-Bishop Charles Agyinasare at Kingdom Power and Glory World Conference 2021 on ‘RELEASE ME FROM CURSES TO BLESSINGS‘ .
Day Three, Morning Session.

Will you turn to somebody and tell the person;
“Your life will never be the same”.

Please take your seat in the presence of the Lord. It is a pleasure to be here and I was so blessed about the teaching of Dr Paul. He said some of the things that people don’t preach anymore – dying to the self. Humbling yourself. He said a lot of powerful things. Put your hands together for him.
We give God thanks. Amen!

When I got the theme of the convention, Exceeding Abundant Grace. I went to God in prayer and God said to me; “Charles, I don’t want you to just go and be teaching on grace.

I want you to go and show them what my exceeding abundant grace in a man with a miracle ministry can do”. So, I am not just here to teach on grace. Many of the other speakers will do that very well but I am here to just demonstrate and show what the exceeding abundant grace of God in a man’s life is like.

When you look at what is happening here, you will see the multiplication of grace of the anointing on Bishop Oyedepo. When you look at the prosperity anointing in Dr Paul’s life, you will see the multiplication of grace. In 1998, I remember when Dr Paul jumped into my car and said, “I like this anointing”. That is violent faith. He said, “I like this anointing”. A few days ago, somebody was telling me, when you come to his crusades, miracles and healing ministry.


He took that grace from me and as I sat here yesterday and saw the crusades, I said this is my grace. But while I was praying for this conference, the Lord said to me, there is a certain level of the miracle, healing ministry that you haven’t entered yet and that is why I came and tonight, we are going to have an impartation service and I am going to pray for you for that level. That is the level where you go into nations and the nation is shaking literally.

God has been using you tremendously but the Lord said to me, “Charles, he’s waiting for that level of grace”. I’ve been to nations where I go into the nations and even the political atmosphere of the nation will change.

Government will change. There is a certain level of the miracle, working power of crusade anointing that takes you to nation and things turnaround and that is the level you are entering into, Dr Paul.

In this life, you can only give what you have. You can’t give what you don’t have. Paul said to the Church in Rome, “I am sure that when I come to you, I will come with the fullness of the blessing of the Gospel”. There are times I see the awesome crusade Dr Paul is holding, I bless God for the great things He is doing with you. Dr Paul, I give the Lord praise for his life and tonight, we are going to have an impartation service and as we have the impartation service, if you want it, I am going to be praying that for you. But God told me to do that. I haven’t prayed that for anybody since I began ministry because there are stages of ministry. God is not asking me to do that.

At a certain time, God asked Moses to lay hands. I’ve prayed for Dr Paul severally, so it is not the first time I’m going to be that. But there is a certain level of miracle, healing anointing. I remember when we went to Sierra Leone with Bishop Tackie and Charles Taylor was arrested and they brought him to Sierra Leone and the whole nation was afraid.

The president sent the Chief of Defence staff, the army boss to come to me and say that, “Bishop we want you to pray for Sierra Leone. The whole nation is under stress. We prayed and used the Minister of Defence as point of contact and when we did, that day, the United Nations held an emergency meeting and said they were taking Charles Taylor out of Sierra Leone

So, tonight we will pray for an impartation for people who want to experience a new level of ministry, what I carry, to take it to the nations of the world. By the grace of God, I’ve preached the Gospel in 91 nations of the world. At this season when Dunamis is celebrating 25 years, God wants to take this anointing and grace, time will not permit me to tell you how this grace came upon my life but in an audible voice, I heard the Holy Spirit said to me, “My boy Charles, I give unto you power over demons and principalities. Heal the sick, raise the dead, preach the Kingdom” and since then, in the 91 nations of the world, in fact there are some of nations I went to, I didn’t even have money for so much publicity but the nation shook under the miracle hand of God. That is the grace I’m taking about.

Dr Paul has been blessed. He has money, he has personal, he has everything. God wants to add this one and it’s going to be awesome. Dr Paul, the next years ahead of you are years that people will be amazed at what God is going to do in your crusades Ministry.


It is going to be explosive. You will go to nations and presidents will come to the crusade and leaders and all kinds of people will come. It will not just be Salvation of souls but the principality that rules that community is taken care of, its power broken and the thrones in the place are made subject to the name of Jesus. That is the level you are getting into Dr Paul.
Give the Lord praise.

I remember in our Maiduguri crusade. After been to Maiduguri, the leaders there said we should leave the platform there for two weeks and we left the platform and people would come from the villages and touched the platform and as they do, the power of God was touching them and setting them free .
I’m going to talk on some of the things that will stop you from experiencing the grace of God. Which is self-imposed curse.

