Excerpt from House On The Rock Abuja With Apostle Joshua Selman


🎯We have been called into a life of power. The manifestation of God’s kingdom has a power component to it, and this is the power of the Holy Ghost. Every miracle that the bible records, is manifestations of this power.

🎯God’s power birthed the “faith life” we now live. We excel and deal with the forces that contend with His purpose, by His power! One genuine manifestation of his power can preach a thousand messages, because it serves as our evidence of been called by him.

🎯The assignment to manifest God’s power is so we can prove to creation that God’s word is not a lie. The authenticity of his power is true because one can thirst and see that He is good. His power produces results, and His goodness is ever visible.

The power of God is creative, corrective, restorative, brings ease and accelaration to as many who believes in Him.

🎯Having to #Encounter God equips men to manifest the divine and supernatural powers which validate.

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