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  • Pastor Daere Akobo| Salvation Ministries Home of Success, 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting, Day 11
    I want to deeply appreciate God for this opportunity to be the one to bring God’s word to all of you seated here. I also want to thank my Spiritual father, God’s servant Pastor David Ibiyeomie, my Prophetic mentor, Papa for giving me this rare privilege to stand upon this exalted altar to share God’s word, our father is a distinguished professor of covenant wealth and if you want to be a distinguish caller of covenant wealth, please let’s celebrate our Papa David Ibiyeomie.

  • Papa I appreciate you and I know that the grace backing this Commission will see me through this period in the name of Jesus. Mama at this point in time if you’re not praying for me who else should pray for me? And I know that a wise son makes a glad father but a foolish son is for the sorrowfulness of his mother and I know you don’t want me to be sorrowful therefore you will pray for me in Jesus mighty name.
  • Please let’s celebrate her again. I want to appreciate the team of pastors again, all of you seated to listen to me and in this year of possibilities the God of David Ibiyeomie will make all things possible in Jesus mighty name. This year God will wipe away all your tears and until you’re blessed heaven will not rest in Jesus mighty name.
    Holy Spirit 100 per cent of you, 0 per cent of me, above all souls will be liberated and souls will be saved in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
    The sentence ceaseless supplies actually refers to ceaseless harvest, but let us define the component of the sentence.
    Enjoying means to get pleasure from something.
    Ceaseless means continuous, constant, endless, non-stop and perpetual.
    Enjoying ceaseless harvest means getting the pleasure of continuous outcome of any effort or series of events.

According to that definition, outcome represents harvest and effort or series of events represent opportunities with purpose in a cyclical fashion. When I say cyclical fashion, I mean a fashion that is continuous with no end and no beginning. According to Papa if the purpose of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable.


God created every system for a specific purpose. The purpose statement of any business or endeavour tells us one thing, it tells us why you exist.

So, in the context of our discussion today, purpose is defined as the reason for the harvest. If God gives you harvest, why did God give you the harvest?

What is the purpose? The digestive system in our body is for the digestion of food from the digestive organs and these go through a series of processes.

The reproductive system of our body is for reproduction and this happens through the reproductive systems organ to reproduce children. Every system has their own input and they have their own automatic process, you don’t need to beg for it.

If you put food in your mouth, God has designed the digestive system in a way that the food will digest if the food doesn’t digest then there is a problem.

Therefore, if you don’t have wealth coming from Papa and Mama’s teaching, I think that your system is faulty. So therefore, the kingdom economy has a system and a process or effort via specific or numerous channels to produce corresponding outcome, harvest or supply, according to the definition I gave you earlier.


That system is called the covenant principle. It is called a principle because it is fundamental and anything that is fundamental has it that the input of the fundamental activities will affect the behaviour.
For example, when you’re farming you have manure, so it is fundamental, in order words what you sow is what you reap. Deuteronomy 8:18, the principle is otherwise called the principle of seedtime and harvest. For better understanding today we are going to take a case study of the farmer and the harvester.

The value chain of a farmer and the harvester consist of the farmer who is the planter/Sower and that is you and I, the seed, that is the tithe and offering that you give out to be planted – Malachi 3:11, the soil meaning where to plant and this is the Kingdom.

The opportunities you find in the Kingdom, the events within the Kingdom and of course the last one is the reaper who is the harvester.
Now, who are you? What will you call yourself? What is the definition of a responsible person?
A responsible person is someone who is responsible when things are going right and still responsible when things are not going right.

Tell yourself ” I am responsible to become wealthy, the Devil is not responsible for me to get wealthy”.
Who is the farmer? The Farmer is the real you. It means that the most responsible person in the covenant principle is you and I. 1st John 4:4.
The Farmer/Harvester is someone who understands the supernatural route, if you understand your supernatural route, you cannot be in obscurity.

The Farmer/Harvester is someone who understands the principle of time and season. Brethren this is the time to sow into Glory Reign, this is a time that you should open home cells, that is a time that you should get buses to move from one place to another place, this is the time for you to go and win souls because as you make this decision to sow, I pray that the grace backing this Commission will lift up from lower levels to higher levels in this year if possibilities in Jesus name.

The seed, we have the Spiritual seed, the financial seed (tithes and offerings, sowing into the cathedral and the rest of them).
Opportunities: the heart is the ground of prosperity but again there are phases of opportunity.

We have the chaotic phase; we have the challenging phase and we have what we call the Divine encounter with a Divine prophet.
I will tell you a story, many years ago I was at the down level of life and Papa came to my Church then I was worshipping somewhere else and he called me just like this.

I only went out for prophet offering, I did not know what prophet offering was but I was led by the Spirit to go out, by the time I was outside he called me and said young man come here, I was like what have I done today, I wanted to take the money to buy hot drinks and he called me and said young man look at the time except God didn’t call me you will touch the entire currencies of this world, brethren today is a different story.


Just as I was preparing for this service, yesterday I went to see my Prophetic mentor. When I saw him, he said my son it will never be the same. Let me tell you opportunity comes with challenges, as I was preparing to come and pick a contract from Abuja and I told him I cannot make it and the Goodness is that they flew down from Abuja with a private jet to give me the news.

I pray this day that if you obey God’s servant David Ibiyeomie the same Grace that has backed him up, you will receive the same Grace in Jesus mighty name.
We have to be careful with God’s prophet, a prophet is not the one with dreadlocks, you have to approach a prophet with expectation.

Listen, people that do watch football match with a prophet you have to be careful because a prophet is charged Every time, even when they go into the restroom, So, if you approach a prophet with casualty, I am telling you; your life will be casual. Therefore, I admonish you, nobody should approach him this period and beyond casually. Even his wife does not approach him casually as you can see.

So, as I speak if you know that you will obey the Prophet, if you know that the prophet is part of your spiritual growth, please this is the time to sow, there is no time I don’t have a reserve going to see Papa, because I know the prophet does not tell you thank you, prophet will always bless you, do not expect a prophet to give you money except you are ordinary made.

Ordinary people are senseless people and three things make Papa cry on the altar here.

  1. Lost soul
  2. Affliction
  3. Poverty

I believe that the God of David Ibiyeomie will shatter poverty in our lives in Jesus name.
In conclusion, knowledge is the accumulation of facts, understanding is the arrangement of facts but wisdom is the application of facts.

A dream without a deadline is a nightmare, why are you still dreaming to sow into the Kingdom? Why are you still dreaming of opening up cells? Why are you still dreaming of building churches?

One day during a service here, Mama was preaching on Kingdom principle and I went outside and I sent $100,000 (dollars) from my foreign account, the next thing God told me was that I should build a Church and I went back and I said Papa I will build 10 Churches in my lifetime.

I am here to announce to you that the third one will start in the next few months. You have to start now, don’t wait for tomorrow, procrastination is a thief of salvation.

You have to start right from this moment, change your wallet size, changing your wallet size is a function of your kind of pocket. I stand under the grace backing this Commission and David Ibiyeomie and I decree as you obey this Covenant principle you will enjoy Ceaseless financial harvest.

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