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-Pastor David Ndubueze at Christmas Praise Night.

Lift up your hands and begin to call Him a new name in your language. From the depth of your heart, celebrate Him with a new name. Glorify Him with a new name. He is the King of glory, the reason for the season. The Lord of lords, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Lord of Hosts; glorify Him. The merciful God, the Compassionate God, Jehovah Shammah; nothing too hard for Him to do. He is the reason for the season. Honour Him tonight. We are celebrating the King of glory. We are giving Him the praise that is due Him alone. We are worshipping Him; we are adoring Him, we are exalting Him.

Father thank You. Thank You for the gift of Jesus. Thank You for the gift of a Saviour. Thank You for the gift of a Lord. We give You praise. We are no more lost; we now have a Lord. We give You praise; we celebrate You. Blessed be Your name, in Jesus awesome name we have worshipped.

Our Father, unto You we have gathered in remembrance and celebration of the precious gift of Your Son. Lord, receive our thanks. Receive our praise. You are the reason for this season and You have gathered us to partake of the blessedness of the season.

Therefore Lord, via Your Word tonight, let everyone be supernaturally decorated. The end is always better in Your agenda; crown this year with Your goodness for us. Let everyone present here today return with fullness of joy. Send us Your word with power and receive all the glory. In Jesus awesome name we have prayed.

To God alone be the praise forever in the name of Jesus Christ. I count it a rare privilege tonight granted by God and His servant to bring us a short word of charge as we go ahead celebrating this eternal gift of immeasurable treasure. This gift shall work for you yet more in the name of Jesus Christ.

We shall be looking at:
It’s tagged a praise night and no doubt, the atmosphere is already charged. Fresh garments of praise have been released upon us and I want to believe God that as we engage this mystery tonight, there shall be fulfilment of prophecy.

I want to begin tonight by announcing to us that praise is a wonder producer. Praise is not just a mere entertainment; it is not a mere expression of your feeling. Praise is spiritual; it is a mystery and it is a wonder producer. What that means is that, with praise, you generate wonders (Exodus 15:11). That validates the fact that praise is a wonder generator. We are not just in a praise night. Therefore, we are also in a wonder night. I believe God that so many people will be picking up their wonders tonight.
– There are people under the sound of my voice, you are picking up your miracle babies tonight!
– The wonder of liberty shall be delivered to someone tonight!
– The wonder of supernatural turnaround shall be delivered to someone tonight!


Diverse kinds of wonders. To mention but a few, there is supernatural fruitfulness. Fruitfulness beyond explanation in praise.

Hannah was barren for so many years, at least seven years because her co-wife had already had seven sons and she had none. Let’s say one son for one year; minimum, seven years. Prolonged barrenness was terminated by the mystery of praise. In 1 Samuel chapter 1, after praying and receiving the prophecy of God’s word in verse 19, she arose and worshipped God. The Bible says, she was remembered by God and the conclusion was Samuel, the prophet.
– Someone here, your barrenness shall be overturned to fruitfulness!

There is supernatural liberty in praise. In Acts 16, we saw how Paul and Silas walked out of captivity gallantly into supernatural liberty, simply by engaging the mystery of praise.

Praise carries the wonder of divine judgement. I am specific about this tonight; there are people, the enemies against your supernatural turnaround are under judgement already tonight!
– By this praise night, I decree and I demand instant judgment upon your enemies!

In 2 Chronicles 20:20-24, we saw how Jehoshaphat and the hosts of Judah walked out of heavy attack, confusion and received supernatural intervention and executed judgment upon their enemies by praise. They simply executed divine judgement upon the enemies of their destiny.

I call it divine suicide. I don’t know who that enemy is, just as was the case of Judah and Jehoshaphat, every enemy of our supernatural turnaround shall go down under divine suicide!

You don’t need to kill them; they will kill themselves. As you engage praise tonight, they will waste themselves in the name of Jesus Christ!

There is the wonder of supernatural multiplication in praise. In John Chapter 6, Jesus engaged the mystery of thanksgiving and praise. As He engaged it, five loaves of bread fed five thousand men, many women and many children.

– What you had before this service may not have been enough. But after this service, by the mystery of praise, it shall be much more than enough!

The wonder of fulfilment of prophecy. Praise generates harvest of manifestations; harvest of executions, harvest of performance of prophecy. Prophecy is in two sides, it has two angles:
a). The declaration of Prophecy (The seed of Prophecy)
b). The manifestation or the performance of prophecy (The harvest of prophecy).

You can receive the seed but it is not the seed that you need as it were; it is the harvest from seed that you need.

To enjoy the harvest of fulfilment from prophecy, praise is a mystery to engage (Psalm 67:5-7).

Goodnews, you might have been labouring since the year began or beyond, tonight, by this mystery of praise, your harvest is here at last!

2 Chronicles 20:17, Prophecy went forth that you shall not need to fight in this battle but in verse 22-24, as they engaged the mystery of praise, they harvested the proceeds; the performance of that prophecy.

In John 11:41, prophecy went forth concerning Jesus and in verse 43, He engaged the mystery of thanksgiving and Lazarus that was dead, deader, deadest and deadester jacked back, not just to life but abundant life. When you are asleep, when they wake you, you wake gradually.

