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– Bishop David Oyedepo at Shiloh Hour of Prayer, Day 4

Give the Lord Jesus a big hand of praise. Give Him thanks, I slept and woke up because the Lord sustained me. Thank Him for this new day, it’s a day He has made and we shall be glad in it. In Jesus name we have given thanks.

The Bible is God’s manual for our profitable living. If you are not very acquainted with the manual of any equipment, you can’t maximize its purpose. The Bible is God’s manual for our profitable living in the Kingdom.

Joshua 1:8. It’s not a religious pack, it’s a manual. If you observe to do all that I have for you in this book, you won’t need to struggle around.

Matthew 7:23-27

It’s a manual, it’s not an admonishment, it’s not an advice.

Jeremiah 33:3

He is not just a prayer answering God, He is a question answering God. We have looked at the “I will answer” but we have not looked at “I will show you”. Ezra 8:21-23, they gathered together and asked God to show them the way to go. So this morning you are free to ask your father questions and He will answer. We must get back to that question answering requirement of our life.

Times and again, we are blank as to which way forward. Show me Jesus the way forward. Asking questions is not weakness, it’s wisdom. You can’t know the way to go and miss your way.Asking God questions is wisdom. We call it prayer of enquiry. David enquired of the Lord which way to go, He did that first time in the same chapter, second time, no assumption. The way to go.

“Lord, why is this area of my life not working? I don’t know what else to do” and then you are qualified for an answer. You won’t miss any answer to any question of your life, particularly when you are asking genuinely and you are asking in faith.

We would have missed this place without asking the Lord “what are you saying?”. This is an off side location but what are you saying? Look before you leap, don’t just run away and carry your load to Australia, ask God questions. His answers will come with two things:

1. Peace (Psalms 85:8) God speaks peace not trouble, His answer leads to realms of peace.

2. His voice is a voice of joy.

When it is God, it comes with peace and it is accompanied with joy.

Lord, who pays me? The answer came and there was peace and joy in my soul. Lord, why is this church not growing? If we didn’t ask the question we may still have been struggling at that location till now. He is no respecter of persons. Ask for the way out.

You have some concerns in your heart? Ask for the way out for He always knows the way out. Ask God the way to go on any issue of interest concerning you.

Every question asked Him, He answers. Give me give me is not as valuable as show me, show me. “Show me now thy way that I may know you” He did and Moses became the pace setter of the move of God on the earth.

Jesus show me the way to go, show me the step to take in this area of my life. Show me the way out, show me the way up and show me the way forward and diligently hearken for the answer. Ask Him sincere questions and wait for His ever dependable answers. There is a way out of that situation, Jesus show me the way. You have gone round that mountain long enough, it’s time to know which turn to make that will lead the way forward.

David asked the way out and God showed him and he recovered all. Don’t go the way you like, it may lead to a dead end. Stay focused on God.

Ask Him and listen for the answer. Receiving from God is inferior to gaining commands over things. Going His way holds the answer to your needs. Stand strong on the altar of prayer.


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