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  • Pastor David Ibiyeomie on “Praise for Supernatural Abundance”at SMHOS First Service
    Give God paise this morning for the wonderful testimonies. Nothing multiplies without thanksgiving. When you give God praise, he does more of what you thank him for. You can’t buy life with money. Thank him for the gift of life to witness October.
    Father, let this be the beginning of better things. Let this month be a special month. Everyone that is a part of this October will enjoy testimonies forever.
    If you are the person who will not give up on life, give Jesus a big hand. Hallelujah! Don’t give up, God is still God.
    You may be seated.
    This Month has been declared as our month of “Manifesting Supernatural Abundance” Abundance is not only money. You need abundance of everything: health, strength, joy, peace, spiritual life and every facet of your life.
    In the kingdom of God, abundance is real. Jesus said he came for you and I to enjoy life and not to endure life. John 10:10. He wants us to have it till it is full and it overflows. You have been brought out into a wealthy place. Psalm 66:12.
  • From this day, lack and want will end in your life.

Redemption brings you out to a wealthy place. Enjoying abundance is a function of principles.

If you wan to be a commander of abundance, you must apply principles.
The person of Jesus is different from the principles of Jesus.

To be saved, you need the person of Jesus; to enjoy on earth, you need to apply His principles.
That is where many people miss it. Without His principles, you can never enjoy principal blessings. Job 36:11. Isaiah 1:19.
Obeying and praising God provokes supernatural abundance in your favour. And this day, it will be so. God wants you to prosper.
It is his pleasure that you enjoy life. He doesn’t want you to endure life. Enjoyment is not a bad thing. Suffering is bad; enjoyment is good.

It is Biblical. Do you enjoy to sleep where mosquitoes are?

How many enjoy to trek when there is a car?
Do you enjoy boarding rickety buses that will give you pain?
One man of God was laughing with me and he said, “Sir, first-class and economy, you arrive the same time but not the same body” You don’t see anybody fly first-class complain about jet lag because you can sleep and stretch unlike the economy with limited space especially in a case of a long flight. You arrive the same time but not the same body.

One person’s body will be normal while another person’s body may not be normal. Who likes that kind of life in the economy? No! I suffered so much and I told God I won’t suffer again.

  • Suffering will end in your life.
    Jeremiah 31:13-14
    You are the New Testament priest, and God has promised to satisfy you with abundance. If you are in Africa, there is a way children. eat.

When they eat in the village, they ask the children if they are okay. From the countenance of their face, it can be discovered if the children are not satisfied.

So they put more into the plate for them. That is what God is saying, he will feed you till you are satisfied.

  • Situation will turn around as you give him heartfelt praise today.
    God is ready to give us abundance and praise is one major access to enjoying supernatural abundance. It is the key to overflowing blessings.
    What is Praise?
    Praise is stirring God in songs, dancing and clapping, for the release of his resources in our favour.

It is magnifying God for his divine ability and greatness. Praise is appreciating God for his goodness towards us expressed in singing and dancing. Psalm 147:1.
Praise is pleasant to God. God loves praise and he loves to be praised. In Psalm 100:1-4. The Bible talks about praise and the need to praise him. Shout Hallelujah!

Praising God is a proof that we acknowledge his caring nature upon us.

The word of God reveals that we are the sheep of his pastures. As Shepherd provides for their sheep, God also provides for us. God’s provision is in abundance.

  • As the sheep of his pasture, may you never lack anything!

To make sure that is done, you need to praise him. Psalm 145:3. God deserves our praise because he is great.

Until you give him what is due to him, what is due to you will not be released. If you are expecting something from God, praise him because he is great.
What is Abundance?
Abundance is having immeasurable supply of God’s resources in overflowing measure that exceeds our expectation. It is simply defined as fullness of provisions. Psalm 132:15-16.
So, Praise for Abundance is steering God up in songs, dancing and clapping so as to enjoy immeasurable supply of his resources in our favor.

When God provides for you, it comes in an overflowing measure. When you operate in the abundance of God, you become a blessing to his Kingdom and humanity.

Anytime you can’t bless his Kingdom and humanity, it is not God’s provision. When God is the one blessing you, you can touch his kingdom and also touch people around you. Any blessing that you can’t touch people around you is not from God. You are the one struggling for it.

When it is from God, you must bless people. You are praising God today so that things will go beyond just you and your family.
Every money that is only you and your family thing is poverty no matter how much you have. Blessing that doesn’t flow to other people is poverty. It can only be a blessing if you are blessed abundantly.

  • Today, you will enter that realm.
    Our prosperity is pleasurable to God. Psalm 35:27. Until you magnify him, God will not prosper you. Yes you are a good giver but you have to magnify God. It is those who magnify him he dignifies on the earth. Living and walking in abundance make you look like God. Do you know poverty makes you look like Satan?
    You don’t know? He has nothing.
    Satan has nothing. Your God is a rich God.
  • From today, you will never look like Satan; you will look like God your Father.
  • Even if you came poor to this assembly, God will decorate you with riches before this year is over.
    Let me say this, don’t make mistakes. The abundance of the earth is not owned by the devil; it is owned by your Father and he is ready to lavish it on you. Haggai 2:8. Satan is not the owner of the money in the world. If your father is the owner, who should enjoy it first? You.

