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-Bishop David Oyedepo, 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle
Special Prophetic Service

However, we have this redemptive plan that applies to all of us in scriptures. We will look at 4 of them very quickly and then we close in this Service.
God’s plan is for my welfare and not for evil. God has no evil intention regarding me. His goodwill is towards all men and those of us who are saved will become His priority in that agenda.
1. We are redeemed to enjoy divine favour.
We are saved by grace through faith – Ephesians 2:8
It is grace that found us. Grace implies divine favour, so we are born of favour, we are redeemed to enjoy favour. But here it is:
Psalm 5:12 – For thou Lord will bless the righteous, not the crooked with favour
Joseph enjoyed favour: the righteous, the one that fears God, enjoyed favour in slavery. Slavery is a realm of misfortune but not for Joseph. Joseph, the one that feared God, enjoyed favour in the prison.
Prison is the end of the road for anyone: world end, not fresh air, no contact at will. Yet he found favour.
Favour is our birthright but the fear of God is our access to it. The fear of God as a lifestyle.

The fear of God does not mean you don’t make mistakes, but, “boom, no, what is wrong with me?”
One that trembles at My Word: that is the fear of God.
Isaiah 66:5
“No”: Sorry Sir
“You should be smarter”: I am sorry.
Not well, you need to know God, this is Nigeria. He doesn’t know Nigeria, who created it?
10 billion devils can’t take bribe from me. How? I am not permitted.
Don’t ever try to give bribe on my behalf. It can bring a curse.

Whatever God cannot give me, may I not have it.
Wherever He cannot take me to, may I never get there.
Whatever He cannot do, let it remain undone.
You, bribe! How? Which mouth are you going to ask?
Somebody asked me sometime, 2001
“Stand you devil. You think I am faking it here.” His shoe fell off from his feet.
I talk to you gently like this, when I see an agent of the devil, it is not this way. Am I not a gentle man?
But when I meet an agent of the devil, this is not the way I talk.
He sat in front of me and was trying to talk the way they talk: “We need to give something…”
I said: stand up. You devil
His shoe fell.
Carry your dirty shoe and get out of here.
Speaks an adage in Yoruba. David, you don’t know that: When your face is on the ground, pimples will develop.

Favour will always follow that fear God, that trembles at His Word. He keeps going.
Psalm 102:13-15
Fearful dimension of favour belongs to those who take pleasure in the matters of the Kingdom.
It needs to imparting on all the ends of the earth. Favour pertains to stewards who take pleasure in serving God in their respective capacities. So they earn fearful favour in return.
God’s favour is not free, it is at the cost of the fear of the Lord and delightsome stewardship
Psalm 37:4
Just delight yourself in God and the things of God and He will give you the desires of your heart.
That is our access to our redemptive right of favour in Christ.
Mind those two things
Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things by favour shall be added unto you. That is the way there.

2. We are redeemed to command supernatural breakthroughs as the light of the world, the salt of the earth – Matthew 5:14, 13
Light commands natural breakthrough in the midst of darkness. We live in a dark world.
So when you access the light of life from the Word and you are engaging with it, working according to its dictates, your breakthrough is natural.
Arise, shine for your light is come – Isaiah 60:1-3
Light enjoys automatic, irresistible, unquestionable dominion in the midst of darkness.
The entrance of His Word gives light and gives understanding to the simple – Psalm 119:130
Breakthrough belongs to those who engage with the dictates of scriptures as their way of life.
Cast your nets into the deep for a draught – Luke 5:4-8
As they cast down the net, all the fishes rushed into it, the net began to break. They filled their boats. The whole thing was jammed.
At the Word!


“This is the place”: Big headed boy because I have used my little brain to describe this place as non-applicable to Church ministry. It’s far away in the wilderness, I don’t think John was as far as this. John the Baptist. No. This can’t be the place.
“Father, thank you. What are you saying?”
This is the place! Small head. At His Word. You know now, it is the place.
Not now, from the beginning: This is the place. It may not look so.
We have laboured all night, we caught nothing. Nevertheless, at thy Word, we will let down the net.
That is how much breakthroughs come along when we line up with the dictates of scriptures.

What am I saying therefore? Obedience to the instructions, the corrections, the rebukes and the principles of scriptures. They are the things that engender supernatural breakthrough.
Diligently hearken to my voice. Observe to do what I tell you to do and I will set you above all nations of the earth – Deuteronomy 28:1
Supernatural breakthroughs are products of delightsome obedience to the principles of scriptures, its corrections, its rebukes and its instructions guarantee supernatural breakthrough – 2 Timothy 3:16, 17
That is the secret of sweatless breakthroughs. All these other strategies are natural strategies, they are subjective to crash. They work only when all things are equal.
All things are never equal. It is the truth that equalizes everything.

Wait a minute, September 4, 1987, light sprang up from Heaven: My son, the same way I open the heavens over the lives of individuals through the mystery of tithing, I open the heavens over organizations, institutions, corporations including Churches.
Never had it taught in my life. Never read it in one book and I have read plenty of prosperity books because, “arise, get down home and make my people rich”: when God sends me anything, I don’t apply common sense. I want to get the truth, get more facts on it. I never came across it once.
September 4, 1987 was when God opened the heavens over our Ministry into realms of unbelievable financial fortune. As He said it, it was like fire shut up in my bones, I rushed down from that hotel room, caught a taxi, ran to one of my fathers in the Lord, “Hey, I have found something. I found something just now, this morning.”
Because when he saw me, he said, “se ko si oo” (hope there is no problem).
I said: No, I found something. I want to quickly drop it for you. We began on that adventure.
We run projects in billions every year: year in, year out.

