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Faith For Harvest – Pastor David Ibiyeomie

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Pastor David Ibiyeomie on “Faith For Harvest Part 1.” at SMHOS Midweek Service.
Magnify the King of all kings and glorify his name. Let’s give him praise and glory, there is no one like him. He’s worthy to be exalted in this service, worthy to be glorified. Blessed be your name Mighty God. For all the testimonies, signs and wonders we give you praise. Take all the glory in Jesus’ most wonderful name.
Father in this First Service of this Thursday, speak to us through your word. Let the word of life produce results in us. Change us and make us better, in Jesus Mighty Name. Give him a big hand, you may be seated.
We are still in the month of Manifesting Supernatural Abundance. And today, we will be looking at Faith For Harvest Part 1. We will take Part 2 in the second service. Faith for Harvest Part 1.

What is Faith?

Faith is standing on the integrity of God’s word that commits him to perform what he has said irrespective of the contradictory circumstances.

Simply, whatever God says, you don’t move by any circumstance. That is faith. Faith is to be fully convinced and be persuaded that God cannot lie.

There is one thing God cannot do: He cannot lie. Faith is doing what is written irrespective of how you feel. Faith is not quoting scriptures, faith is doing scriptures. Now, the word harvest, harvest is the gathering of mature, ripe or full-grown crops or fruits.

So, Faith for Harvest is standing on the integrity of God’s word that commits him to perform what he has said in Genesis 8:22.

-Today as you stand on God’s word, your harvest shall be born in the name of Jesus.
There are laws that govern harvest. Whether you know them or not, they are there. It’s just like the law of gravity.

That you don’t know it does not mean that if you try to jump up, gravity won’t show. I don’t know, you are on top of a building and you jump from there, what will happen? I don’t know does not mean you won’t fall.

Is that true? So, there are laws that govern harvest. Whether you know them or not, they are there and they work either for you or against you. True? If you don’t know them, it begins to work against you. If you know them, it begins to work for you.
-Today, may your understanding be opened in the name of Jesus.

In Hebrews 11:1, it says, “Now, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” So, faith is evidential, it is substantial, it can be handled. Many can’t sow to get their desired harvest because of lack of faith. Now, let me say this to you, before you talk about prosperity, make sure faith is your baseline. Check out every sustainable prosperity, the man is walking in faith.

If you try to sow without having faith, a time will come when you will be weary. You will shake. But check every sustainable prosperity, Copeland is a faith man, Oyedepo is a faith man, I am a faith man. If faith is not your foundation, I can tell you even if you are giving after a while, you will shake. Is that clear sir? So, the foundation should be what? You should have faith before you talk about giving. Don’t give without faith otherwise, I can tell you, it won’t take long, you will be weary.

God expects us to have faith because he said, “The just shall live by faith” Habakkuk 2:4. Romans 1:17. Our harvest from God comes to us in proportion to the faith we have received. God’s word opens you up to prosperity but to take delivery of your prosperity, faith is required.

The word of God opens you up to what? But to take delivery of your prosperity, you require faith. You require what? Now, in Luke 1:45. God’s word says something.

It says “And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord” So, there will be no performance if you don’t have faith. It says, “It shall be to you according to your what?…” According to your faith not according to God. You can receive the blessing you desire from God according to your faith and may your faith produce.

Let me say this to you, lack of faith can stop the flow of your harvest. That you have heard God’s word does not mean harvest is sure. In Hebrews 4:2, it says, “Unto us was the gospel preached, as well as unto them: but the word preached did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in them that heard it.

You can quote scripture and it will not produce if it is not mixed with faith. Long ago, I was living in a house in Victoria Island and a man was sick with diabetes, he’s gone to be with the Lord now. And that man was sick and I was talking to him on healing.

Before I quote the scripture, he has quoted it. Before I say Matthew 8:17, he said, ” Himself took my infirmities ” I said, “ah ah!” If I say 1 Peter 2…he will say, “By his stripes, you are healed” I said, “Sir, you know these scriptures and you are here with diabetes” He knew all scriptures but he has no faith in the scripture. It is not knowing scripture; it is understanding the scripture that you are quoting. Philip said, “Understandeth what thou readest?” Are you getting what I am saying now?