So when you are dead, you should wake more gradually. But for Lazarus, the Bible says, He called him and the guy jacked out by himself.

Tied hands and feet but he could still jack. If you think it is easy, lie down on your own bed, nobody should hold you. Stand up and see if it is easy.

But thanksgiving jacked a dead man up and out.
– Somebody is coming up tonight, somebody is coming out tonight!
– Every good word of God concerning us this year, shame on the devil, they shall all come to pass!


Tonight, we are focusing on the prophecy of Christmas. You know, many celebrate Christmas without knowing what Christmas is all about.

It is not only about wearing white and red (it is part of it). It is not only eating rice and stew (it is part of it). It is not only about dancing and jumping (it is part of it).

Christmas includes the fulfillment of prophecy.

Christmas in its own is prophecy fulfilled. It means the celebration of Christ. Who is Christ? – Prophecy fulfilled.

The birth of Jesus is prophecy to the world (Luke 2:6-16). Is it not gladdening to note that 3,000 years ago, before so many of us here were born or formed, prophecy of glad tidings went forth and from there, from phase to phase, it has come to pass.

God has kept performing it until today, it has swallowed the world. Both good and bad are celebrating Christmas.

Christians, non-Christians are celebrating Christmas. New born babies are celebrating Christmas. Everybody is testifying of the fulfilment of prophecy.

The birth of Jesus is a prophecy to the world (Luke 2:10). It takes understanding to maximize any Kingdom virtue including prophecy (Matthew 13:23).

Prophecy can be to the world but the degree of performance is a function of your understanding and my understanding and understanding answer the question; what, how, where?

So, let’s look at what this prophecy of Christmas entails.

What is the birth of Jesus about? What is this celebration about?

1. The Prophecy of salvation (Luke 2:11). Saviour means rescue agent. I don’t know the danger you have found yourself in. I don’t know the kind of addiction you are under. You have tried your best, your best is not enough. I don’t know the kind of problem that you have found yourself into. Goodnews of glad tidings, our Saviour is born for you!

Saviour means an answer or a solution provider. The first thing to note tonight is that Christmas or the birth of Christ is the birth of salvation from eternal doom.

Man came under eternal damnation by the sin of the first Adam. Under the first Adam, all of us were sentenced to end badly. It doesn’t matter how you start or progress, how you end matters.

No wonder, the likes of the fathers of old, many of them were locked up in hell until Jesus came. It was the coming of Jesus that lifted up the gate and brought them out from hell. Jesus came as salvation to end eternal damnation.

He is the hope for everyone to finish well. It doesn’t matter how far you go on earth, there is this assurance that I am going to end well. But that is not only in Heaven. Goodnews for you and I is that, even here on earth, we shall end well!

Looking at human life on earth, you will agree with me that mankind, human life is assaulted with all forms of problems; complications, frustrations, all manner of complexities (Isaiah 60:1).

Darkness connotes confusion, frustration; “I don’t know what else to do?

All hope is gone.” But Goodnews for somebody here, Jesus came as Saviour, solution, rescue agent; He came as the way out, the way up, the way forward and it doesn’t matter where you are right now, by this celebration tonight, you are coming up, out! You are going up and forward in the name of Jesus Christ!

John 14:6
It doesn’t matter what locked you or where you are locked; “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father, but by Me.” Meaning that via Jesus, we have access to the Father.

What does that mean? The Father means complete Joy (Psalm 16:11). So, your sorrow has come to an end and that key, nobody can take from Him (Revelation 3:7). I am very convinced that tonight, as we swing into praise, every closed door shall be opened, never to be locked again!

2. The wonder of reconciliation. The reintegration of humanity to divinity. The greatest depravation of life is the absence of God. As soon as Adam lost God, he lost everything. Eden was still there, Adam and Eve were still there but he became naked. However, the birth of Jesus came to reunite us with our Father (Matthew 1:22-23). When God is with you, who can be against you?
– From today, every force against you bows at your feet!

3. The miracle of restoration. This prophecy came to restore losses. There is this pain on earth called losses.

It carries regret depression, hopelessness, some people died because of the things they lost; loss of relationship, money. There is Goodnews for you here, Jesus came and part of His coming is for your recovery (John 10:10, Joel 2:23-27)
– Goodnews for you here, no more shame!

4. The prophecy of glorification. Jesus came to cure shame. The shepherds were watching over their flocks, exposed to all forms of animals (Luke 2). There is Goodnews for you; those that mock you shall fear you from today!

Romans 8:30-31
These prophecies are only seeds, it requires understanding and celebration to be turned to harvest.

Luke 6:10-11.
It was praise that brought performance. Prophecies require praise to become performances. So tonight, as we rise, it is a time of personal harvest. The end is here, the best is here but your understanding and your demonstration of faith determines your lot.

There is no vanity in God. God did not command this meeting in vain. God does not even permit His name to be mentioned in vain let alone to gather crowd in vain.

Why He called us is because there is something reserved, the best part of the year reserved. I have Goodnews therefore for you; tonight, you are picking up your own wonder. But only the living can praise God, the dead cannot praise Him.

I’ll like you to know that except Christ is in you and you are in Christ, you are as good as a dead man. Jesus is the one that came that you may have life and you may have it more abundantly. So until you have Jesus, you don’t have life.


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