If there was pressure anywhere, you should know. This is the centre of the Church.
We don’t receive a dime from Foreign Missions, we use their income for expansion in their various nations.
Not one dime of Shiloh sacrifice is kept here. It is all in the Rural Church project as covenanted, yet we are flying.

Breakthrough is a product of your delightsome obedience to His instructions.
“Have only one Church”: You think we are trying to make a name? No, we are following instructions.
1 Church in Lagos: As you pastor this 1 Church, the world shall become your parish. I have ordained you to serve your generation.
They may not line up with your own idea but instruction is instruction: you ignore it, you suffer frustration, devastation and if not stopped, destruction.
“O se mi laanu, ma po logo re. Oba to se mi laanu ma po logo re”: stay where you belong.
Many are running the craze now: I am going abroad.
To do what?
Response: I don’t know, when I get there, I will know.
Is that how to live as a child of God?
He told me, “don’t step out of this country, until I tell you so”: Yes Sir.
It is going to 5 years now.
Benin Republic is behind my house, in 2 hours I will be in the hotel there when I leave my house.
He didn’t say, don’t go to the nearest one. Don’t get out of this country: I never saw any border since He told me.
You won’t even ask God. You say, “since He gave me visa, it means Go.”
Do you need visa to go from here to Benin Republic? No.
Why don’t you go to Benin anyhow?
For a whole man to wake up and be going somewhere that he doesn’t know and you are not Abraham?
-You won’t miss your place
Proverbs 27:8
-You will not become a wandering star.
Many are ordained to be major employers of labour in this country. They fled to where they are washing plates.
-You won’t miss your place.
What if I fled when I was tempted to?
-Another one will not take your crown.

3. We are redeemed as stars in the race of life as believers.
Jesus is the bright and morning star and as My Father as sent Me, so send I you – John 17:18
Stardom is our heritage in redemption – Revelation 22:16
He is the bright and morning star
Come on say, “I am redeemed as a star by the Most High God.”
What does that require of me?
Daniel 12:3 – there is a secret key there.
Let me tell you the background of it:
He that winneth souls is wise – Proverbs 11:30
The wise shall inherit glory – Proverbs 3:35
They that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever – Daniel 12:3
Jesus came to bear witness to the truth, that is His mission.
John 18:37
Witnessing to the workers; witnessing, no assumption.
Use your God’s given authority and love to bring them into the realm of favour you are in via redemption.
Your neighbours; your townsmen and women: to bear witness.
Now He is the bright and morning star forever and ever.
-I see many stars arising here, by taking responsibility in the process of salvation and establishing of souls.

I asked for a breakdown on what it takes to run transportation from Zone to Zone. We shouldn’t raise transport offering in this Church. We shouldn’t.
There are those who can cover 3 Zones here: 128,000 (Naira); 122,000 (Naira) for those who are going somewhere.
Okay 1 Naira: you have started
Then 10 Naira: you have started.
My family ran it for one year: boom, boom, top, top, top.
Wake up and be part of this chariot of seeing people saved and established in the faith. That is what makes stars in the Kingdom.
You are in a Zone where they use only one bus and the bus is only 30,000 (Naira) and your entertainment thing per week is 80,000 (Naira) by your budget: you are not doing reception, you are not doing anniversary.
I won’t tell you what I do in my office. Except you cough, you can’t get water. It’s not a restaurant, because you won’t leave on time.
If I say they should serve you tea and the tea is not cold yet? Can you drink it by force?
Then you are now wasting my precious time! NO
We have restaurants here, if you need to eat. They call them, I have a guest, they are coming. God bless you.
I used to have a boss, the sitting chairs in his office have no arms. He said, “you know why?”
If it has arms, they will sit for long, because it will be too comfortable.
But you sit down here now like this; “I think I will be going”: Yes, okay.
There is no way to sleep like that when you have a solo chair that has no arm and it is very low: “I think I will be going.”
But when you sit down in your office: You want tea?
“No, I want Ovaltine.”
“Do you want snacks?”: Oh Yes, sausage egg
May you not ask for rice
Then the question is, “why don’t you sit down at home if you know there will be no entertainment?”
That is not business.
When you are coughing, I have water. I will call them, “bring water. God bless you, I hope it’s not too cold for you.”
-This will be your most productive year till date, in the name of Jesus.

4. You are redeemed as ambassadors of Christ
-The dignity, the security, the glory of being an ambassador will be made manifest in your life.
Among the blessings is healthy living, Every government looks after the ambassadors in every nation.


Their health is the concern of the government they represent. Turning, reconciling the world back to God is what makes an ambassador in the Kingdom and that implies soul winning guarantees healthy living as an ambassador for Christ. When Heaven takes over your health matters, it is settled.
-Heaven is taking over your health matters from now.
-As you keep praying Kingdom advancement prayers for souls to be saved, to be established in the faith and as you keep engaging with the grace of God upon your life in speaking to souls, for their salvation, in processing their salvation through genuine love for them: giving them books, giving them tracts and chatting with them, your health shall never fail.

2 Corinthians 5:20, Proverbs 13:17
Everything here points back to stewardship.
-You will not fail in your stewardship

Give God thanks everybody. Give Him thanks for the Word if you caught anything and I know you caught quite a lot. Give Him thanks. In Jesus precious name we have given thanks.



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