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-Apostle Joshua Selman at Koinonia,
October Miracle Service.(Part 2)

The Bible in Galatians 3:5 says that there is the hearing of faith. That means the operation of the miraculous starts with the declaration of the Word which is the basis for faith. Faith comes by hearing.

The Word of comes, the power of God is released to confirm that Word, action is taken on your own part to connect to the power of God, then the miraculous happens for you (Acts 3:6-7).

If there are demons hiding and sitting quietly, as they are hearing me talk like this, they will not leave. You know why they will not leave?

Because a decree has not been given for them to leave and you have not responded based on the instruction that will make them to leave.

So, until then, there might be a basis for them to hide behind people and situations. A decree by the power of God usually comes in the form of an instruction and as you’re responding to that instruction, leave the rest for God.

The moment you’re responding to the instruction, the power of God like a tornado collides with that spirit. Have you seen a bulldozer bringing down a house or any of these giant machines? It will tear down the house like a piece of paper. That’s what the power of God does with demon spirit and anything that is anti-Christ.

The only thing that is spared when the power of God moves is that which has the signature of Christ on it. Once it does not have the signature of Christ, it is called power – against.
Next time when someone begins to ask you, how did it happen? You can tell them there is a part that I can explain but there is a part that I cannot explain.

The part of my believing God and my believing His servant, I can explain it. The part of the servant believing God, I can explain. The part of power coming on a servant, I can explain but the part of power producing the result, I cannot explain.

The spiritual dynamics of that miracle is beyond your realm. So don’t ask me how your destiny helpers will find you in Abuja, you are now entering a realm that is not for you. You just know that once my faith connects to Jesus and his servant, the servant of God’s faith connects to Jesus and to power, when power is allowed to come, there is no limit to what can happen.
Having faith and power is not enough. You must be full of it for mighty wonders and miracles to happen.

I once counseled a family years ago, that every time they received any lump amount, once it is a substantial amount, it looks like sickness will just blow it up in that family. They will keep having a relay of sickness until the morning finishes, then you’ll find out that with the hospital alone, everything is finished.

Then I prayed for this woman who had a young daughter and I’ve heard people talked about stepping on charms and all these kinds of things and quite honestly, I have not paid attention to it until I saw a leg that actually went through that thing. It was like the only thing that was left is just for doctors to amputate the leg.

How about these demonic things of objects moving in people’s bodies and then you talk of strange dreams and occurrences like someone shared here, you are seeing yourself doing all kind of things. You are seeing yourself with dead relatives that had gone, this one is not cloud of witnesses, these are demons; wicked spirits.

Some of those things are the spirits of the grave calling you. I hope you know the grave has a voice. Oh yes Sir, it does! That it can call men and say, come to us.

  • Anybody here who that call has been coming over you, in the name of Jesus who is the Son of the living God, we silence the voice of the grave now!
    Please say, “I shall not die, but live”.
    Your reality is based on what you believe; not what your neighbor believes. Blessed is she, not them that believe. For unto her, not unto them, there shall be a performance. Don’t sit down and allow a defeated life and smile over it again; continue to contend until victory is won.
    The hearing of faith; it makes you to have faith in Jesus and to have faith in the vessel that He will use. My own part is to study scriptures and be convinced, to have faith in God.
    Mark 11:22-24
    Notice three important words here: “believe, receive and have”. There is a difference between receiving and having.

You can only have what you have received. If you have not received it, you cannot have it. Receiving is a spiritual activity. Having means that it is manifesting here and now in your life. Believe, receive and have. That’s the equation that will work for many people tonight.
Tonight, I welcome you to an experience of power and grace. Hear me, do not allow this Miracle Service be like any other one. No! Be very intentional.

Make sure your heart is opened and that you can receive right from where you are because Jesus is in this place. We have a singular assignment of representing Him to a world that is trying to forget Him, to remind them that He is alive, He is King and He is powerful.
There are three things I’m going to do very quickly and I want you to participate maximally in all of them.

  1. The prayer of deliverance.
    Deliverance is a spiritual activity that separates you from every influence that is stopping your advancement. It could be a spirit influence or a situation. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with separating you from a spirit even though most a times, it is spirit related but there are influences that have refused to allow us to make progress and we are about to rebuke those spirits and influences.
  2. I’m going to be ministering to the sick by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  3. The prophetic: As I speak to you and declare over you, I want you to believe with all your heart. The prophetic is both revelatory and creative.

The revelatory dimension of the prophetic brings you comfort, direction and build your faith. The creative dimension of the prophetic makes things to manifest that have no business manifesting.
There are spirits that remain dogged over tying down the destinies of men, coming to you as dreams, visions, manifestations, causing delays, hardship, retrogression, embargoes of disfavour resting on people. As I pray for you, the power of God is going to come upon you:

  • Father in the name that is above all names, we have come here, you have called it a Miracle Service; the service where You are taking burdens and yokes from the destinies of men. Lord, there are people here who have been tied down by all kinds of things. Some of them had prayed, fasted and doing everything they know to do and it looks like it is not going, but Lord, I thank You because You are have been given a name that is above every other name, above thrones and dominions, as Your people shout, let the power of God rest upon them in Jesus!
  • Every stranger and foul spirit, go now in the name of Jesus!
  • There are families that have been tied down that nothing good will come out of you. Right now, I decree and declare; every altar that is speaking against your family that you will not rise and shine, be destroyed right now!
  • Every embargo of disfavour, in the name of Jesus, may the power of God come upon you now. That yoke of disfavour upon your life is broken now!
  • In the name of Jesus Christ, I decree and I declare; every spirit that is backing any disease, sickness, infirmity, in the name of Jesus Christ, I command; let God’s people go now!
  • Be healed, be restored in the name of Jesus. Every blood condition, ulcers, visual impediments, deafness, cardiovascular challenges, high blood pressures, low blood pressures, migraine headaches, epileptic seizures, inability to sleep; be healed now!
  • I command the spirit that is responsible for accidents and untimely death, may it be far from you in Jesus’ name!
  • I decree and declare, your bones are kept in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • I decree and declare that this week, for you, let it be a week of strange testimonies. The kind of favour that you have not seen until now, in the name of Jesus, let it begin to manifest!
  • I connect you by prophecy to your destiny helpers. They will come rushing towards you!
  • I pray for your spiritual life and your prayer life; every prayer altar that is dead, every Word altar that is dead, let there be restoration now!
  • You will not need to tell people that you are a child of God; the anointing and the demonstration of the power of God through your life will speak volumes in the name of Jesus Christ!
  • For all who have travelled from afar within and outside of the Nation to be here, may your testimonies arrive before you in the name of Jesus Christ!

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