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If you have been following my post since yesterday, something happened that look almost like the end of time, as though, the world as come to an end, it was quite baffling and shocking altogether, because humanity was thrown back to the old age, of no easy communication, i can only imagine how people survived in the age when there was no phone access to communication with each other, it must have really been a cumbersome way of living, compared to a time like this, the whole social media or let me say, the social media giants were shut down for some hours yesterday, what started around 4:30pm (according to my friend), though i only noticed mine at 6pm and till 10:30pm before the whatsapp platform started to function normally again.

Now, this is no small event at all, because as a result of this one thing, facebook founder, Mark zuckerberg lost $7 Billion to this shutdown, which is a major drop in wealth for him, it also became a worrisome thing for many of us, for instance; i could not reach out to my wife, we do a lot of whatsapp video call, anytime she is far away from home, almost every day, and we connect mostly online, but last night was a different case because of the shutdown, the same thing apply to my Businesses, i could not reach my customers and they couldn’t reach me either, it was indeed cumbersome, makes me wonder what the world will look like, without social media, as most of these great apps have become a major part of our daily life.

Well, the good news is, these apps are back online now and i am sure, the companies will not want such to repeat itself, especially with the fact that, their nearest competitor, is almost immediately gaining fame overnight.

In my own opinion, both twitter ad telegram are not by any means worthy an alternative for facebook and whatsapp, especially considering the ease of things whatsapp as giving us, in terms of it peer to peer communication channel.

Another good move was that, prior to when whatsapp started working again, the whatsapp twitter handle gave us an update to put our mind at rest, see it below;

The downtime like this, doesn’t happen often, i think the last time such happened was 4years ago, because ti cost the company a lot of money and other things to recover it, that is why it looks like the world is shutting down when such happens.

Instagram also gave her user a quick notification on the restoring process of the app, see it below;

Facebook, whatsapp and instagram are also back and functioning well now.

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