So, the word you have must be mixed with faith for it to deliver results. In Hebrews 11:6, “But without faith, it is impossible to please God…” So, without faith, you displease God and if God is displeased, there is no way you can get results.

When you read the Bible, read it this way and the other way, don’t just read the Bible on one side. If I don’t have faith, I will be committing sin. Because if I don’t please God, I will be committing sin. That is why Romans said anything done without faith is a sin.

So without faith, it is impossible to please him. So the greater your faith, the more harvest you will receive. No faith, no harvest. Something happened about three weeks ago. I woke up in the morning and I had two options: there was money in my hand either to buy a generator or to sow to the crusade. Listen, it was a very funny thing.

That money, I had two options, either…and the generator I was to buy was very essential, very important. And that money, I had also either to sow for the sound of the crusade…So, they came to me they said, “The man for the crusade has given the bill” And it is so funny because the two were the same amount. So either I buy the generator and I tell the soundman to wait which normally is good because the generator must be bought. But the generator was personal, the sound was crusade. Say Faith!

I told my P.A, I said, “Pay for the sound first, the generator should wait.” And a generator was needed because we had only one day in between. I said pay for the sound and I was acting Matthew 6:33. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God…I said pay first for his Kingdom. Let the crusade sound be paid for; let the generator wait.

And physically that was the money available. Listen carefully, the moment I did that in the morning, that same day in the night, by 10 pm, a man walked on his own as if he was missing road, came to the gate and said I am looking for Papa.

They said “You can’t see Papa” He said, “Can you give him this envelope?” Now the envelope that he gave to me was more than the generator and surplus.

Do you understand Faith? if I was not working by faith, I will buy the generator first. That is why he said, “without faith, it is impossible to please God.” The reason why many can’t sow is not because they don’t have; they don’t have faith.

They are thinking of what they will eat tomorrow. What will happen tomorrow. How will they survive tomorrow? It says, “Take no thought for tomorrow, sow to me first” If the birds of the air, I take care of them, I will take care of you. It takes faith to act on Matthew 6:25-33. Without faith, you can’t do it.

So, the evidence of faith is in your actions. Your actions will show whether you are working by faith or not… You know it is easy to preach faith. There are many faith preachers who act unbelief. And the area to exercise faith most is money and healing.

The two areas where faith will be exercised are healing and money. When you are sick, you will know whether faith works. When you need money, you will also know whether faith works… The two…. is not something that you speak grammar.

If the money is not there, everybody will know you don’t have it because there is no shortcut. No, you can’t pretend. You can pretend if you have not eaten but you can’t pretend if you don’t have money. True?

Can your landlord come for rent and you have not paid, you will pretend? You will pay because the landlord must make noise small.

-I pray your faith will produce today.
In James 2:18, it says, “Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works” Shout Hallelujah! Abraham was a man who exercised faith. God said to him in Genesis 22:2, “Take now thy son… and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee of” Did Abraham move? That is faith. He had no alternative. No son yet. He did not say, God, how do I carry Isaac when you have not given me another one… He said Lord, I don’t care I know you have the power to raise up children from anywhere.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence…. you have not seen it but it is evidential. You have not gotten it but you don’t doubt. You know God can’t lie. You know that if you do it, God is committed with integrity to perform. Faith is “Lord, I stand on the integrity of your word, I’m not shaken on the inside irrespective what looked contradictory, you will commit yourself to perform your word” That is what faith is.
If I say I have faith, even the way I talk it will show. Even your words will show whether you have faith. Say I hear.

Why Faith For Harvest?

Let me say this to you, lack of faith places you in a position where you will not be able to receive from God. So, make sure you build your faith. Why Faith for harvest? Can’t I just live my life without faith?

