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During late last year, I was on a bike going back home from my elder brother’s place,

So me and the bikeman were interacting, the man was very social and friendly.

I would say he is the friendliest stranger I ever came across. Mind you the bikeman was someone in his late 50s

As we were going, there was this guy with a powerbike who was speeding and driving very recklessly.

The guy caught our attention because he almost hit us with his powerbike.

So the bikeman started saying he doesn’t understand why youths these days drive this reckless.

I couldn’t answer or add to it, because my family tag me as ” Expert rider” 😂

I can’t lie, I’m very guilty of this act of driving recklessly.

The bikeman went further to say, having an accident with a bike is 10x more deadlier than crashing a car.

And he also said he doesn’t understand why on earth someone will use up to a million naira to purchase a power bike, when he or she can use like half the amount to buy a used Golf ford car.

I don’t know much about cars, so I asked if it’s possible to buy a car for half a million naira, and I was shocked when he said yes.

He said having a car is like having a moving house. That you can literally do anything you want in a car, including driving and enjoying music.

Unlike him who is driving a bike under the sun and the rain. He said his first car which was also a golf cart was worth 750k as at the time he bought his.

I was just shocked, that wait so this man once had a car? He even said it was his first car, meaning he had used just more than one car.

I wanted to know why he ended up as a bikeman if he had used a car, so I asked him what happened to the car.

He then explained that during his youthful age, he and his friend always wanted to enjoy the moment, they never had any back up plans for the future.

He said he once worked in an oil company, before he lost his job, then he started a mini super market and one thing led to the other till the store collapsed.

So he had to start selling his properties, even his cars and his bike. That the only thing he couldn’t sell was his house. Because he needed shelter.

I was more than surprised to hear this, that a once mighty man could fall to this level.

He was once employed, but he lost the job,

He became self-employed but also lost his business.

This means, it isn’t about just going to school and getting employed or establishing a business.

No one is praying for any bad thing to happen to anyone, but challenges in life are inevitable and that is why you have to always have a backup.

Assuming during his time, that he had maybe thought about acquiring a skill or let’s say a digital skill.

That would have been very helpful, because even if it was village people that was disturbing him, I believe the village people wouldn’t have access to his digital skill.

Digital skill is the back up plan you need, the offline businesses aren’t so sure.

But having a digital skill and learning how to make money with it, i.e monetizing that skill through Freelancing online, will help you be on a safe side.

If you love writing, why not learn more content writing or Copywriting and make dollars with it through freelancing.

If you are a graphics designer or into web design, why not learn the right way to monetize it?

Once you have a digital skill, you are in a the safe side.

And once you learn the secrets to Freelancing, you are already on the safest side.

When everything else fails, your digital skills won’t fail you, because it’s something you learn once and the knowledge sticks with you forever.

Have a Backup plan, to avoid blaming your village people later in the future.

Find something you love doing and acquire a skill related to it.

Once you acquire a digital skill, your next move is learning how to monetize that skill through Freelancing.

Good morning champs.

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