Yesterday we saw the signs of curses and we said that if you are under a curse, you’ll experience barrenness, the inability to conceive and reproduce. If you are under a curse, it can affect your job, business and you will have lack of progress, inability to win souls. If you are under a curse, you’ll suffer humiliation, mental or chronic disease or medical situations.

If you are under a curse, you’ll experience break down of family relationships. If you are under a curse, poverty and defeat is your portion. People who are almost breaking through but something go wrong might be under a curse.

Rising and falling, you might be under a curse. Starting a project and not finishing might be a curse. Working hard but having nothing to show for it might be a curse. Regular tragedies and repented ones might be a curse.

When things that happened to you have no natural explanations, you might be under a curse. When you have a mysterious experience in your life, you might also be under a curse.

When you are controlled by powers contrary to your will, you might be under a curse. When you are a brilliant student and suddenly you become dull, you might be under a curse. When you are confronted with periodic problems, you might be under a curse.

Proverbs 8:22
When we talk about the self-imposed curse, it is a curse that comes upon you by the seed you sown and there are many believers, many pastors who have sown bad seeds and because of those seeds they seem to be under a curse. Whatever they touch, is not going forward.

Scripture abounds with people who sow bad seeds and what happened? The Jewish people for instance, they said crucify Jesus (Matthew 27:25) and let his blood come upon them and they reaped that harvest.

Everything we do in life is a seed which will definitely bring up a harvest because as the earth remains, seed time and harvest shall never pass away.
Ephesians 6:18

Sunday morning, I was praying for this meeting and God began to share somethings with me. I remember in 2006, I was invited by Bishop Oyedepo. I was privileged in 1986 to speak for Bishop Oyedepo and he ordained me an apostle. So I have a very good relationship with him.

But at that time, I haven’t been to Shiloh before or Canaanland before and I was in my room praying and whilst I pray, God began to give me people by their names. Where they were coming from and their towns and so, I’m going to be ministering to some people now.
Praise God.

Beloveth, there are people who don’t progress in life because of the seed they have sown. When you repay evil to people who show you much kindness, evil will never depart from your house (Proverbs 17:13). When you repay people with evil, immediately you have activated a self-imposed curse upon yourself. You might be saved but you have activated a self-imposed curse upon yourself because everyone will harvest what he sown.

There are people who work with other people and they will allow others to say negative things to them about the people. Some will even take the person they are working with; lambaste him, kill him with their words and finished him. One of the challenges we are facing in Africa is this spirit of rebellion. Dr Cerullo always say that, as goes the natural so goes the spiritual. All truths are parallel and if you are in Nigeria now, you will understand what I’m talking about.

People do things to their leaders. There are many young or junior pastors who forget that if it hadn’t been your Pastor who started the church, you wouldn’t have space to be part of what is happening and so if your Pastor does something wrong, give him some grace.

There are many young pastors who have done things against their senior pastor and their senior pastor will overlooked it and forgive them but when the senior pastor does it, the junior pastor will not forgive or forget about it. The same thing with business men and women. When you do that, what you are doing is that you are bringing a self-imposed curse upon your life and you can’t walk in the exceeding abundant grace of God.

Galatians 6:5-8
If you sow love, you will reap love. If you sow forgiveness for your leader, you will also reap forgiveness. Everyone will carry his own burden.. (Jeremiah 32:19). If you do good to your senior pastor, God will do same thing to you.

If God has connected you to somebody and God has not asked you to leave, please don’t leave. We have too many pastors who are leaving flourishing churches. They will leave there and go start something, “I shall not be disappointed ministries” and for ten years, they are having fifty people.

One of our Presidents used to say, it is better to belong to a political party that is going somewhere than to be the head of a political party that doesn’t win any seat in parliament. It is better to belong to something like this. If you belong to Dunamis, why do you want to go and start something else because already Dunamis has goodwill. When you go to a town and you say that I’m a pastor of Dr Paul Enenche, that one alone is a beginning credit. Because he has fought your battles for you. He has been criticized, he has been lambasted, they have insulted and all you do is, you are walking into the harvest.

