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  • Pastor Dr. Paul Enenche on ‘Fresh Oil, Fresh Grace’ at Kingdom Power and Glory Word Conference 2021, Opening Rally.

  1. There was the lack of value and care for family
    That is you took a loan and gave your two sons as collateral. The Bible said anyone that does not care for his family, he has rejected the faith and is worse than an infidel. What shall it profit a man if he leaves the world to heaven and let’s his family go to hell?

The quality of your relationship with your family is a proof of your relationship with God. I ended a three day fast some time ago, I was on the dining table breaking the fast and I was joking with my children and they were laughing and my daughter said whatever put you in this mood, please go and do it again.

I said it was three days fasting and she said go and fast for another three days. She was asking her sister to explain the word ‘dogmatic’ so I said it is a dog that knows mathematics or can drive automatic.

They laughed and laughed and asked me what is this? I said I just came out from spending time with God and they said please go back there.
It’s hypocrisy that a man says he has relationship with God and has quarrel with his wife. It’s falsehood to say you are progressing with God and you are not progressing with man. I tell people if your wife does not think you are a Christian then you are not. If your children doesn’t think you are a Christian then you are not.

This man was so reckless that he didn’t care for the fate of his family, please every servant of the Lord and child of God ensure you take your wife along. In those days when I just finished reading a book I give it to my wife, “I just finished this book and I got this from it, ensure you read it too”.

So that we can be on the same page, so that when I talk next time you know where I am talking from. So that when I make this decision, you know what I am doing. The greatest blessing you can ever get in this life is the blessing of your household.

The goodwill of your wife or husband and children. Goodwill is stronger than witchcraft.

  1. He lacked functional impactful relationships that could come to his aid in seasons of urgency.

I am talking about people whose lives you have touched that will rally round you in times of confrontation. The way they rallied round that widow that died. They brought their clothes and said this is what that widow gave to me and they kept on crying until Peter prayed her back to life.

In Acts 14:20, when they stoned Paul the Apostle and dragged him out as dead.

The disciples, people he had helped, people whose lives he had touched and affected didn’t even say one word, they just saturated him with love and affection and that brought him out of frustration. Who surrounds you determines what you can survive in life.

There are people who surround you that multiply your joy and divide your pain. It doesn’t matter how successful you are, if you don’t have successful relationships you are a failure. If you don’t have people who can thank God that you were given birth to, people that God used you to impact and touch in all realms, if you don’t have such people around you that is failure.

This man had no such people so his wife had to cry and cry until she ran to a prophet. Don’t be too busy to touch lives, impact lives and change destinies, don’t be too busy for that. That was the challenge of this prophet. Once you make up your mind to be a blessing to your generation, you can never be stranded on earth. Once you make up your mind to continuously make deposits in the lives of others and touch lives and change destinies, you can never be stranded on earth.
Notes on the Oil

  1. No one is completely empty handed in life.

There is something God has put in you, there is something somewhere and none is totally bankrupt. Elijah had the mantle of prayer, Moses had the rod in his hand. What do you have in your house?

  1. What you fail to see or despise in your life is what is designed to change your life
    There is something in your life that you are failing to see or something you are despising in your life that can change your life. It is a grace, an endowment. This woman said “I don’t have anything”.

What she called nothing was what was needed to change her story.

  • I prophesy to someone here that God will open your eyes to the deposits of your life that will change your life.
  • That grace in your life that can change your community you will see it.
  1. God will always take what you have to give you what you need.
    He took that oil and produced what the woman needed. He took five loaves and two fishes and met the needs of the people. He took the water and turned it into wine.
  2. God’s possibility is proportional to man’s capacity
    You see possibility to the extent of your capacity to believe God for it. We don’t all have the same result because we don’t all see at the same level and we don’t all have the capacity to trust.
  3. The most important thing about the oil is the vessel
    The oil was constant but the vessel was what was needed. God never lacks oil, oil is never what is really lacking, what is needed are vessels. Heaven does not lack anointing, evangelistic mantles are not scarce, apostolic graces, leadership mantle, prophetic graces are not scarce, what we are looking for is vessels.

The kind of things of Bible days and the kind of things we have heard in history are not scarce. What is lacking is the vessel to carry them.

There is an apostolic mantle that can arouse your nation and change a whole community, that grace is a constant but what is lacking is the vessel. That is why he didn’t say “borrow oil” he said “borrow vessels”. The oil is not to be borrowed, don’t look for oil. Look for vessels.
🎶Lord make me a practical instrument for you, Use me oh Lord.
There are vessels that make God regret. God repented that He made Saul king. There are those whose destiny is to be Kingdom billionaires so that Churches can be planted everywhere but God tried you with little money and you proved that you are not original tire, you just busted under pressure. Little anointing that you carry and you have already grown wings, God said “I have the desire of handing over a whole continent to this man but if I do so, He will go to hell. Let me leave him where he is so he can go to heaven”.

