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Ejike Mbaka a man from Enugu is well known for his unique preaching style and is very questionable attitude. Many know all this about him, but what else do you know about him?

HE IS NOT ONLY A PREACHER. It will be very good you know that this man is very charismatic person, and in addition to his preaching of his gospel part. He is a well-known singer, and can sing very well. Also his recorded message on CDs, DVDs and audio tape gain a lot of attention the market. He is also the owner of AQUARAPHA sachet water.

HE IS A MAN THAT HAS ESCAPED DEATH MANY TIMES. According to the report of AllAfrica, in the year 2006 that Rev. (father) Ejike Mbaka has placed allegation on Governor Chimaroke Nnamani the very governor of Enugu state, for sponsoring an armed attack on him in the city.

About six gunmen also attack him the early hours of May 9 on Park Avenue as he was driving towards home from the house of  Bishop of Enugu catholic Diocese, which he was accompanied with three orphans. Everyone in the car managed to escape death including him.

HIS CRUSADES ARE ALWAYS DANGEROUS AND CROWD PULLING. His crusades are always catching the attention of both the whole city and government because he won’t stop talking controversially to the government, even after all kind of threatening from the government.

He is a man that will never keep quiet on what he knows that really need to be addressed.

HE IS A VERY CONTROVERSIAL MAN. Being controversy for him is beyond what you can imagine, you see him saying good things about you today once he senses you are not doing the right thing he quickly tell you again.

In his political views and preference change just in a blink of an eye, you see him supporting President Goodluck Jonathan in that last two months ago. In his new year speech he admitted that he prefers President Buhari to him:

Jonathan has been in power for over six years. We need change; PHCN is not working very well because of corruption. The privatization of public companies has not yielded any positive outcome because of corruption. Nigerian are sick of the killings of innocent bloods with having a proper address of the issue from the government says him (Ejike Mbaka)”

He also said book haram came to limelight because of joblessness, according to him he defined kidnapping as a grandson of unemployment. Boko Haram is the grandson of unemployment, mass looting and corruption. As it stands now it very visible that the seating President is not capable to handle what is on ground, he asked the seating president to unseat fearlessly then in his New Year speech that’s how controversial he is.

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