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– Apostle Joshua Selman at Koinonia,
Thanksgiving and Prophetic Service.

In the next few minutes, I don’t know how you will do it, but I leave you and your Creator; you are going to cry out your heart in thanksgiving to God.

Thank You Jesus!
Father we honour You. This is Koinonia only because You are God. Seated above the wisdom that works in and through us, the power that works in and through us. The glory that radiates from our lives; look what you’ve done. Our lives today are an expression of what You can do with men and women who love you. Thank You Jesus. No man can do these things except God be with him. Thank You Jesus.

Father, I bow my knees on behalf of Your people and on behalf of our global family and Lord, we return to let the whole world know that Joshua Selman does not have any ability to build, to lift, to heal, deliver, transform and to bless. Every time we claim that we are the ones, let it be known to the world that it is only the pride of men.

The Lord told me something many years ago and He said; “Son, if you will let men see me, there is nothing I will not give you.” Very powerful secret.


Oftentimes, it looks very marketable to be at the center stage, to be the one receiving the glory and to be the celebrity.

Many of us have gotten into deception and have plunged from grace to grass because you will not let Him be glorified. It is ego stinging to hide your pride behind the cross and to let Jesus be lifted. For some of us, this is your message tonight here in Koinonia because the little you have done, you are so ashamed to let the world see you roll on the ground. This is where He found us, so we must not be ashamed to remain there.

When Mordecai was celebrated, after he rode upon the horse of the king, he returned back and remained at the gate where he was found. How many people will ride on a king’s horse and wear his robe and return back to the gate? Because if you can stay where he found you, He will continue to lift you from there. If you are in ministry, business, family; I want you to pay attention to every good thing that God does in your life. Don’t mind this our arrogant world that always wants to claim; “We did it by our strength”. It is a lie, except the Lord builds a house, they labour in vain that build it. May that day not come that I will take the glory for Koinonia and what God is doing. The world can celebrate me and clap their hands but I am not stupid, I’ve read history and I’ve read the Bible to know what happened to men who try to sit on a throne that only belongs to One.

The honour and the lifting He has given is enough. By the time you now try to fight His position, learn from Lucifer. This is a practice you should take back to your home and work place. Sometimes you need to shut the door of that company, shift everything from your table and just lie down there; “Father, I see Your faithfulness” and most people will say you are out of your mind.

This is my assignment tonight; I came to charge us, to call us to worship and to show us that this is one of the secrets behind the hand of God in this Ministry. It is not so much about the intelligence of a man, power and anointing, where you can let the world see Jesus in you and through you, that behind this puppet that you see in front of you, there is a hand.

Thank You oh God because there was never a service without a message to transform men. Thank You for all the Miracle Services and impartation. Thank You for School of Ministry, thank You for our global family, thank You for every department and leader. This work started this year, February 28. Look what God has done; marvelous!

Father, may we never get to the point where we become ashamed to acknowledge Your hand, wisdom and doings in our midst. Let the nations see us on our knees. Let the nations see us while we roll on the ground. We are letting them know that indeed, there is a God who sits in Heaven. If they doubt Your existence, they cannot doubt the results. The results show that You are alive. Thank You, forever may we remain grateful and thankful people.


Let this be a culture that we take to our homes, ministry, family and secret places. Thank You Jesus.

Everything good in our lives is because of you. Lord, I stand to lead Your people world over connected to this vision, You have done us good and we are grateful from US to Europe to South Africa, Ghana, Canada, the Middle East; it is only You who can do this, spreading to over 67 nations, reaching them by Your power and Your grace. Who can do this? It is Your wisdom. We thank You, forever be glorified in our lives, in this Ministry and in this place.

We are not just thanking You because we expect more, we are doing it because even if You will not do more, we are indebted to You for the rest of our lives. Thank You; for battles we may never know anything about that You fought for us. We just saw ourselves winning and triumphing beyond our imagination. Now, thanks be to God which always cause us to triumph. We give You praise. Forever may Jesus be glorified in Jesus’ name I pray.

Tonight is a Thanksgiving and Prophetic Service. Thank you for the sacrifice to be here. I want us to celebrate a dear woman of God who has come to worship with us tonight; Pastor Opi, the President of ‘When Women Pray’. God bless you. This is our last and final service for 2021.

Isaiah 12:1-6
One of the mysteries of the Kingdom you know by now that we rise, we reign and we excel in this Kingdom on the strength of the mysteries that we have and we handle. It takes more than intention to rise and to reign. Behind every exploit of the believer, behind every dimension of Kingdom exploit is:
1. The presence and the backing of God the Almighty.
2. Adherence to the mysteries and the principles of the Kingdom.

