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It mostly believed widely that food eaten in Nigerian most times represent their culture in one way or the other, travellers irrespective of where they are coming from are introduced to different awesome and tasteful prepared cuisine, and when it comes to food culture, I tell you Nigeria has a very awesome and rich food culture cutting across almost all the six geographical zones.

And all of these cuisines have moved beyond cultural, regional, factional or sectional barriers which have made them to be consumable by almost everyone. Even asides cultural or traditional meals, Nigerians don’t shy away from continental meals. So if you are new to Nigerian cuisine or food, there should be no cause for alarm because this article will be taking you through all you need to know about Nigerian cuisine. You will be very amazed of different meals that awaits you, trust me.

Wow! Let’s journey together as we unveil those cuisines that are readily available in Nigeria, which you can almost find in every states, cities and towns.

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Firstly will introduce you to one of the most common meal in this part of the world, JOLLOF RICE this is a food that happens to be a regular features on the table of every Nigerian home, I tell this is a food that must be serve in any party in this part of the world irrespective of who or where the party is holding, I tell you if you get in touch with this particular food you come back to thank me, because different cooker as employ different method via which this can be prepared and I tell it is always a blast when you meet those prepared by a good cook. This particular food trend so much in this country and it is as important to many as the breath they inhale.

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Won’t let you be ignorant of the fact that there are a lot of Nigerian street, that you grab at just a call onto the seller, you can always find this at garage, by the roadsides and in different shops, the likes of suya(roasted meat with pepper), akara(beans cake), gala and lacasera, bole(roasted plantain), cooked and roasted corn, popcorn, nkwobi, kokoro, fura de nunu, moimoi, shawarma and so on. These are street foods you can easily grab, if peradventure hunger sucks very hard.

Also talking about the local foods of this part of the world, I tell you mama put, yakoyo(branch and get filled) are the moniker for local restaurants that you will always find on the streets of any major city like Lagos, Port-Harcourt , Aba, Kano, Enugu, Uyo, Ilorin, Ife, Osogbo , Akure etc.different delicacies such as iyan(pounded yam), semo, amala, eba, apku, tuwo, and different kind of local foods which are breathtaking trust me, you will definitely enjoy yourself.

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Will let you be aware of the fact that there are big restaurant where you can easily order for continental food, we have restaurant in the city like Lagos which can even supply you the exact meal of the same country you are coming from if you are only used to. We have restaurants that sell Spanish rice and the likes. It is depending on how much you have and how much you’re willing to spend as we have mama put, there are also five stars restaurant that can offer you a readily available cuisine.

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