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There is this deception happening to our generation and I think we need to address it early, and that is the deception that makes people feel churches, and Pastors are wealthy people today, and so; ministry is a good venture, like a lucrative endeavor, this has made many people venture into it, and at the end they failed woefully, because this is a spiritual adventure, it is not intellectual and it is not profit based.

There is that which is called “Calling of God”, we are all redeemed children of God, but there are those with extra calling on their lives. Usually, they are characterized with extra Grace and Unction, to the end that they are spiritually equipped enough to bless and impact their world.

If you are not called by God, and you go and start a church, you will surely regret it, because it is not something that can be done in the energy of the flesh, it is a spiritual assignment, you need to spend quality time before God, knowing God and walking with him in order to make the most of your calling. You cannot come and do the work of God with covetousness, which is what will kill you and the work eventually, because the devil will always come to tempt you.

Coming to ministry with money and reward mentality is enough to destroy you, remember it is not your work it is the work of God, you must rather desire to serve GOD and do his will, his perfect will through your ministry and let him reward you in his own way. Most of the great Pastors you see flourishing today, have labored tremendously on their members, the body of Christ and now God is rewarding them, you feel God is partial or ministry is a good venture to make money, this is not so, the desire for money will always be an hindrance to serving God excellently and effectively.

Things to take Note about The Call of God;

God has a purpose, he has an agenda that is why he called you, it is now your assignment to pray and seek the face of GOD in order for you to know his agenda and purpose, so as to be able to maximize it.  The way Scissor is to a tailor, is what MEN are to God, they are his instrument any time God wants to do a major thing, he finds an instrument to use, it is awful what ministry has turned to in our generation, this is a major reason why many ministry impact is short-lived, because the motive was wrong all along.

If you come into ministry for the sake of money or material benefits, you are equally going to end up doing people, saying what God did not say, and the divine touch dimension of the ministry will be absent, because immediately the purpose or aim of a thing is adulterated, God will not be involved any more, he is not an author of confusion.

In John 15:16, The bible says; ye have not choosen me, but have choosen you and appointed you to go and bear fruits and that your fruits should abide and whatever you ask the father in my name, shall be given unto you.

This is the summary of our call to the work of Ministry.

It is basically design to recognize the world back to the father, which is the main goal of everything. You are meant to be on the look for the next soul to win for Jesus, the next fish to harvest into the kingdom, the next person that must hear about Jesus, the next person that must encounter the power of God, the next person that must turn and return to the Lord, this is what ministry is all about, that is the agenda of the father, to have the world reconcile back to him and he needs you and me to fulfill this agenda, no matter the level of excellence that is available in any ministry, if it doesn’t bring men back to God, it is a waste of resources and excellence.

Thank God for the nice building, the large crowd and all of that, but none of them can compare to the souls of men, all these facilities are design to compel and bring me back to God, that is the main goal. It is to the end that services can be smooth and effective; men can be able to listen and hear the word of God, which has the capacity to change their lives.

In case if you have forgotten your original motive for coming into ministry, this is a good time to review and revisit it. Maybe you have failed God in some ways and you have left your assignment and got distracted, this is a good time to return and seek the face of God afresh, we can see great effect in the physical, but only God can award and reward you, if you are doing it effectively as you ought to or not.

If your purpose for coming into ministry is to make money, it is a good time go to go God and ask for mercy and tell him to remove this perverse motive and desire away from you. Tell God to remove the love for God away from your heart, because you cannot serve God and mammon, you either stay faithful to one and despise the other. There are those who came into ministry with the right motives but along the line, the devil and life trials, and circumstances corrupt their motive and by that, their result and spiritual impact as seriously diminish, this is a good time to return to God and ask for his mercy and intervention, to restore you back to the track and to your original assignment and passion for God.

To make the most of your calling; always separate yourself from the crowd and seek the face of God, in prayer, in fasting, in studying of the word, in reading Christian Books of great Pastors and Leaders who have gone ahead of you and walk this path successfully, that alone will go a long way to keep your focus in view and help you maintain your gaze on God and his assignment for your life.

I must be sincere, the move and crave for money is a trap in ministry, it has destroy many pastors, their family and ministry; some have gone into obscurity and ignominy. This is not the will of God for our lives, but when you stand out to represent Jesus to a generation, you are number one target on the devil’s watch list, therefore, you become highly more vulnerable to attacks and temptation, more than those who are not calling the name of the Lord, you are a target because you are a light bearer, so the devil will try every means to corrupt the light you are carrying, I pray for you that it shall not succeed in Jesus name.


Early enough, so that you can make the most of your calling, so that you can take the name of the Lord to the ends of the earth, let me tell you something, God is not a user of men, he is a rewarder, a great rewarder indeed, he rewards those that seek him and do his will always.

If you serve the lord effectively, and you are doing what he has called you to do, he will send his blessing your way, what the bible calls, durable riches and righteousness, this will indeed be your portion because you are serving God in truth and indeed, the things others are looking for, will be looking for you, because you have settled it with God. Always, remember it must be God first; the bible says; but seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and every other things shall be added unto you.

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