Matthew 13:11, Job 38:33
We do not reign or excel by mistake. Speed, prosperity, influence and power is not by mistake. It is a product of working with divine patterns. The Glory of God always come as a confirmation that His patterns have been kept.

One of the deep mysteries of the Kingdom is gratitude that is expressed in thanksgiving. A lavish display of gratitude coming from the heart of a believer in recognition of and recognition to the greatness and faithfulness of God.

Many believers are not grateful enough. You are not truly grateful until you communicate that gratitude to give a perception, you must allow the person who communicated benevolence to have it to heart that you are grateful enough, otherwise do not stop. If I give you N100 and you say “thank you” and I give you N1,000 and you say “thank you” and I give you one million and you say “thank you” and I give you one billion and you say thank you”. You see, there is something wrong with that. As the amount increases, so the sacrifice and your expression of gratitude over N100 cannot be the same as your expression of gratitude over N1000. There are times people come to you and they do not say “thank you” and allow their actions to say “thank you”. You’ll notice that, anytime they thank you, you become indebted to them. You are motivated to do more again.

Gratitude is very powerful. You can literally receive the prayer point of a man as a gift at the instance of gratitude. That what someone is fasting and praying for can come to you as a gift because you are grateful. One of the secrets of David the Psalmist was not necessarily the dexterity of his exploits but the depth of his gratitude. There are two main thoughts that are captured in the book of Psalms:
1. Thanksgiving.
2. Deliverance
A major portion of the book of Psalm is a communication of the power of God to deliver, to save, to heal and then a lavish display of thanksgiving from a grateful man.

God takes gratitude as proof of maturity and responsibility. One of the indices that can measure maturity from a believer is the fortitude and aptness to say thanks. Ten lepers were healed. Jesus was on His way passing and the Bible says, only one returned to say thank you. For many of you, you can call and bombard the gate of Heaven non-stop in praying and fasting over your desire to see the hand of God move in your life or family but as soon as the hand comes, we casually say “thank You.”

By reason of what I do, I’m exposed to all kinds of people and believe me, there are people’s conditions that when you see, their conditions force you to repent from being careless about the whole subject of gratitude. I remember one time years ago, I went to the hospital to see someone who had a very ghastly motor accident. The leg was hung to heal well. I was told the person will be there for at least 90 days.

Some of you, you’ve lost your jobs and yet you are not begging and even those who are working have to come to you and say, “please can I borrow N50,000?” Oh give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good.

Don’t thank God only at the end of the year, all the days of your life, you must live and walk in gratitude, paying attention to the slightest communication of His love and benevolence. Do you know that it is the mercy of God for you to be minding your business and then someone thinks about you for good, enough to say, I should come to you and help you? How about the transformation of your mind, the literal change of state, transcending to superior belief systems that you can understand the ways of God and see the Kingdom clearer and better?
For these we give Him all the praise. May His name be glorified in the name of Jesus.

Make it a point of duty from today, when you get up in the morning before you complain and say what kind of day is this? Let the first thing to come out of your mouth is “Thank You Jesus. I’m alive, thank You. I have vision, thank You. I’m saved, thank You”. If you don’t thank God for salvation, He will show you a vision of Hell fire and then you’ll see the marvelous miracle that will happen to you in that transition.

We thank God for all He has done in and through us. Today is our last and final service. At this level of Ministry, as God has directed us, we give breaks. So, this is our last service. What should you do with the remaining time that you have until our resumption?

1). You must commit to your personal growth. Just because we are on break as a ministry does not mean your growth and passion should be on break. Commit to your personal growth and development.

2). Spend time building relationships with friends and family. Not gossiping about people. Spend time building that relationship. Life is a gift and it is important to spend time with parents, friends and loved ones. Build profitable memories that become a blessing to you. Listen to my message ‘Three Most Important Things”. In a man’s life, there are many important things but there are three most important things as revealed from scripture:
a). Your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
b). Your family.
c). Your assignment.

3). Commit to doing something that brings glory to the name of the Lord even before resumption. For some of you, it can be an opportunity to use this time now and gather a few people whose lives are scattered in pieces and help their lives make sense within those moments.

Some believers disorganize their lives in December and start repenting and start another journey by January and then continue wasting their time again up until December. For most believers, December looks like the most visionless period of the year. It is when they give up God, purpose and everything in the name of celebration.

