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– Dr Paul Enenche on “Entering His Gate with Thanksgiving”, at “Early will I seek Thee“(The Dunamis Glory Dome).

Psalm 100:1-5
* Except you thank the lord for what he has done, you are not qualified for what he is going to do. Except we can see what He has already done, we are not permitted to see what he is yet to do.

What is the Importance of Entering his gate with Thanksgiving;

1. We experience the Goodness of God. When we are able to give thanks, we connect his Goodness. He said in verse 5,” For the Lord is good”. You don’t know how good God is until you know how to give thanks.

2. We experience the Mercifulness of God. You don’t know how merciful God is until you know what it means to give Thanks.

3. We experience the Faithfulness or Reliability of God. He says ” His truth endureth forever”. His lielessnes, we experience the Faithfulness, or Reliability of God. When we come before him, we have not come with Complaints, we have not come with grumblings, but we have come with Thanksgiving, we experience his Goodness and Mercifulness,that spares us from the Enemy’s wrath.

We experience how faithful and reliable he can be. So we are starting this morning with Thanksgiving. Can you be upstanding on your feet.

In Psalms 105:1-2, he says” O give thanks unto the Lord, call upon his name, make known his deeds among the people, sing unto him, sing Psalms unto him, talk ye all his wondrous works”.

We had a most explosive and exciting weekend, this past weekend, that we had the crossover night, the mid-year crossover, then stepping into the Thanksgiving service, with a very thick climate of divine presence, with diverse manifestations of the power of God.


Father, we thank you for your Faithfulness, thank you Lord for a most impactful weekend of your presence and power at the mid year crossover night and Thanksgiving service, to you alone be all the glory Lord in Jesus’ name.

Father, we commit this week into your hands, we ask that the week will turn out according to your perfect plan and purpose for your people Lord in Jesus name. We demand that the month of June does not end until your perfect purpose for your people are fulfilled in it in Jesus’ name.

Father, we ask for the outpouring of your Revival Power and fire upon our nation, we ask for your release of the former and latter rain upon the land Lord in Jesus name.

Father, we ask for the release of multitudes of souls into the church Dunamis, for salvation in this season Lord. Multiply us Lord and we shall not be few, glorify us Lord and we shall not be small in Jesus name.

Father, we ask that you will bring to pass, every good thing you have spoken concerning Nigeria, let none fail Lord in Jesus name.

Father, cause me to experience your goodness, your faithfulness, this week. Father cause me to experience your mercifulness this week. The month of June is not permitted to end, until every expectation you have for my life, for our lives, for our land comes to pass, let It be Lord.

Father cause me to experience your goodness, your faithfulness, your mercifuness, in this season, in this week in the name of Jesus. Go ahead and establish that for the next 3 minutes.

Personal Supplications:

Father this week, I am in your hands, looking forward to your help, I’m trusting you for this particular opening or that particular opening, whatever is on your heart, on your mind you are trusting the Lord for, speak to him personally now.


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