  1. Faith pleases God. Hebrews 11:6. Only those who live by faith please God. and when God is pleased, your harvest is released. Your own harvest will be released. When your life pleases God, harvest is sure. God can use any channel to bring your harvest the moment you work by faith.
  2. You will be rewarded. Hebrews 11:6.. “… he is a rewarder of them who diligently seek him.”
  3. Fruitfulness and all-round blessings. Jeremiah 17:7-8. So, if you want continuous fruitfulness, continuous harvest then you must also continue in faith. When you continue in faith, you become a stranger to hardship, lack and want. They will never be your portion! And your time to enjoy harvest is now. Say with me, “I walk in faith because God can never fail” God is not a man that he should lie” If God cannot lie, then whatever he says in this book, believe it.

When God says as long as this earth remains…. he didn’t say during economic meltdown, seedtime won’t produce… He says as long as this earth remains, whether Covid 19 or not, seedtime and harvest shall not cease. Many observe the climate, observe the circumstances. So you say, ” You know what, with what is happening in the world, don’t sow o” The only people not suffering in the world today are Church-people.

The whole world is under heat. That is why they are wondering why we are smiling. Only God’s people are smiling now. The entire world is under heat. They say, “How are you people succeeding like this with all the hardship in the land?” Because our principles are different from worldly principles. God is not a man, he can bring it from anywhere.

Please don’t allow yourself to be controlled by the economy of the world. Be controlled by God’s economy. When people say, “Church people, tithe and offering” You too open church now, you that you are talking. If it is that simple, open your own church. You know church is money, open one.

Have you not seen people who are suffering in churches? Open one… you weh deh talk, open and see whether it is that simple. Have you seen anybody who is not a giver that prospers?

No way! If you like, open fifty Churches, you will have fifty rent to pay. It is not the number of branches you open, it is either you are a giver or not. If I open a church in America, you better go to America and find out whether the ones who are there are not owing.

If I can move from Africa to America, no problem.

My friend, many can’t pay their rent. This thing is not the economy of a country. It is the principles of the Kingdom. You either follow the principles of this Kingdom, it is no respecter of nations, it works anywhere in the world. If you think it works only in America, find out. I have been privileged to pay rent for Americans, pure top Americans who were stranded.

So it’s not a thing that works in a country, it works universally if you apply it. He is a no respecter of any Nation, he is only a respecter of principles. But God will change your story. So please it is not nations that make people; it is people that make nations.

How We Receive Faith For Harvest

In Romans 12:3, Please get the second service message too.

  1. So, at new birth, you receive a measure of faith. Everybody born again has a measure of faith. But after new birth, it then becomes necessary for you to get into God’s word so that your faith can increase. God gave you faith at new birth but after new birth, you now have a responsibility to build your faith; God won’t give it to you anymore. Is that clear?

That is why it says, “Faith comes by hearing….” Why did God use second hearing? Are you saying God speaks tautology? The second hearing is understanding.

“Faith comes by hearing and understanding God’s word” You know you can be talking to somebody and the person is hearing you and after a while, he says, ‘Okay, I see’ That means now I understand.

The second hearing is understanding of the word.
So, faith will not be born until you understand the scriptures. So as your knowledge of scriptures grows, faith for harvest becomes strong. Now, listen carefully, by faith, I know that anytime I give, harvest will come.

Why? God says so. God said as long as this earth what?… Seedtime shall not what?

So, why should I doubt? If I believe in eternal life: heaven is real, hell is real, why will I not believe in prosperity? Everything work in your life according to how you believe this word. I believe heaven is real and hell is real. I should also believe prosperity is real.

That when I give, God is committed to giving back to me, how he will do it is not my business. Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure, so the measure you give, that is how he will give you. Luke 6:38.

And I saw from God’s word, Jeremiah 33:20-25. So as long as I see the day and night (is that true?) exchanging when I sow seed, heaven must respond. So, I don’t doubt because God is not a man that he should lie. That is my best scripture.

I have faith for my harvest because I am a giver. God who spoke can’t lie so my duty is to do what? To give. God’s duty is to do what? Bring harvest. Do you understand? In a covenant, man has the responsibility and God has the ability.

