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-Bishop David Oyedepo at CHoP
*Many people are just raw victims of ignorance.
*God will never back out until you back out. They back out into unbelief too soon.
*Some have already given up on their turnaround package for this year.
*It is thanksgiving that fills that gap of patience.
*You can’t be waiting without doing something. You are either doing the right thing or doing the wrong thing.
The Lord sent a Word into Jacob, it has impacted on his world – Isaiah 9:8
Prayers: Lord, this week, send me the Word that will deliver the balance of my Turnaround package for the year.
I know quite a lot has been happening in our lives as individuals, but now Lord, send me a Word that will deliver the balance of my Turnaround package for the year. Send me that Word this week in Jesus precious name we have prayed. So shall it be.
-It shall be a week of unique encounters with the Word for everyone of us.
-It shall be a week to be much remembered.
-We are in the crowning days of the year, a crowning revelation will come your way that will keep you flying all the days of your life, in the name of Jesus Christ.
Lord, let none of us today return empty, in Jesus name.
Only God is able to bring to pass whatever He has promised. We can only receive and believe, only Him can bring it to pass – Luke 1:45
From the testimony of Abraham, he was fully persuaded that God is able to perform. He is the performer, that which He has promised – Romans 4:21
And the Lord visited Sarah as He has said and did unto Sarah as He had spoken – Genesis 21;1
No human effort could do that: God said it, God stepped in to deliver it. We are all aware that only the hand of God can deliver His plan and purpose in our lives – 1 Kings 8:15
But thanksgiving is a covenant requirement to see God’s hand stretched forth to fulfill any prophetic Word.

1 Thessalonians 5:18, Hebrews 10:36 – It is thanksgiving that fills that gap of patience. It is thanksgiving that protects the waiting time from murmuring and complaining. You can’t be waiting without doing something.

You are either doing the right thing or doing the wrong thing.
Abraham did not stagger at the prophetic Word but was strong in faith, giving glory to God while waiting and then God stepped in – Romans 4:20.

We are looking at this week:


We just need to understand this, this is a highly prophetic Church, we are in the most prophetic days of the Church of Christ on earth. We must learn what it takes to see prophetic Words fully delivered in our lives.
Thanksgiving is one of those fundamental keys required to see prophecies fulfilled. Waiting for Heaven’s set time without being filled with thanksgiving and praise, you will be tormented with murmurings and complaining which will rob us of seeing prophecies fulfilled.
We were dancing as a Church when we were 4; celebrating when we were 10; jubilating when we were 90; jumping aloud at 500; rolling for Jesus at 1000; then we began to grow. In fact, putting up 50,000 Sanctuary was not a prayer point. We were just doing what we were doing and then He came up, “I am building this Tabernacle, to be dedicated next year, September 18th.” Not that I don’t know the time. September 18th.
Just celebrating God, He steps in to deliver His agenda at His own set time
Genesis 21:2 – at the set time
He makes all things beautiful in His time – Ecclesiastes 3:11
At the set time of which God had spoken.
Every vision is for an appointed time, so while you believe in the prophetic Word, it will deliver according to its timing. So keep celebrating and obeying God. Whatever He tells you to do, keep doing it and keep thanking Him as you do it. Then He turns them in by His hand one step after another.
This morning, we look at the example of Abraham. We saw a prophetic Word came forth concerning a son for Abraham, at the time when his body was good as dead and Sarah’s womb was over. It ceased to be with her after the manner of women.
It is like going for fruits from a dry tree. The tree is dried, there are no more leaves on it, how dare you look for fruits from it Sir?
🎶🎶Only You can do what no man can do Jehovah 🎶🎶
Romans 4:20
Who would have thought Sarah will ever give birth to a child? You don’t get fruits from a dry tree. But now, God has made me to laugh, see what God has said, see the raw manifestation of it and that hear will laugh with me – Genesis 21:6
That prophetic Word looked farfetched, unrealistic, they don’t even think. He (Abraham) said, “God told me my seed shall be as much as by the sand that is by seashore. That as you cannot count the stars of heaven, you cannot count my seed.”
“Ahh, he has become senile. His mental system is paralysed. Although his body is moving, there is nothing more. There is no oxygen in his head.”
Abraham was strong in faith, giving glory to God.