Most people, the highest level of financial carelessness in their lives comes in December because people waste money on profitless things all in the name of celebration. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying not to celebrate but it is important, remember my teachings on law of seasons. Every dry season comes with a letter from raining season that “I am coming” and every raining season comes with a letter from dry season, I am also coming back. So, December has a letter from January, I must come. Don’t just embrace December, read the letter that January gave December to give you. Celebrate but do so with wisdom.

4). Have a personal time for an end of year retreat. A Retreat is time that you take alone with God.
a). Personal thanksgiving. Thanking God for all that He has done.
b). Appraisal. You appraise the year in light of scripture and God’s blueprint.

Retreats are moments where we appraise out lives; what assignment has God given to me?
Most people do not go forward because they don’t look back and ask questions.

There are six areas of your life you must review during your personal retreat:
i). Your spiritual growth and progress.
ii). Your level of mental transformation
iii). Your health. There was a year I found out that three years in a row, the worst performing area of these six areas was my health.

I took that as a warning from the Lord; “You will die the death of a fool if you don’t start paying attention to your health.” Your retreat is not a true retreat if it is not completely honest between you and God. You must be sincere, 100 per cent.

iv). Your financial progress. You have to sit down and look at your finances with a view to correct your mistakes.

v). Your purpose and destiny. Remember in the law of seasons, I taught you that there are four seasons; Morning, Afternoon, Evening and night stage. For many of us, you have not really found what you will spend your life doing as far as the Kingdom is concerned. Retreats are times when we take an honest appraisal. Dr Myles Munroe said that, it is not necessarily how long we live that matters, even though longevity is a blessing and it is a provision that we must press for but that, efficiency is far greater than longevity. Can I tell you this; whether you like it or not, no matter how you jump up and down, you are getting older every year. God’s servant Bishop Oyedepo said; “no matter how much of a good footballer you are, if you are 50 years as a footballer, you are retired by force.” You have to settle down and know that there is timing to destiny and then to contend for the grace for speed.

vi). Your relationships. Relationships are very important, advantageous connections. We rise and we thrive on the strength of the kind and the quality of relationships that we have.

This is one of the major reasons why we are giving break so that you can go and spend time with God. Many of you at the end of your retreat, you will be left with tears. Not tears of condemnation but you will be honest with yourself and you will know that I’ve not been living my life effectively. The result; you will now make up your mind and say this issue of reading the Bible once in a while or when there is trouble; “I must bring a systemic dimension to my life. I have to put it in system that ensures continuity and predictability.”

In a retreat, you plan for the year coming. Many of us do not plan the year. You just enter it and whatever you meet there, you are happy to go with it. Plan your life. Even if you do not achieve it, at least let it be that you set goals. Visionaries people and leaders globally will tell you that one of the secrets to their efficiency is that they don’t just stumble into their days, they plan.

Make sure that you do something that brings glory to the name of Jesus. Be a blessing to someone. Givers will never truly lack.
By the grace of God, our prophetic word for the next year comes out every 31st, 6:00pm on the dot through all our social media platforms.

For us as a family of faith, we don’t just choose something because it is there, we look at what God is doing across the globe, in Africa, Nigeria and out of that, God Himself brings the Word that guides us as global family. So, I don’t want you to take the prophetic word lightly. When you receive them, know that they came out of a place of prayer, fasting and interaction with the Spirit of God and that becomes the compass that drives what we do even for 2022.

So today, 19th December is our last service. Our last service means we are not going to hold any meeting again as a Ministry until our resumption. By God’s grace, our resumption will be 16th January, 2022. As a global family, we practice what we called the end of year sacrifice. Every end of the year, within the period of our closing to the period of resumption, we leave it open and we encourage everyone who is part of this spiritual family, we give them an opportunity to sow their end of year sacrifice with understanding. Every time you belong to a spiritual family, there must be moment whether official or unofficial where you participate all-wise in prayer and all of that but especially in area of finances. You participate in Kingdom partnership with revelation through your sacrifice.

2 Samuel 24:24-25, Psalm 20:1-5 1 Samuel 7:7-10
What is the end of the year sacrifice for?
I will give you four biblical keys to become a support structure. It is not about the giving alone, it is the revelation because I want you to be blessed.

1). Your sacrifice is your covenant of love. It is an expression of your love for God, for His servant and the work wherein I have been blessed and transformed and changed. (1Kings 3:3-5). The covenant of sacrifice is a covenant of love. You are saying; “I have been healed, transformed, changed and delivered.”

