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EXPERTNAIRE AFFILIATE: Guide to running a Successful Ads that brings Leads

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If you’re an Expertnaire affiliate looking to run ads for a moneymaking product, here’s a few things you should consider:

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1. Know the limitations.

• Running an ad isn’t a GUARANTEE you’ll make sales.

But it makes it easier as you have numbers and the JUICE of affiliate marketing is NUMBERS.

Also, it reduces your chances of failure.

• Understand that an ad won’t immediately confer authority on you especially if you have no proven results yet.

At the beginning, you haven’t made any sale yet so you’re ‘borrowing’ authority.

So don’t assume everyone will listen to you. Chances are many won’t, but the few who will are important.

FOCUS on the positives and don’t bother about those who don’t believe. Give them time or simply let them be.

• Running an ad won’t gloss over the fact that your ad (copy or offer) is weak.

A bad ad is a bad ad.

But you’re lucky, the more you do it, the better you get at it.

The idea is to do it scared. Don’t wait for perfection. That’s how you learn.

• Running an ad won’t necessarily make people believe you immediately.

As much as 97% of people who see an ad don’t respond immediately.

You have to follow up.

2. Understand the possibilities.

If properly used, a well run ad can be the bridge between 30k weekly & 3 Million weekly.

And here’s why…

A good ad can:

• Build awareness for you & the product you’re selling.

“Oh, I’ve seen this guy’s ad before and I’ve been ignoring. Let’s even see what happens has to say”

And a customer clicks.

Every single click brings you one step closer to the sale.

• Make an impression.

The bridge to making people liking and trusting you enough to spend their money on what you’re selling starts from KNOWING you.

After they know you, everything kicks off from there.

• Improve your closing ability

Everything in life is about reps.

The more you do something, the better you get at it.

If you’re talking to 100 prospects every day, your rate of growth would be faster than someone who talks to 5 prospects once in 6 months.

• Improve your sales

More numbers means your chances of success is higher.

1% of 10,000 is 100.

10% of 100 is 10.

The numbers matter.

• Improve your confidence

The more you do something, the better you get at it.

As you talk to more prospects, you make more sales, you become more confident.

It’s a virtuos cycle.

• Increase your credibility

If you see one thing for so long, over time you slowly start to believe it. That’s how the human mind works.

As people get to see you around, they slowly start to believe you even before clicking your ad.

After all, if he wasn’t making money, how will he have money to be running these ads everywhere?

Common sense.

And with an increased credibility comes increased numbers which leads to increased sales and therefore an improvement in authority.

Sooner or later, people will reach out to you not because they saw your ad, but because someone told them about you.

Or because they saw the crazy money you make.

Now that’s cool 😆

PS: Before you run an ad, ensure you understand your product, audience & topic.

Don’t try to search for a black cat in the darkness.

We hope this helps you.

Keep selling 💪🏿.

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