There is no closed case with God, He said, “take away the stone, there is no closed case with me” and Jesus gave thanks and the permanently closed case as it were of Lazarus was re-opened and Lazarus came forth.
John 11:41
🎶🎶That is why You are called Jehovah, what You say You will do, that is what You will do, that is why You are called Jehovah 🎶🎶
God is up to anything He says, just understand what to do, to see His Word come to pass in your life. God is up to anything He says.
He said to me, April 10, 1982, “that you saw wings flying, are you deaf?” That was in a rundown Secondary School facility where we were using plastic plate to eat and I saw…
I said, “what are these wings flying”: He said, “these are aircrafts, with you inside, bearing the everlasting gospel of Christ to the heathen nations of the world.”
“Brother David has problem. Real problem. I mean, in fact, we need to start praying for him because…”
At the base of this Ministry a tent will be built that will seat 50,000:
“Ahh, even in America! I don’t understand. A Church that will seat 50,000. Where will they get the money from? Who will fill it? Tell me, for God’s sake. Ask him, who will fill it?”
Because the largest gathering then would be 500 people. When it’s 1000, they would say, “the whole world came. The whole world gathered.”
🎶🎶What You say You will do, that is what You will do. That is why You are called Jehovah 🎶🎶
You back out too soon, that is why prophecies looks like fake. Unbelief just carries you away.
🎶🎶That is why You are called Jehovah🎶🎶
We didn’t have to prepare for it, He prepared for it and He delivered it. So we got the first aircraft at His cost, not in the budget.
🎶🎶What You say You will do, that is what You will do. That is why You are called Jehovah🎶🎶
He was going to build this Tabernacle, He never confided in us. I was on the platform, 17th September 1998 and I had already said, “look, let’s look out for farmers in our Church and allocate this property to them till when we are ready.” We were not ready, He didn’t need us for it. Then He came up and said, “the Tabernacle shall be dedicated 18th September 1999.” I was hearing it for the first time, as I was telling you, I was hearing. It wasn’t that I heard it while I was preparing for that Service. That means, I don’t need your nonsense budget, it is my agenda and this is my set time for it and so He built it. Sir, He built it. There was no stress, there was no “God, how do we go forward from here?” No.
“40 Million is needed on Monday”: we knew on Sunday night that we would need that 40 Million this week, there was no more Service and there was no pressure, “hey, you know we are building now, give offering.” There was no Service, yet we still had it. Without borrowing, without overdraft. Fear God. Just fear God.
The only way not to back off is to keep singing the integrity of God. To keep celebrating the integrity of His Word. No situation can turn God’s hand back.
When I stretch forth My hand, who shall turn it back – Isaiah 14:27
🎶🎶What You say You will do that is what You have done, that is why You are called Jehovah🎶🎶
Romans 4:20 – He staggered not at the prophetic Word spoken in His direction but was strong in faith, giving glory to God.
We announced that Cell Replication is stopping here and we still had 103 new Cells last Saturday (6th November 2021) after we had stopped.
🎶🎶What You say You will do that is what You have done, that is why You are called Jehovah🎶🎶
I am glad to let you know this morning that whatever God spoke to you, concerning you, about you, concerning the year 2021, if you don’t back out, God never backs out on His Word, if you won’t back out, God won’t back out. The day you back out, God backs out. The day you are, “okay, let’s wait for the one of next year, I think we have lost this one already”, then it is over. It is over!!

People just back out into unbelief too soon.

They just feel at the point where they are, even God can’t handle it.
“Where will my Turnaround come from now? I mean from January, nothing has turned. I think the Turnaround thing does not belong to me for the year. Thank You God, I will keep serving You whether You turn me or You don’t turn me.”

Many of us are just raw victims of ignorance, we need to be free from it. God will never back out until you back out.
You turn back, I turn my back – Hebrews 10:38
The good news is God’s agenda is never late for delivery. He has His set time. In case your set time is December 1 and you back out November 28th: Good luck.
In case your set time is the day that Shiloh will start and you back out before Shiloh: “I am not going to no Shiloh, it is enough. Enough is enough forever.” Good luck.
🎶🎶What You say You will do that is what You will do, that is why You are called Jehovah🎶🎶
It’s up to You. Many others have seen God’s work come to pass freely in their lives. That it doesn’t come to pass in your life does not make God a liar, it means you are wrongly positioned.
-May each one of us be correctly positioned to see God’s Word that can never fail come to pass in our lives.
Concerning Church growth – Jeremiah 30:19
I said, “I can multiply a thousand times over but I won’t do that without thanksgiving.” The prophetic Word for continuous and unending growth of the Church is out there in Deuteronomy chapter 1 verse 11, but it has to be provoked by thanksgiving. That is why only thanksgiving Churches grow.
Thanking God: from 4, it became 6. From 6, it became 10. Celebrating God, it became 100. From 100, it became 1000. From 1000 (to) 2000.
From 1 Church in 1984 then it became 7 Churches in 1987. My God, it is growing, it is moving. Then suddenly, because we won’t stop, God won’t stop. Then 5000 Churches planted in 1 year.
🎶🎶O seun O seun Baba, O seun Baba (Thank You God) 🎶🎶
Who is like unto You God, this is too much. Haah, I am just coming. Okay, 10,000 Churches!
I said humorously in our Council meeting, I said, “We don’t know what He will say next, so let’s prepare. He can say, ‘next year, plant 40,000 Churches’, then we start struggling, because the structure is not on ground to accommodate it. Let’s keep developing the structure to accommodate what He will say next, we don’t know.”
God has an agenda without ceiling for us. The path of the just is ordained to be as a shining light that shines more and more to the perfect day – Proverbs 4:18
Prayers: Thank God for the validity of the prophetic Word.
The more sure Word of prophecy is the Bible and amazing packages for us but it takes thanksgiving and the voice of melody to trigger fulfillment of prophecy. Thanksgiving and the voice of melody, not murmuring and complaining, to trigger fulfillment of prophecy. Thanksgiving and the voice of melody!!!
Receive that untiring grace for thanksgiving to see prophetic Words come to pass in your life.


Speak to the week, it is your week.
-It is a flying week for you.
-It is a week of unusual encounters for you.
-The encounter has just started right now. Nothing to complain about.
God is too good to you, He is too good to me, God is too good to us. Let’s give Him thanks. Let’s give Him glory. Let’s give Him praise. Hallelujah.

You want to see prophecies fulfilled, get addicted to thanksgiving as a way of life. God never lies, He is not a joker, He means what He says and He says what He means.

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