Facts about Pregnancy You Should know as a Man


A father can play an important role in his partner’s pregnancy. Your job as a father begins long before your baby is born.

Pregnancy is an amazing, scary, beautiful, anxiety inducing nine month ride for both the moms-to-be and dads-to-be alike.

Most dad wish they could have a little first hand knowledge before their wife is pregnant for the first time

Fortunately, I am here to help as much as I can with information and support grin wink

� Each pregnancy is incredibly unique and completely different, right up till delivery. Expect the unexpected, it rarely goes according to plan undecided

� Cravings are real. She will probably have many cravings throughout her pregnancy. Keep her happy by going to get those fries or chocolate at 10 p.m. It might be a little inconvenient for you, but it will make her happy. A happy wife is a happy life.

� Women will typically gain 25-35 pounds (11-15kg) during their pregnancy.

� She will probably become tired because she is growing another life inside her. Her body is hard at work making the necessary changes to accommodate your baby. She may also experience restless sleep, causing her to be more tired. Remember that she is tired so support accordingly.

� A symptom of pregnancy is going the bathroom, a lot. Getting up several times throughout the night to use the bathroom will become a routine for her. That 2 hour car ride with no stops will turn into a 2 and 15 minute car ride with two stops. She’s not happy about it either, so no complaining from your end.


� There will be a lot of pillows that start appearing on your bed. In time, you may find that there is no room for you anymore. She will probably start cuddling with a giant body pillow instead of you. Don’t take it personal, she is just trying to get as comfortable as possible.

� Her body is stretching, shifting and moving in all directions, there is bound to be aches and pains. She is carrying additional weight that her body has to support. This extra weight will cause stress on the lower back. Back massages are a great relief for her at the end of the day. Massages in general are a must for pregnant women. Whether they are foot, back, or hip massages, it is your job to help her out. Relieve as much tension as possible.

� There are moments where you can’t really help because during pregnancies, there are times of discomfort or pain that you cannot mend. Being there physically is helpful but there will be times when your partner want to be left alone, don’t take it personal if she asks for some space, she just may need to handle things on her own.

� Be careful what you cook or wear as she will be incredibly sensitive to smells. My advice is to be careful with anything and I mean anything that can be fragrant grin

� Hyperemesis gravidarum is not morning sickness, it is the severe form and she is not finding it any funny. Please be supportive

� Understand your wife’s/partner’s love language because there are so many times during pregnancy that you are going to want to help your wife and she’s going to want you to help her but she can’t verbalize or even really come up with a way for you to help. Having a default list of things you can do when you don’t have clear instructions is key.

�Do not neglect date night with her. Take advantage of and enjoy the free time before the baby comes.

� You are going to be terrified, you are going to question everything you do and know. And you are going to be fine.


� Your partner is just as anxious as you are if not more. Be each other’s support system..

Hope this helps, which of the above resonates with you?

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