Don’t Hide your Identity and Dedication to Jesus Christ


It is awful to see how many people in the world today find it difficult to publicly identify with JESUS, this is not right, after you have given your life to Christ and accepted him as your Lord and savior, you don’t belong to yourself any more, you don’t have your own way again, you are now his own completely, and you should live for him, this is very important, it is a shame when we realize that you are always coming to Church, but you don’t represent Christ publicly, you even hide your identity in the public, at workplace and other places, this is not right, don’t be a Christian only in the Church, its wrong, be  a True and Genuine Christian, everywhere you find yourself; it should not be in the church only, and that is why after salvation comes the empowerment of the Holy spirit, which brings you into a state of Transformation, the effect of that transformation must be evident in rock solid Christian character, your lifestyle must portray Jesus at all time to the world, this is the only way you can be a true ambassador of the Kingdom, a Witness of Jesus to the world.

At redemption, we have been called to an assignment by Jesus Christ himself and that is to go into the world and preach the Gospel, it is wrong for you to accept him and you cannot tell another person about him, it simply means, something is not right.

Believers must understand that we are meant to use every available means to reach out to the lost souls, preach the Gospel, even by our lifestyle, it must compel men to come and serve Jesus. The World is in darkness, that is why the bible says, ye are the Light of the world, it simply means, you are the solution to the ordeal of the World, you carry the light to shine away the darkness that is ravaging the world, this consciousness must be establish on our inside as saints of God, this is how the Gospel can be used to transform the world, the transformation and impact should not be limited to the Church alone, it must go beyond that realm, and God is so faithful such that; when you stand to represent him out there, he will always come and prove himself, he always manifest himself in a glorious way.

Today, I will share the testimony of a brother at MFM Church in Tanke, Ilorin kwara state, it happened many years ago, but the amazing impact of his testimony is so dear to my heart that I can never forget it.

He was a Sunday school teacher in his Church, he just graduated from University of Ilorin, he was trusting God for a good Job, he got an opportunity at GTBANK, he submitted his CV, wrote the exam, passed and was now qualify for the interview, he went for the Interview and while he was facing the panel, they were going through the details of his C.V, then the head of the panel saw at the back of his C.V “IN GOD I TRUST” the man asked him, are you a Christian? He said Yes… Then, the man said; Preach the Gospel to us in the next 15mins, he did and afterwards, they told him, you can resume on Monday, that was how he got his miracle Job, brethren am telling you, serving Jesus pays, it may not look like it at the beginning, but keep on serving him, the Bible says, the God that sees your labour in the secret will reward you in the open (Matthew 6:4 ).

 God does not only reward our prayers by answering them, he also reward our commitment to him, his kingdom and his agenda on the earth, there is a reward system that comes from God alone, don’t hide your Identity as a Christian, let the world know that you belong to Jesus, and he will also reward you openly in Jesus name, God can never be mocked, whatsoever a man sow, so shall he reap (Galatians 6:7 ), so your seed of sacrifice and service before God can never go unrewarded, I pray that God will guide you and impart you with fresh Passion to serve him the more in Jesus name, Amen. God bless you.

Written by Pastor Matthew.

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