing it.

Destiny is in phase and sizes; Stage by stage, thanking God. The first car I rode in my life, six people had used it before it came to my turn. Very powerful and anointed car (speaking humorously). But that was a phase. One Sunday, I was so excited, I put on my coat and ministerial collar and I called photographers to snap me in front of it.
When I announced the car in our church, a little boy went to meet his mother and said “I hope pastor is not lying… he said he has a brand new car, I can’t see the brand new car”. I said, “tell that boy to open his eyes very well”.

Something good is happening to you now, appreciate God for it and bigger things will soon come your way. I started a church of 4 people, it increased to 60, from 60 to 180, from 180 to 300 and from there to 6000 people church, and from glory to glory.

If you despise where you are now, you will never see the next phase. Thank God for where you are. Are you operating in a kiosk right now?

Thank God for it, it will soon turn to a shop. From shop it will turn to a warehouse. From a warehouse it will turn to a big land.

At a stage this ministry was having church on a 2 plot land in Kaduna. The landlady came and harass everybody. From the two plot, God moved us to 13 acres that we call the garden of faith today.

Today this ministry is blessed with thousands of acres in different places including here.
You will get there! You will soon become employer of labour! God will give you speed!

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