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Pastor E. A. Adeboye at RCCG September Special Thanksgiving Service
‘Flood Of Abundance’

One time, an American came to preach to us, we were all pretty poor in those days, you know the way the Americans preach, he was preaching going up and down and all of a sudden he came down from the Altar, went straight to one young man and said thus saith the Lord, if you will worship me I will make you a millionaire, in those days when you are a Nigerian millionaire you are strong, the naira was stronger than a dollar. We all looked at him and we wanted to say God send him to me too.

At the time he was speaking, this man and five children were leaving in a room and parlor in Mushin. Within six months, he was a millionaire, he bought a car for himself, his wife, they were no longer leaving in Mushin.

All of a sudden I didn’t see him in church, what happened?

He is sick, he had a heart attack. Young man? I went to pray for him, he recovered and I said they should bring him.

I asked him, how can you have a heart attack, you are a young man, although I have not been seeing you in church, he said well, they gave him a big contract in Abuja, it was those days when they were building Abuja, in the contract they said when it got to a certain level they will pay him a hundred and something million naira, I am talking of when naira was strong the kind of money that when you get it at that time, for the rest of your life you are set.

Two weeks before he got to that point of the contract they canceled the contract and that was what led to the heart attack.
I said well that is God trying to get your attention.

I was there when God said if you will worship me, you didn’t hear that, all you heard was I will make you a millionaire.

You are a millionaire now, a small one and we don’t see you in church, he said it is not my fault, this Sunday I have a meeting in Switzerland, next Sunday I have a meeting with my partner in London. I said why is it Sunday when you are supposed to be in Church?

He said that is the time when they are most relaxed, I said I see, repent my son, you see that contract, they won’t give it to any other fellow, my God will keep it for you if you will repent and return to your Lord, he never returned.


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