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If there’s another great thing that is about to happen in the history of the Church of Christ, THE ARK is part of any great thing that will be happening in this season.

Are you aware of THE ARK? Do you know THE ARK is the largest church building in Nigeria? Do you also know that there is a working on Canaan city? If not let’s journey together as we unveil together one of the biggest thing God want to do in this season.

THE ARK is a stadium like church building with about 100,000 seats which is two times of the former world wide headquarter building according to Bishop David Oyedepo, he states that it will look exactly like a stadium, stating that this will be planted on about 500 acres of land out of the 1000 acres of land the ministry Living Faith Church as in New Canaan city Ota Ogun State.

This is a ministry that has really been embarking on projects that are mind blowing, spectacular, and with the help of God has been scaling through in completing them without stress or any casualty, according to the President and Founder of this great assembly he made known to the world that whatever project they embark on in this assembly is as a result of God’s communication towards what next to do, meaning that things are not been done out of their own free will but according to the will of God, and definitely anything that will be achieved stress-free must be according to the will of God.

I won’t want to bore us with stories on this particular story as we are looking forward to the manifestation of that which has been spoke of that every eye may see and witness it, as we will be running through the facilities and all segments that will be present in this particular stadium-like worship place called THE ARK, just to give us the glimpse of what is about the happen next in the history of the Church of Christ, it is stated that the building will include the following;

  • A Worship Bowl, this is a bowl that will have about 100,000 seats.
  • Levels of Concourse.
  • A Prayer Booth, this is a booth specially designed for prayer, so that people will be able to have quality time with God and be able to engage God in prayers personally.
  • A Baptistery; will be majorly for baptizing purpose.
  • Mission Towers; this is part of the building in form of a tower, that will be for the worldwide headquarters for all types of missions.
  • Word Of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI); there is also a place in this building that will be designated for WOFBI, that can accommodate about 3,000 students for every courses offered.
  • The Children Church; this will be able to accommodate 10,000 kids at the same time.
  • Dominion Book Store.
  • Audio/Visual Theatre
  • Shopping Mall.
  • Food Centers and Many More.
  • A big screen outside on the outer part of the building that display what’s going on inside.

It will be pleasing to also inform you that the ALTER of this great sanctuary will be a rotating one, one of the great news about this particular great building that is about to happen in the history of church is the fact that it was designed in the first university of this commission no other university than CONVENANT UNIVERSITY. It is really amazing that a mind blowing and such sophisticated building design came from the university.



Canaan city is another great thing which will be birth out of this commission and will be of good to bringing to your notice. It is also on the territory that the biggest THE ARK project will be constructed; the city will be very close to the theatre. The Canaan City is a project that the leaders of the Living Faith Church along with leading professionals in the area of the Real Estate, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and other regions.

It was explained that the ideology of such a city development came from the light of the scripture basically in Exodus 9:24-26, Revelation21: 1- 11. These verses of the scripture best describe what the city will look like.

It is said to be a city of 24/7 hours lightness, people who which to be part of this city can as well purchase one or two-bedroom apartments on the territory of this city as well as luxury apartment, terrace apartments along with semi or fully detached apartments. The most expensive building on the territory is the gate house.

It was noted that even apart from the apartment buildings and houses, as well as the proximity of THE ARK which will happen to be the biggest tourist attraction close to this city. It is also noted that the city will also be having, shopping malls, pharmacies, mini markets, banks, basketball courts, health centers, police department and children parks.

We can’t dispute the fact that all these project coming out in our days in the history of the church is nothing but the proof of what eye haven’t seen, what the ear haven’t heard, and what have not enter into the heart of men, this is truly the proof of that scripture in these our days and even in the history of church.

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