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Apostle Joshua Selman at Koinonia

The Lord bless you.
It is important to seek the Lord. Everytime we set ourselves to seek the Lord, to know Him more, to fellowship, to grow, to encounter Him, you must realize that we are not wasting our time at all.

It pays not only to serve Jesus but it pays to know Him and it pays to seek Him. Hallelujah. Let me show you a scripture.
2nd Chronicles 15:12

Genesis 24:1
The Lord can give rest roundabout. It may not look like it, but I tell you God can give rest.

Pray and say Father, every area of my life that is yet to experience your glory, I bring it before Your presence tonight. Lift up your voice and pray.
There is a making that is happening to you. Believe it. Hallelujah.

We have been discussing and sharing truths the last few weeks and I did tell us that the Lord gave me an instruction to teach along the graces that He has so mercifully brought to my life and even to this ministry, to the end that we understand the dimensions of God that operates within this house as a family of faith and then to enhance our spiritual growth.

We have been considering all of these dimensions of the investments of the Spirit.

We started with wisdom, the Spirit of wisdom that you can walk in.

We considered favour. That there is a possibility that a believer can walk in the favour of God as a grace, not just a one-off event. If it happens only once, it is breakthrough not favour. If it is favour, it must be consistent. Hallelujah.

What I want to share with you tonight is a very deep Kingdom secret and many times I struggle to share these things not because I do not want the saints to know or to learn them for we have only received them by mercy ourselves but it is profitless and it may even be destructive to bring a dimension of Kingdom truth to believers when there is no preparedness in their hearts to place value on it and to receive it.

Every one of these dimensions that we continue to unveil by the spirit, these dimensions are the makers of men.

Any man who has been made by God was made by the coordinated synergy of these forces.

Tonight I want to share with you a very deep mystery and it is my prayer that the Lord will by this mystery launch us into superior dimensions. Hallelujah.


I will share with you a secret tonight that has been responsible for divine encounters and it is my prayer that you will appreciate this truth you’re about to receive. It will marvelously transform your spiritual life. It will marvelously transform your destiny. Hallelujah.

Job 42:5
Job left us a very important key that serves as a guide for us. It will serve as a guide even as we begin to explore the subject of supernatural encounters.

Many believers have for a very long time been frustrated in their Christian experiences because their spiritual lives look like borrowed ideas. They hardly have convictions of their own and so you find out that the average believer has to depend on the confidence of a pastor, depend on the confidence of an apostle, a prophet or depend on the confidence of a corporate people to be able to believe certain things about God.

God did not design us in this Kingdom to have to depend on the conviction of another to begin our journey. It was His intent, His desire that we get to a point where we become a people of conviction ourselves. Hallelujah.

When I began my journey with God, there were many propositions that were brought forth from the pulpit, well meaning, well intentioned men and women of God. I heard them say many things about God, referenced from Scripture.

They called God many names, they advocated many levels and dimensions of possibilities that God could birth in the life and experience of a believer but I didn’t seem to see a manifestation of these things and it troubled me for a long time.

It looked like He remained a theoretical reality that men would not be able to step into that experience. My heart yearned for a level of nearness that I did not easily see around me.

Preachers seemed very distant from the God they were talking about. Conferences were organized, books were written about a God that they seemed very far from and I knew that something was wrong.

I knew that something was wrong, not necessarily with the communicators but with the whole idea. I found out that there were many people who believed certain spiritual truths, not because it has become true in their lives, they believed them because they liked the communicators of those truths so their faith in the truth that was communicated were not because they believed that those speakings were true, they believed that those who said them were sincere people, well meaning people or lovable people.

One thing I can tell you is that for as long as you live long enough upon this earth, your convictions will be tested from head to toe and so it matters that the things that you hold dear, the things that you hold as true are true indeed.

The Bible gives us a Word of caution that you must be careful so that what you call light be not darkness.

Did you know you can walk in a lie for many years, you can teach a lie, you can mentor people along the lines of a lie and then at the end of your life or when you have gone so far you will now realize that what you have been holding as true was a lie.

It is dangerous to believe a lie and hold it dear and continue to build your destiny around that lie only for you to find out that what you believed was not true.

If I have any fear in my life or any concern in my life is that I do not want to believe something that after many years I would find out that I’ve believed a lie and so I’m not ashamed to vent what I hold as true. I am unashamed, I would vent them unapologetically and if for any reason I find out that what I’m holding is not the truth, I will declare my disloyalty immediately and without turning back.

Many believers are unable to be transformed because of our emotional attachment to information that may have been embedded in our minds that may not be the truth. The Bible says the only thing that saves is the truth, not what you like. It is the truth that sustains the power to make you free.

