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Facing Life Threatening Illness with God at Your Side

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Jesus Christ the only son of the living God was sent to the world by his Father, whose short but impactful life was the standard by which all Christians are to look up to and build on. The death of Christ, the only son of the living God was the ultimate sacrifice our lord could make but also one that Christ himself questioned.

Mathew 27:46 talks about the questioning, Christ was exhausted and desperate while been nailed to the cross, he had to asked the father with a loud voice full of pain, “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani? Which means “My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?” Of course, God had not in any form abandoned him.

Subsequently to his death, Christ was resurrected. It was recorded in the scripture how the resurrection came through, how the big stone rolled from his tomb and Christ body left the tomb. He later visited his disciples, he made them known “how foolish they were and how they are very slow to believe that which the prophets have spoken”.

Christ clearly saw that his suffering was not forever, also knew that the suffering which he is passing through is not the end, but a means to an end. He knows that, that which he suffers is to the end that the salvation of the whole mankind may come and to the end that every soul may receive salvation.

And this should be applicable to us human beings, even we the follower of Christ. When human beings are diagnosed with a chronic or terminal illness, we are always prompt to asking questions, and questioning our faith. Here are the most questions we ask Gods; how could God have allowed this to happen to us? Don’t I pray? Don’t I do this? Don’t I do that? And all sorts of questions,

It has been noticed that all these questions are human, nobody who is suddenly faced with the burden of illness, can be expected to understand why their health is no more in proper condition all of a sudden. In the same way that Jesus questioned the father, it is to be expected that our first reaction to illness or any situation that we are not cool with, is to be stunned, angry, sober, and keep questioning.

Coming to terms with illness involves flittering through several stages, as espoused by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross in her studies on grief. These stages are; Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance.

In the denial stage we may think that what our doctors have told us is wrong, of course, obtaining a second, or even third or fourth, opinion, is always helpful when life-threatening illnesses are involved. Yet despite what we are told, we can continue to deny that something so powerful is happening to us.

We can become angry about why this illness has afflicted us in particular, when we may have led a healthy lifestyle and tried to steer clear of habits that impair our health. We can try bargaining offering our Lord something in turn for health. When we feel at our lowest, we can become depressed.

After a long period of moving between these emotions and states, we can final reach the stage of acceptance an important place to be because it is when we accept what is happening to us, when we understand that God has a plan that we are unable to comprehend, and that eternal life awaits us that we can begin to make the most of our time on Earth.

In all these, the question are now, how can we live our life to the full, bearing in mind the gravity of our health? I tell you there are many way via which we can prepare for the time when we are no longer here, from taking care of difficult yet necessary administrative and insurance matters, to working on our relationship with God. The material side is mainly focused on those we leave behind, while the spiritual one is internal and profound and is a different journey for every person.

Some people travel to places they had always wanted to see, take part in adventure activities, or mend important bridges with people who have meant the most to them. By doing this many squeeze in as much of the beauty of life into the days left for them. And for others the process is more internal than external, they believe more in building the inner strength. They find solace and strengthen their faith through the Bible.

The most important thing about the whole thing is the fact that whatever way you have chose, always bear in mind that God is always by your side.  

As Richard C. Leonard advices, “Follow the example of the Psalmists, who sometimes cry out to God as though taking Him to task for his problems, but who persist in his conversation with God; eventually he received an answer, reinforcing His faithfulness to His servants.” We may not understand God’s will in this life, but in eternity, there will be no more suffering and pain, and we will be united in everlasting life with our Savoir the son of the living God.

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