So if there is anything we are going to be asking God is “Lord I know fresh oil is available but can you make me the right vessel”. It is possible to be available and not usable. It’s not every plate in the kitchen you can use to serve visitors. I was talking to Papa Oyedepo today and he said “there is nothing any of us has seen that any of us can boast about.

So we must never allow anybody to praise us. If you know how to obey God, it is God who worketh in you but to will and to do ”. So you can not please God without His help. If God didn’t work in you to will and to do, you are a rebel. So don’t forget as you go home to pray, we are here for fresh oil and that is always available, what is not available is the vessel.
If I am going to carry fresh oil and fresh grace, what is the demand concerning the vessel?

  1. The vessel must not be leaking.
    There are leaking vessels, if you pour oil in the vessel the oil is wasted. I will never forget the revelation I got in Lagos during that crusade. I saw people riding on horses and donkeys moving for show and He said this was what happened before.

Then I saw another set of people coming, they were carrying luggage and all sorts of things and riding and He said this is what I am doing now, I am giving authority to people with responsibility. I am giving mantles to people with tasks. There are those who carried the anointing before for show, just for the sake of having power, just for the sake of having money.

So the anointing was there but it leaked, souls were not saved with it, lives were not delivered with it.

Nations were not impacted with it. That was one of the reasons why the healing revival in America fizzled away very fast. It was concentrated, only people like T.L Osborn took the anointing to deliver nations, T.L. Osborn was the first man to take evangelism to an open air field.

God will give you that fresh oil but will it leak?

Is the vessel a leaky vessel? Is it going to be a wasteful anointing?

  1. The Vessel must not be dishonourable
    Characterless people are not qualified for the oil. It must be honourable. So that your identity is not a liability to the kingdom.
  2. The vessel must be empty
    God does not have much to do with those who are full. He only sets them aside, there are people who God has set aside long ago because they are full of themselves. Empty means devoid of self, pride, ego. John 3:30. Devoid of an achievement mentality, devoid of showmanship, devoid of arrogance.

Empty means hungry, desperate. I don’t have any business with anybody who thinks he has arrived, I don’t have anything to do with anyone who is satisfied. Give me hungry people. Give me people who have space for what I want to pour. None of us will ever reach fullness until we see Him face to face.

If you have not seen Jesus yet then there is one more step, one more realm, one more assignment, one more manifestation. There is something more to do. Those who will continue to remain fresh with God are people who have hunger that can’t be conquered.
Many years ago, I wondered why I didn’t see everything I needed to see on the spot.

That blind eye saw, this one didn’t see. That deaf ear heard, this one didn’t hear. I asked God what is happening and He said “I am the one healing them not you”. Sometimes I feel under pressure, I feel afflicted under the pressure of helping them and He said “It is me they came to not you, accept your responsibility and leave the results to me”.

Some things are left yet to manifest so you can remain in a desperate mood. The reason why there is no fresh oil is because there are too many satisfied people.

Every time there is a hunger, there is an answer. Desire is proof of potential. What does not exist cannot be desired.

Empty vessels refers to vessels with capacity. A vessel that is full no longer has capacity. Fasting and Praying, then Word Revelation assists in Capacity enlargement. Jacob prayed until he became Israel, that is he increased capacity. Jacob is a person, Israel is a nation. The capacity of Elijah was like the capacity of a thousand prophets. It is one thing for God to want to give it and it is another thing for you to be able to carry it.

Oil multiplies in the absence of distraction. Oil multiplies in the climate of consecration and isolation, brutal focus. Grace multiplies for those who can combine desperation with consecration minus distraction. God told me that many times He wants to talk with people but they are on the phone.

They are so busy talking with men that they have no time to talk with God. In South Korea the youths are almost lost because they are on the phone from the beginning to the end of service and when the grace is shared they are not aware.

One day I was in a conference and the man of God came from India, he preached a very brutal message and he made a statement I will never forget he said “Nigeria the world is waiting for you”. This was around 1987. He gave a testimony of a Nigerian student who planted about a thousand home cells in China.

That thing fired up my spirit and I touched the person sitting next to me and asked if he heard what he just said, and he asked me which one. We were seated in the same service, heard the same message but he heard nothing. It is what you hear that can change your life.

The word that would have turned him into a territorial Apostle, that word came and passed.

Not every one of us is an Apostle or a Prophet but we are a Kingdom of Priests and Kings, everyone has something to offer our generation. If you need the oil you must present the vessel and the vessel must be right.

Lift up your voice and begin to appreciate Him for tonight as you begin to ask God to help you to be the right vessel for His use in your generation.

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