The Bible is full of encounters from Genesis to Revelation. Scripture lets us see that most of the people, almost everyone who was mightily used by God as recorded in Scripture at one point or the other in their lives, they encountered the God of the Bible in ways that were spectacular, in ways that birthed that convictions in their hearts.

Some of them died believing their experiences, some of them based on that experience, they rose to be mighty men and women who were used by God.

It is important for us to study this subject of encounters because we are gathered today by the privilege of God’s grace and this ministry you see is a product of encounters and it’s important for us to know because if you lack encounters, you will be surprised how stunted, how limited you will be in your Christian walk.


Let’s discuss the subject of supernatural encounters.
Supernatural encounters are experiences that bring reality and conviction to us.

Experiences sent by God to bring reality and conviction. This is very powerful. God designed man in a way that every time you’re convicted and persuaded about a truth, you stop being ashamed or afraid of it.

The way we operate in the earth realm, anything you’re ashamed to advocate, it is because there is no conviction in that area. This is how God designed us.

When you meet a herbalist, as tattered and as uninviting as he looks, he is not ashamed at his state because there is a depth of conviction and persuasion. He believes in what he’s doing, he believes in his ability to transform anyone who is interested and so he would sit down in a dark, dirty or smelly place, he would conjure all kinds of rubbish and then he would tell you with certainty that this is able to bless your life, this is able to transform you, this is able to bring supernatural solutions and he will dare you.

Encounters, they are experiences, supernatural experiences that bring conviction, that establishes or furnishes the reality of God or the reality of anything whatsoever in the life of the believer.


Encounters are important because our walk upon this earth require conviction, requires faith.

Our earth walk requires faith and faith are based on convictions and convictions are based on encounters.

It is lack of encounters that has produced the Spiritual vaccinations that we have in the body of Christ today and so today I believe this, next tomorrow I believe this, next tomorrow I do not believe what I used to believe again and then by next week I rush back and I think I now believe it. All of these are proof that there is no certainty to the truths that we claim to know.

There is something we do not understand about God and the way He works.

The second reason why we need encounters is that the challenges that will surround your destiny and your assignment is the power for continuity.

As far as your destiny is concerned, you will depend on encounters. I can tell you this for free.

There is nobody’s journey to destiny that would be entirely a bed of roses. You are going to be confronted by issues, men and systems of structures will stand to oppose that which God intends to do in your life. It will take encounters to supply the staying power.

There are preachers who begin ministry, they say “I love God, I was called to serve God” and after two years, no results, no success, they pack it up and they say “I’m tired”. Let me just go and look for a job.

There are people today who resign their jobs because they thought they were called into ministry and after ten years they look back and say “God punish the man who advised me to leave my job and get into this vineyard. I cheated myself, I wasted my time”. No encounters.

Encounters provide the staying power. If you want to continue and finish strong, you will depend on encounters more than information.

When you see some of our fathers of faith, twenty years, thirty years, forty years, some fifty years continuing in the ministry, serving the purposes of God, I assure you, an ambition does not have that kind of power to keep you going, you will need encounters.

When you lack encounters, anything that captures your attention for the moment will drive your life until you find another thing that seems to be valuable to you. So you have all kinds of people. Today they’re in business, next tomorrow they’re here, they continue to rigmarole around life.

The moral of this teaching is to help us experience encounters. One of the graces that we have enjoyed and we enjoy in this ministry is the grace for encounters but I will tell you why it has been effective without birthing all versions of error.

Almost all encounters left unbalanced will bring error. The body of Christ today is like a patient in ICU and encounters have brought this kind of imbalance.

There are individuals today who will die believing what they’re doing because it came from encounters.

One thing about conviction is, it will always lead to influence. The moment you’re convicted about something eventually someone will believe you.

The Bible provides a biblical road map to supernatural encounters. This was the first thing the Lord began to teach me, that before I am opened to this extraordinary spiritual experiences I must understand the pattern of Scripture so that all of these encounters I have will pass through the sieve of the Word, the sieve of how God behaves.

Until you cultivate your relationship with the Holy Spirit, you will never step into the realm of discernment and sensitivity and in this end time brothers and sisters, you need sensitivity.

There are many things that look like God that is not God. There are many things that look like God is speaking to your destiny. When you know the Holy Ghost, you know how He operates you know that this is not God and you dump that nonsense, put off your phone and give yourself rest.

If you don’t know what is written then you’re in trouble. Imagine if Jesus didn’t know what was written.

The assignment of the anointing is to validate what was said so if nothing has been said, the anointing has no ministry.

If the Lord says let the sick be healed and I declare it as His servant the anointing moves to validate that claim.

Please return back to the place of Scripture. Sit down with your Bible. Start reading it like you did before.

May God give us growth and maturity in the name of Jesus Christ.


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