Man takes what? and God does what? The ability. Ability is not man’s own, it is God’s own. You take responsibility, he won’t do giving for you, you will have to give. Then he takes his ability to make the harvest come.

How he will make it come is not your business. My responsibility is to what? To give. His responsibility is to do what? And a God who could bring money from the mouth of a fish is who I’m doubting how he will do it?

That is where faith comes in. If I begin to observe the economic condition, if I begin to observe how things are with me, I will never give because I lack what? Faith. But I am giving because I know God is committed to making it happen.

So I am giving because I don’t doubt God who spoke that he must give me the Harvest. Harvest is not my own business. Harvest is his own business.
My responsibility is to do what? To give and then God is committed to giving me harvest. But if I don’t have faith, I will be thinking of how I will feed my children. I will be thinking of how I will pay school fees, house rent and then I will not pay my tithe, I will not give offering and then poverty will continue. So you need faith. So build your faith, by having a better understanding of it which is the word of God.

  1. Listen to faith-based messages. Read books by proven authors who have authority in the topic or subject of faith. Don’t just read everything, read those who have proof of what they are teaching. Is that clear sir. You can’t go to an English lecturer to learn Mathematics, you will fail, even if it is first-class in English that is not his area.

Listen to a man who has proof in that area. Is that clear? Listen to Copeland, listen to Oyedepo, listen to me.

Because we have proofs. We don’t teach theory in this area. Are you hearing what I am saying?

Then of blessed memory, Kenneth Hagin.

Those are the areas. How can you go and look for cloth from a naked man? The man is naked and you are saying borrow me cloth. Is that not madness? You are reading a man’s book who is poor. And he said “17 Principles of Prosperity”. I saw a book ” 1000 Ways of Church Growth, I said I won’t read this book. The man said why? I said the man does not have church. How can he now teach me church growth when he does not have a church?

Which church has he grown that I will now read this book? If Adeboye writes Church growth, I will read. If Oyedepo writes Church growth, I will read. They have mega-churches. You now gave me a man who has no church. He has never grown one. I won’t read his book.

Someone wrote on healing and then before you, he says, “You know what, I’ve been sick for one week, but I know God’s gonna heal me. This book you need it” Won’t you run away from him? Glory to God.

  1. Mind what you say and be obedient as proof of your faith. Mind what you say for your harvest to come.

The final bus stop to harvest is your mouth. If you like sow all the seed and then talk negatively, your Harvest will stop. 2 Corinthians 4:13. If you believe God’s word, talk that way.

Don’t look at people and say, “Bro, things get as e be o” The moment you speak negatively, you cancel your harvest.Things are very tough, it will get tougher. Don’t say it in secret.

You know some of us we pretend in church and then say the wrong things in secret.

That secret talk is the reason the harvest is not coming. There is no secret talk. Every talk, God hears them. You say, “Bobo, they said we should not talk but you know things are tough, very tough” When you get to church, you say, ” Things are well…things are well… ” But the tough you have said first has canceled your harvest. Things are not tough.

Things will get better. Say what is written not what is happening. Even from the days I had no money, I have been talking, ” I will be one of the richest preachers” True? How many of you were in this Church then? I am polished. I don’t talk like that again.

If I talk like that now, they will will think it is arrogance. That time I had just one suit. It is not even a suit. It was one coat.

There is a difference between a suit and a coat. I will come out and say ‘I will be one of the richest preachers in the world. Some will say, ‘How can this man be talking like this?’

One day, in 2010 I said I was going to give one million dollars as offering which today is about five hundred and sixty five million naira. I said I’m going to give it in one offering.

When I said that, everybody was looking at me because to give that in one offering… this man in deh craze? I said that 2010 and by 2012, in one service, I gave one million dollars as offering which is five hundred and sixty three million naira in one Sunday service without preaching prosperity. And I had no house then. Say faith. It was then heavens open.

Say faith. Five hundred and fifty six, which house will I not but anywhere in the world?

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