Can you have food in the house and your children will be hungry while you give the food out to your neighbor’s children? God is your Father, so you should enjoy.

  • By the praise of today, you will provoke the hand of God to make you enjoy the best of God.
    God wants you to rely on him not on the things. Don’t deceive yourself, God said it that he knows you need these good things but only do not make it your focus. Mathew 6;32. You need good cars. It is a lie if you say you don’t need it. Can you have your car and some people will accost you on the road with knife?

No, you would have driven your way through. You enter bus and you are being pushed to shift, if you are on your car, will anybody tell you to shift? Don’t pretend, you need it. How many of you don’t need it?

Whatever you don’t need, God will never give you. He only said you should not make it your focus. God himself said he knows that you need the good things. Some prayers are not necessary.
You pray for school fees, you even pray that there should be no power outage. Some will even pray that any Power holding official that wants to cut off power should have his hand go off. All those prayer points are prayers of poverty. When you have generator, that kind of prayer point will be gone.

  • Today suffering will end in your life.
    God says you need prosperity; don’t pretend. So don’t deceive yourself that you don’t need it. God is your source of ever-increasing abundance.

When praise goes up, the earth will yield her increase. Psalm 67:5-7 The banquets of blessings are available to those who are full of praise.

There is power in praise. God will always manifest his fullness in praise. Jesus understood the power of praise. In the midst of lack, Jesus thanked God and the heavens responded. God’s part is eternally settled. But praise is the supernatural part that will make God release his abundance.

  • May God give you that which you desire.
    When praise ascends to God, abundance comes down from heaven.
  • As you praise him today, things will turn.
    You have been giving to God but now is the time to praise. Let me say this, if you have not been giving, then what are you praising God for. Praising God without giving is like pouring water where you have planted no seed. 1 Corinthians 3:6. The watering is praise and God gives the increase but there has to be a planting before the watering. If you not planted, your praise will only be a religious exercise that will produce nothing. If your not a tither, a giver, your praise will only be an exercise in futility. The dance will only profit your body just as exercise does. For abundance, you must have planted.
    Why Praise For Abundance?
  1. It qualifies you for abundance Psalm 67:1-5. When praise is proclaimed, abundance is provoked.
  2. It destroys lack and want. Joel 1:12. The moment joy is missing, everything will dry up. If there is joy, things will not dry up. Most business men your problem is not the devil, it is your lack of joy. You need to have you and express it in praise. Deuteronomy 28:47. So abundance is not in view of you are not praising from a joyful heart.
  3. It stirs up faith for receiving. Romans 4:20-21. Giving glory to God is the final stage to the realm of unlimited prosperity. Isaiah 51:2. If you obey his commandments, you will become a commander.

How to Make Praise for Supernatural Abundance Work for You

  1. It must be heartfelt. You should allow it come from your heart. Psalm 111:1.
  2. It must be done joyfully. Psalm 149:2. Don’t murmur as you praise him.
  3. You must praise him in a dance. Psalm 149:3.
  4. It must be done with understanding. Psalm 47:7.
  5. You must praise him in faith. Don’t doubt when you praise. Hebrews 11:6
  6. Praise God with expectation. Proverbs 23:18.
    The Greatest of All Praise
    The greatest of all praise that makes him give you abundance without sweat is found in Like 15:7, 10. So when you win souls, Heavens respond. The greatest is to see to it that souls are saved. Soul winning pleases God. After giving your seed, win souls.
  • You will enjoy abundance of health, provisions, strength and everything you need.
    When you win souls in addition to your giving, God gives you an open cheque. There are cheques that go through clearance,. There are cheque that are automatic. True? Yours will be automatic. Soul winning triggers it.
    Now, what are you going to dance for? We have said abundance yet some people don’t even know where they need abundance. Now listen carefully. Psalm 56:4, 10 You are praising God so that you can look at God’s word and not your condition. You are praising God based on what is written and not what is happening. Today, we are praising God for abundance. So, I am not praising him based on what is happening but on what is written. Are you getting me?

Abraham circumstance was that he had no child and God said to him that he would be the father of nations.

The condition was no child but the word was you shall be a father. So, Abraham stood up and was strong in faith and giving glory to God. He was praising God on what was written and not what was happening.

Now, you will look for what was written concerning you in the scripture.
For instance, you don’t have money in your pocket in reality but you are praising him for abundance. You will see what is written in Psalm 67:5-6.

Everything you need for comfortability is on the earth.
Now, you will praise him because of the written work and not my reality.
You should focus on the written word for your case and not the reality of what is happening.

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