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-Pastor Stephen Ogah on “ENGAGING THE POWER OF THE FEAR OF THE LORD” at International Youth Alive Convention 2021
Day two
Shout the loudest hallelujah.
You are grateful to God that He brought you from far to encounter the Spirit of excellence on this mountain, wave your hands and shout the loudest hallelujah.
You are sure that the youth that came in here is not the same youth returning from this mountain, wave those two hands and shout the loudest hallelujah.
The good news is this, your testimony on this mountain shall not be lost. Well, your Amen can be louder and be believing.
Lift up your hands and let’s together again give God the praise and the glory.
Give God the praise for the second day of this convention. Lift up your voice and give God the praise for the privilege of the second day.
Please give a big hand and be seated.
It’s my privilege given by God and His Servant, our father this morning to bring the second teaching at IYAC 2021. Is somebody giving Jesus a big hand.
And I am convinced that heaven’s package for each and everyone of us must be delivered in full.
Yesterday our father began powerfully with us in setting the foundation for the encounters prepared for each one of us on this mountain, and he began with the series – Gateway to Excellence.

And this morning, we shall see be taking it further in this second teaching captioned:
Please understand that heaven’s design for each and everyone of us in this mountain as packaged in the caption of this convention, in pursuit of excellence.
The word ‘pursuit’ connotes a craving. It connotes a desperation. A crave for excellence.
A desperation for the Spirit of excellence and this is my confidence is that for everyone youth that came to this mountain, by the time you will be returning, it will be clear that the Spirit of excellence rested on your forehead.

Please understand that the last days are the days of the very raw manifestation of the Spirit of excellence.

The last days that we are privileged to live in today are the very days of the raw, undeniable manifestation of the Spirit of excellence.
Isaiah 60:1-3.
Now watch this, by the time every youth is departing from this mountain, those that knew you before you came will not be able to recognize you on your return.
It shall be said of every youth like Daniel, these are the carriers of the Spirit of God, Shout an amen like a true Believer.
So, we live in the days where God is distinguishing between His own and the world. God is set to set a clear demarcation.

God is distinguishing in this last days His very own and the world.
In Malachi 3:16 -18.
Now, simply that Scripture is saying by the speaking of the Spirit of excellence as a result of the fear of the Lord, the difference will be clear. For you, the difference will be clear.

For someone here, the difference will be crystal clear.
And chapter 4 verse 1, Malachi 4:1- 2.
Upon your return from this mountain, the Word of God says you shall go forth.

You shall be breaking forth from all sides. From the left and from the right.
You shall be advancing in destiny, you shall be advancing on every side. Shout the loudest Amen.
You shall go forth, grow up and breakthrough. It means, undeniable advancement.
But as glorious as this realm is, we can only operate with new wine skin and not with old wine skin.
Matthew 9:17.
It’s risky, it’s dangerous, it will not produce else the bottles will break and the wine runneth out and the bottles will perish but watch this, they put new wines into new bottles and both are preserved.
Simply put, there are certain packages on us that must be removed.
There are certain characters, traits that must be undone if we must operate in the realm of excellence.
Please listen to this morning, the manifestation of the Spirit of excellence requires the full doze of the fear of the Lord.
If this Spirit will find effect in the lines of Believers, young and young women like you and I, we must put on the full doze of the fear of the Lord.
Not just them that comes to church.
Isaiah 35:8-10.
So there’s a realm that is inaccessible without the functioning of the Spirit of the fear of the Lord.
But the question is, What is in the fear of the Lord?

  1. The fear of the Lord grants access to revelation. – The fear of the Lord grants undeniable access to revelation.
    1 Thessalonians 2:10. 2 Peter 3:14-15.
    So, Paul the Apostle was operating by the class of his own because he feared the Lord. No wonder he did great exploits.
    Paul the Apostle was operating in some level of revelation.

Even his words were too difficult for the Apostles to understand. But the root of that access to the revelation was the fear of the Lord.
In Corinthians 12:7.
The fear was ruling the life of Paul the Apostle and that gave him unrestricted access to revelation.

  1. It grants access to fresh anointing. – Proverbs 1:23.
    Let the fear of the Lord become your started for living.
    There is somebody here, you are returning home with a fresh doze anointing.
    Luke 5:37
    Now when we clean up by the fear of the Lord, we grow up with fresh anointing.
  2. It grants unrestricted access to our inheritance. Acts 20:32.

Every inheritance ordained with your name on it, you will not miss your portion.

  1. It empowers everyone of us to live a honourable life. – 2 Timothy 2:18-20.
    You can play the Pastor but you can’t play God.

God knows who are on His side.
Simply put, in a great house there are different vessels but different values and the fear of the Lord is what places you in your class.

Not everyone in church carries the same value in church.
There are some classes of visitors, you give them plastic spoon.

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