Many of you would have heard me, many years ago, the Lord told me that I should put these teachings and should bless the Nation. I am not saying this is a doctrine – No! It is just an instruction that came to never sell these teachings whatsoever and I thank God for the privilege to remain obedient to that Heavenly call. Only God can tell the lives, homes and destiny that have been changed today.

2). Your sacrifice is your show of appreciation unto God for His faithfulness. Biblical thanksgiving is not complete until it is backed up with giving. It is sacrifice together with your prayer, worship and singing.

3). Your sacrifice is your commitment to partnership. If you ever find yourself in a ministry like this, I want you to know that whether there is an official partnership platform or not, part of your Kingdom responsibilities as a believer is to contribute with understanding, to partner with that vision that blesses with continuity and to be able to see to it that they remain people of integrity and truth.

Luke 5:1-7
When you partner with God in truth without manipulation and not for eye service; nobody truly stands in partnership with God and goes down.

4). Your sacrifice is mystery that provokes the hand of God as revealed in scripture. When things refuse to move in your life, when you are tired of a certain level in your life and your destiny; financially and otherwise, the mystery of sacrifice with understanding is one of these mysteries that can shift you to a new level.

Sacrifice is not just giving; it is something that touches you from your heart and based on a superior revelation. Otherwise, you will give and later go and think you are stupid. No, not with God.

Please rise up on your feet.

– In the name of Jesus Christ who is the Son of the living God, I decree and declare over your life; the kind of favour that must follow you and over take you, I stand by the privilege of priesthood and I declare: in the name of Jesus Christ, may that grace for favour rest upon you now!
– I decree and declare that every arrow and every enchantment and every ill-speaking of darkness programmed over you and your family members either to cause loses, death and retrogression. By the power that raised Christ from the dead, we cancel it now!
– Every attack coming from the pit of hell, hunting you to make sure you do not end this year in praise and glory, in the name of Jesus, may the Lord arise and scatter everything that is not of God!
– We call death by name, you are a spirit and we speak that in the name of Jesus, every instruction given to you to fall upon anyone of us here or upon our families. In the name of Jesus, I prophesy; oh death where is your sting and oh grave where is your victory? We banish you in the of Jesus!
– The Bible says the shout of joy and victory shall not depart from the tent of the righteous. Every programming for mourning and tears, waiting for you that before you cross into 2022, you must cry; I decree and declare, may my God go before you and ensure that your joy is preserved!
– Anyone holding anything that belongs to you, from now till December 31st, I decree and declare by all means, it must enter your hands!
– For those of you who are going to be traveling whether in the air, by road or sea, anybody waiting by the road to stop you and kidnap you, in the name that is above all names, may fire come from Heaven and consume them!
– Anyone waiting to kidnap your children or your loved ones, the earth opens and swallow them in the name of Jesus Christ!
– I decree and declare, the helper of destiny assigned to see to it that you do not cry, I declare that their ministry must be fulfilled in your life in the name of Jesus Christ!
– For anyone who will be involved in one kingdom project or the other during this time, I pray for you; the same results you’ve seen here, carry that same grace and reproduce it in the name of Jesus Christ!
– You are departing from this place in peace. Therefore, any man that fights you goes down instantly!
– I pray for you by the power that raised Christ from the dead, every terminal disease and every orchestration of darkness that won’t let you rest must go for you now!
– I stand by prophecy and the privilege of priesthood. I knock on the gate of 2022 and I declare; 2022 open up for God’s people in the name of Jesus Christ!
– I prophesy a triumphant entry into 2022 in the name of Jesus Christ!
– For all who have stood in prayer, giving and sacrifice; online, offline with this Ministry. I decree and declare the blessing that is upon this house, may it rest upon you also!
– Every ministry represented in Abuja and across this Nation, we pray oh God that what You are doing here, we extend that prayer and we lift up an incense of prayer to every ministry across this City. We declare that blessing of Heaven rest upon them!
– Anybody who is within our territory, regardless of their faith, because they are there and because we are there, we declare that in this season, may the blessing of Heaven rest upon them!
– I declare in the name that is above all names, everyone who is participating in our end of year sacrifice, beginning from this night and all through. God is not a fraudster or a scammer. He does not play games with people. Therefore I pray; in the name that is above all names, for every one currency that comes in here as a sacrifice, for every sacrifice that you will be making, may God come for you in a fearful way in the name of Jesus Christ!
– Come 2022, for everyone here tonight, I declare; you will return and the only difference is that you will be ten times greater in the name of Jesus Christ!

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