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  • Reverend Biodun Fatoyinbo at COZA Tuesday
    If you know that it is only Him that when men end, He starts there; if you know that He is the only one who can do the impossible, somebody, jump up and clap for him, give Him post-dated praise. Halleluyah!

Isaiah 25: 1-12 should have been my deliberation but because of time, please allow me to read verse 9 and run. I need to give a little backdrop to this.

In Acts 2, at about 9am, the apostles that had been waiting for days in the upper room suddenly busted into tongues and cloves of fire dropped on each person’s head.

If what happened in the upper room was the only thing that happened, it would have happened without anybody knowing but the Holy Ghost showed up not as the gentle dove we portray him but He came with the rush of a mighty wind, like an earthquake kind of sound.

When that happened, everybody ran to the temple and when the disciples began to pray in tongues, there were people that said, ‘What is the meaning of this?’ The Bible said Peter stood up and replied, ‘This is that which was spoken in the Scriptures by the Prophet Joel’. Joel 2: 28-32. You can’t use old age as an excuse. God involves the young and also involves the old, He involves males and also the females. When the disciples began to speak in tongues, the moon didn’t turn red but as soon as Peter saw a sign, he spoke up and acknowledged God. You may not have seen the fullness of it but it is coming. If they didn’t speak up and just kept it to themselves, that move would have died.

You don’t have to wait to see the fullness of the manifestation. God said to Elijah, ‘Go and declare to Ahab that rain would fall, he should run to Jezreel’.

He went to the mountain and began to pray. Six times, he told his servant to go and check but he didn’t see any cloud, however, the seventh time, he saw a cloud like the fist of a man.

Imagine how clear the sky was and he just saw a little dark cloud. Elijah said, ‘Go and tell Ahab to run now’. In the meantime, when the boy moved, the whole cloud gathered.

You must understand how to step into things by faith. If you are waiting to see everything before you believe, you will never see anything concerning God.

When you are walking by faith, you are involving God in your life, you are giving Him the power of attorney to operate in your life.

Why could God not make Eve without the rib of Adam? Why could He not feed the 5000 without the lunch of that little boy?

He says, ‘I need that because I need someone to be in agreement with me’.

When Peter acknowledged that it was the day spoken about, the Holy Ghost took over. What he said in that place, he didn’t prepare for it. Go and check the sermon of Peter, what did he say that 3000 people gave their life to Christ?

-In the name of Jesus, as you acknowledge, the Holy Ghost will take over your life.
Philemon 1: 6. When you are praying and prophesying, receiving things in the spirit, you are communicating faith, when you are preaching to people, you are communicating faith. For the communication of your faith to be effective, how do you do it?

By acknowledging that He is in you because of Christ Jesus, not because of the fasting or good works that you did. Everything that is available to you because you are in Christ Jesus, acknowledge it, repeat it, believe it. Letting what you believe guide your thoughts and your words is what brings power to it.

Bishop Oyedepo said many years ago, ‘Acknowledgement is the button of operation’. If you want a conditioning system to work, you push the button. If you want your car to start, you push the button. What makes everything that Christ has done to be available to you is when you start to acknowledge them.

Unbelief will stop the move of God and turn it to mere routine. If you are not walking by faith, will turn your service and giving to a mere routine.
1Corinthians 15: 33 tells you ahead of time, “Don’t be deceived”. Evil communication or companionship corrupts good manners. If you walk with people who don’t believe, before you know it, you won’t believe in praying anymore. Numbers 11:21. If God parted the red sea in my ministry, not just for five minutes but the sea stood still for the whole night for 2.5 million people to pass through, how could I think that God cannot provide meat? Moses was already walking in unbelief. Numbers 20:20 See God scolding him.
A boy ran to me sometime ago, he said he was from somewhere I don’t want to mention. He said, “The reason I’m running now is because I stumbled into a room where our pastor doesn’t let anybody enter and I saw things nobody should have seen so he wants to kill me”. I said, ‘Really?

People do that’. He answered that he was even shocked too because they were the boys that arrange the miracles. I said, ‘Why do you want to destroy your life?’.

A pastor brought him to me, the pastor was on the outskirt of town where he was taking refuge. I told the pastor not to believe him because there is nobody in his right senses that will abandon God and be arranging miracles, it is unbelief that makes you do that. It is because you do not know that God can do it.

My first son, prayed for a whole year asking for a brother and each time he prayed, I’ll tell him, “Shut up, stop that”. He’ll say, ‘No, I don’t want to be the only boy’. He prayed for a boy and named him ahead of time. How do you think that boy felt when at the odd time I announced to him that his mum was pregnant? He said, ‘It’s going to be a boy’. How do you think he felt when the baby came out and it was a boy? Do you know the day my second son was delivered, my first son was so sick from nowhere? We were in America and they didn’t know how to treat malaria. We took him to the ER downstairs and I was told that I would have to stay with him. I was like, ‘Ah, you mean I wouldn’t be there when my wife is giving birth?’. Do you know what I did? I explained to my son that I had to go upstairs now, I took him to the car and I ran upstairs. As I got upstairs, my wife delivered a boy and then I ran downstairs to tell him that, as soon as I told him, the malaria left. It is one of the foundations of faith in his life. If you don’t build the foundations of faith in your life, you will be walking in unbelief. The most important person in your life is the person feeding your faith. If your faith is in place, you can recover from anything. You can recover from your background; you can recover from your foundation.
Don’t let any of you have an evil heart of unbelief, departing from the Lord. When you depart from the Lord, you will be giving fake prophecies, manipulating people. If you are a real man of God, let the Lord do it for you. We didn’t break from any church, nobody sponsored me. I have heard stories of how my father sponsored COZA, it’s not true, we started on the streets; I did not even wait to have a hall.

There was a guy I preached to for six hours and every other day for the next two weeks, I preached to him for five, four, three hours. We were both broke.

One day his mum called and she said, “Are you the one that preached to my son? What did you tell him? He has changed.

See, I don’t want you people to meet in the house, I have a place you can meet, that was how we got the first hall and we used it for free for almost a year”.

Everything you can see here came by faith. People who don’t know anything will say it is jazz. Who can sustain jazz for 22 years? The devil is not that nice.

Hebrews 3: 7-19, Hebrews 4: 1-7. May I please let you know that Joshua entered into the rest but he couldn’t carry everybody into the rest; Caleb entered into the rest but he couldn’t carry everybody into the rest. By not believing, by not playing their role, they could not enter into the rest. Mathew 17: 19. Unbelief is thinking outside Scriptures.

Faith is being on the same page with God in spite and despite what is happening around you. Disobedience is tantamount to unbelief.


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