We were introduced to Bishop Abioye yesterday. He served Bishop Oyedepo from the beginning and he is an associate pastor and there are General Overseers and presiding bishops, 15 years, they have 12 members and out of the 12, ten are elders, deacons and deaconesses. At times, what makes it difficult when people leave a church, my people have a proverb: “If a frog comes out of water and tells you that the crocodile has a big mouth, you don’t argue” and so what happens is that, they meet with people and when asked, “was there anything wrong?” and the response is no. And the way they said the no, the people know there is something wrong. When you do that, you bring a self-imposed curse upon yourself. If nobody offends you and you want to go, please go in peace and leave those who want to stay to stay

There are times people want to leave a church and they want to destroy the church that God has blessed them and take some of the people there to go and start their own. It is like you want to build a house and you go to your father’s house and remove his roof so that the rain and the sun will beat him and then, here you are, coming to build your house. That is what so many pastors and business people are doing.

There are many people making silly mistakes and they are bringing some self-imposed curses upon themselves. May that be far from you!
Ephesians 6:1-2
Never get to a place where you despise your father or your parent. Do not dishonour your mother, your parents in the Lord and your in-laws.
Proverbs 20:20
You can’t insult your parent whether spiritual or biological. You can’t despise your pastors. When you do that, you can’t shine. There are many people struggling, working hard but they are not shining.
– From today, may you have the grace to shine!

Listen, after this meeting, if you are working with somebody and you left the person and your separation was not down well, go and reconcile. It is very important. I remember there is this pastor in Warri, when he was celebrating his 20th Anniversary, there were these sons who came to him and some of them had left him and when they were leaving, they took some of the church members.

Majority of them had suffered all kinds of things and when they came, the pastor’s wife was telling them; how because of the decision they took, the pastor suffered heart problems and all kinds of things in his life.

A bishop told me of a story of this senior pastor who visited him in his office and whilst they were chatting, the senior pastor’s back was towards the door and then somebody opened the door and he was frightened and the man asked him, why are you frightened? He said because my other pastors have so backstabbed me that when I sit, I have to face the door.

There are many senior pastors who have died before their time because they were people who God called to help them and those people instead ate them raw.
– May you be a help!

Proverbs 30:17
This is a figurative speech, meaning you will lose direction. You will be spiritually blinded.
– May that be far from you!

A lot of people sit in church and they don’t have breakthroughs because they take their Pastors for granted. Most of the time, for many churches, except the church that values their pastor very well, for many churches, the pastor cannot have miracles in his church. Thank God for Dunamis. Every Tuesday, Dr Paul is having a miracle service here. Because for a lot of people, they are more comfortable with outsiders but an outsider is just passing through.
No matter how a visitor comes and raises a dead, don’t forget your pastor.

Many pastors can’t do great things in their church because the people are familiar with them. When he say Mark 11, they know he’s going to quote verse 24. They are so used to him.

Yes, he might be quoting a particular scripture but the anointing and wisdom on his life has increased. If you heard him yesterday and you are hearing him today, there is a new anointing that had come upon him. So, therefore listen to him.

So don’t talk against your Pastor or your boss or the people God places ahead of you. Don’t persecute the people of God. Don’t do that. When you become a Christian, if you don’t consciously break self-imposed curses, they will follow you. Be careful what you sow and don’t attempt to curse someone that God has not cursed.

I’ve seen junior pastors cursed their Pastors. It doesn’t work like that. You can’t curse your pastor and so if you are a pastor and you want to leave, leave peacefully. When you look at all those who fought the leaders of God like Korah, Dathan and Abiram, Miriam – Every one of them they were all leaders in the church. If you have to leave a church, leave it in peace

I know some pastors who have left a church and because they left the church, for many of the young children in the church, the senior pastor is their angel and then you leave the Church. When you leave the Church, you have to give reasons why you have left the Church to your children.

If you have these inquisitive children who will not let you rest, you have to give them a reason and as you give them a reason, you have to pull down your pastor and when you do that, you go lower than he is. So before you realized, those children don’t want to have anything to do with God again because you destroyed the church and because of this, they don’t have confidence to go to church again.

If you break somebody’s marriage, you will reap same. If you sleep with Somebody’s wife, you will always have challenges. When you see somebody in trouble, don’t rejoice. Don’t work towards the collapse of other people.

Strengthen other people. When Haman worked towards the collapse of Mordecai, he ended up himself going on that which he has sown.

There are self-imposed curses, we bring them upon ourselves. In the next few minutes, we are going to pray and break the self-imposed curses and ask God to heal our hearts and do new things in our lives.

– Father in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I ask that today every self-imposed curse over my life, let it break by the power of the Holy Ghost.

– Heavenly Father, I commit Your people into Your hands, I ask that Lord, just like Elisha changed the story of Jericho because he was an authority figure and reversed the curse that had come on Jericho through Joshua. I stand as an authority figure in the Body of Christ and I break every curse and every self-imposed curse over the lives of Your people. I ask for great grace to work in the lives of Your people in Jesus’ name.


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