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Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp are Shutdown since One hour Ago

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It is quiet shocking to me when I discover all my WhatsApp messages are not going through, every effort to communicate with my loved ones, my wife, my business partners and my customers was to no avail, I was really baffled that maybe it’s the MTN network I was using, so I switched to airtel network, but then… It’s still the same experience, that was when it dawn on me that it’s not a network error.

But then, I was wondering, could it be that WhatsApp is down?

I said, not possible, considering the effect and impact of this great peer to peer messaging app and it’s functionality in this present age to human daily endeavors.

To clear my doubt, I called my wife who also said, she’s Been trying to reach me on WhatsApp but every effort is to no avail, she also believe it was a network issue until I told her, it’s the same story on my end, now the both of us are in Nigeria but two different states apart, the network can not have problem at the two states at the same time.

Then, I had to call another person that confirms to me that it’s general, and not just WhatsApp alone, but also facebook is down and unreachable, I couldn’t believe it, so I had to check our local online forum, where I saw people already discussing about this incident there, but everyone’s concern is, what could have happened ?
WhatsApp especially as become. A major part of human existence in our today’s world, someone like me get to reach many customers and even strike great deals via WhatsApp almost every day, a customer of mine from ilesha sent me #170,000 for some product as a purchase on Saturday, after we reached an agreement on what he wants and the prices, everything happened on WhatsApp and have not even seen this person face to face in life.

The impact of this mobile chatting app can not be over emphasized.

Well, as it were, let’s wait for now and hope everything gets back to normal soon, surely mark zuckerberg owes us an explanation and apologize bon what actually went wrong.

They surely wouldn’t hold the world to ransom, by my Nigerian time, the app went down exactly 6:11pm, and as at the time of making this report (7:26pm) the app is still down, when it comes back online, I will notify you guys.

Whike we wait for the tech giant to come back Online, it seems the whole world is rushing to twitter right now and twitter is using this situation to gain a sudden game, and amazingly, other tech companies are also coming in board on twitter to seemingly make a mockery of facebook, instagram and WhatsApp down time.

Look at what they said below,

But the one that really break my bones was that the WhatsApp twitter handle also came responding to the Tweet by the official twitter handle, as a way to probably show they are aware of the downtime, and peradventure not to allow their competitors take advantage of this downtime, see the response below.

ita indeed gonna be a big win time for twitter, because I just confirmed now that it’s not only facebook as WhatsApp is down, instagram as Been down for some hours too, this is almost unbelievable but it’s the reality, but what baffled me really is that, this 3 major apps as built her way into the heart of people globally!

for many people, including me, the social media is actually a working office for us, which we leverage for customers and clients across the world.

Great football stars like Messi, ronaldo also earn millions of dollars and pounds from their instagram posts for various brands like adidas, Nike and lots more.

If you still remember, these 3 apps that are shutdown are owned by mark zuckerberg, the founder of facebook, he bought instagram and WhatsApp, he once made an offer to get twitter to, but the offer was declined, and here they are today!

Am beginning to feel monopoly is not a good idea, it only benefits one person, but the world is larger than a person, why would the 3 most used apps be down for hours now, and people are almost dump founded at this occurrence, many not knowing what next to do, without communication we cannot connect, without connecting together, we can not do businesses, without Business development, the world economy is at a great risk and this can have devastating consequences on the human race.

Finally and at last, Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram are back online and functioning normally, you can read the details here.

You can now connect with your loved ones.

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