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– Bishop David Oyedepo at Shiloh 2021
Day Five, Impartation Service

Faith does not see trouble in troubles; it is at rest in the midst of the storms. It is that rest you need and you need the spirit of faith to enter that rest (Hebrews 4:3).
– In the name of Jesus, this encounter will terminate every anxiety, every apprehension, every unrest in your life!

Now, Peter said, “such as I have, give I unto thee.” No one can give what he does not have.

I’m blessed to be endowed with the Spirit of faith, in tangible dimensions. I knew when it landed.
– Today, it will land on you!

We are in the days of the spirits of just men made perfect in the Body of Christ (Hebrews 12:22-24). John came forth in the power and spirit of Elijah (Luke 1:17). The spirit of just men made perfect, it is accessible to anyone that desires access.

“I want double of the spirit upon thee”. It is the Spirit of God that was at work in Elijah, that Elisha was craving. He saw the peace, the serenity around him, the authority upon his life and he got it with proofs
– Many will get it here today!

When somethings don’t get across, you want it for ego. Hannah did something in 1 Samuel 1:11. Whatever you will use to serve God, you will not struggle to get from God. Nobody ever struggle to get what he will use to serve God. The gift of God is not for show. Everything from Heaven is released to advance His Kingdom on the earth. Let me tell you how the faith of spirit works. One day, I stood up in an early morning prayer and I said, “Jesus, give a thousand souls this week” and then He came. You are talking about faith. You are talking about the effect, where it rejoices. Now, we came up this year and I said, is Yemi here? I said, the target for the year for our team is 140,000. His feet shook and then regain balance. I’ve never targeted that in my life. We got 148,000 into the Kingdom of God. Not for show, not for travelling around the world. There is nothing about God in your life, without God at the center of your life, you are limited with what faith can deliver.

Can I tell you what drove me into reading Kenneth Copeland’s books? I hated poverty in the Church. In our days, they always use, “as poor as church rat”. It pains me, that’s my father. It grieves my soul. That’s why I said, I don’t want to see poverty in the Church of Christ before I go to Heaven. This year by His grace, I don’t know what other members of the family have done. I did a hundred churches at a time, it is not for show. You know a church is not one million, it is not ten million. Wake up my friend.

Your prosperity will be limited to your heart for God and the interest of His Kingdom. John D. Rockefeller, the first American billionaire was an addicted Kingdom promoter. At a time, he gave 140 million dollars to his Church for the education fund. If God gives you 100 million dollars today, how much can you ever release even when angels are crying? That’s to tell you how long you are from where you want to go.

God did a drama for me one day, I prayed and said, “Jesus, if I have a peugeot car, I will like to give it to this Pastor because where he is going, he can easily maintain the car there.” The following day, a peugeot car came to my house. So all this going round in circles and doing show all around, sleeping in hotel for forty days or paying for hotels permanently, you say “I just thank God for the blessing”. So you pay for one hotel in Dubai, “anytime I come, I don’t want anybody to use this room.” Are you the owner?
– Somebody’s story is changing!

Without a heart that seeks after God, we are limited in everything.
– Somebody’s story is changing this morning!

So, the spirit of faith has its limitations. It delivers to the level of your love for God. It has limitation (James 4:3). What some people give as offering in their churches is not worth the entertainment on Sundays, their own entertainment bills on Sundays.

Now, he said, freely have I given you, so freely give. In the heart of my heart, I am not holding back anything because it is given. It is not achieved. So I release that virtue of authority, that virtue of honour, virtue of command over the circumstances of life upon your life today in the name of Jesus!
– God will turn you to a suprise to your world!
– As you leave here today, what eyes have not seen, nor ears heard, neither has entered into the heart of any man shall be what God will start doing in your life!

Ask those who worship in any of our churches, no one has been put under any pressure at any time from the first day till the last. No! The spirit of faith empowers you to live a pressure free life. You rejoice in the reality of your future.

You live in your future in the present. You are living in the reality of your future in the now. Faith sees the impossible; it sees the reality of what is written under all circumstances.
Thank You Jesus!
– Pressure is over in your family!
– Pressure is over in your business in the name of Jesus!

You can’t miss your place with the spirit of faith at work. The ten spies missed their place but Joshua and Caleb got it.
– You will get it!
– Unbelief will not destroy your destiny!

The cheapest way to deal with the evil heart of unbelief is to possess the spirit of faith. It gives no room to it (Hebrews 3:12). The devil is behind all activities of unbelief to rob us of what belongs to us.

His mandate is still there: to steal, to kill and to destroy. But Jesus came that you and I may have life and have it more abundantly.
– Everybody is declared free today from the torture of the spirit of unbelief in the name of Jesus!

The greatest of its characteristics is our most treasurable asset in the Kingdom. Acts 24:14 empowers us to believe all things. No matter how unbelievable they may appear – believing all things.


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