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– Pastor Faith Oyedepo at Shiloh 2021
Day Three, Hour of Visitation.

A man sick with heart disease and he was told that he was never going to live to be 17 years old. By the revelation of the Word of God that he received, he was not only healed of the deformed heart, he lived to be over 90 – revelation.
– If you came here on Shiloh ground whether here in Canaanland or any of the viewing centers around the world with any sickness in your body, the God of Heaven that raised our father and our forefathers in the faith, Kenneth E. Hagin from a dead bed, He will visit you!

Remember the testimony we heard just a while ago, the last testimony we heard now. The professor told that son of Abraham, “I don’t understand.”
Tap your neighbor and say, “Concerning you, the devil will no longer understand you!”

Paul in the Bible was a lover of God (2 Peter 3:16). He wrote things that his co-apostles claimed they didn’t even understand.
Shout it loud again; “Revelation!”
John the beloved had great insight and he wrote the book of Revelation by his depth of insight.

Why? He was a lover of God. How many lovers of God are in the house this morning?
Wave your hands and shout; “Father I love You.”
– From Shiloh 2021, the God of Heaven will baptize you and I afresh with His love!

Everything in this Kingdom works by love.
2. Faith. In the Opening Night, God’s servant in the house took us on a journey of the importance of faith and how that faith works by love. As powerful as faith is, it will only produce to the level and the depth of our love for God (Galatians 5:6).

Faith is a powerful force in the Kingdom of God but it can only produce to the level of your love and my love for God. How much you and I love God is what determines how much our faith will produce for us. God’s servant made it very clear in the Opening Night that your faith will only deliver to the level of your love for God. Now, you are on the ground of faith. For your faith to continue to produce maximally, will require a fresh baptism of love for God and upon this mountain, you and I shall receive that baptism!

1 Kings 19:14
Talking about love for God, whatever touches God and His Kingdom, touches you and I – love for God. No wonder, faith produce maximally in the life of Elijah.
– All the prophets of evil in your life shall begin to bow to you!

1 Corinthians 13:2
– You shall no longer live a life of vanity!
Shout it loud:
“Lord, help me to love you the more!”
So, faith becomes barren without love
– Your destiny shall no longer be barren!

Everything in this Kingdom works by love.
3. The anointing. The anointing increases with your love for God. You want more anointing, then receive grace to love God the more (Psalm 45:8). The more you love God, the more the anointing flows in your direction (Acts 19:15).

Paul was not present there but the anointing upon his life was manifesting even in his absence. Why? Paul was a lover of God. You want more anointing, then receive grace to love God the more!

Here in this Commission, without any doubt, you and I are living proofs that the anointing of God is resident in this place. We just heard a testimony of one of us that left now, the last testifier; the professor, taking her back because he had received the Word from the anointed. Remember we’ve heard several testimonies in time past.

There was one of us who was captured by these evil doers and he had some fliers of one of the Shilohs in his pocket. The flyer fell out and God’s servant who was not present there began to speak in tongues from the paper – Anointing.

Remember also testimony, I think this one came from Abuja, where some evil men of the under world invaded a house, they wanted to carry out their evil work and they looked up and they saw the banner of Bishop Oyedepo’s picture and the counselled themselves, “E wo’ke (Look up)” – anointing.

Now, you are here this morning, I don’t know who you are but you have been threatened, afraid that some evil people are taking your picture to some evil places, don’t bother yourself. Let them take your picture there. By the time your picture arrives there, their places will scatter!

Have you ever imagined or asked yourself, how many people will ever dare to take the picture of Oyedepo to an evil man, to say please, “help me do medicine against this man.” Who will take the picture?
– From today, evil will begin to bow at your gate!
– Anyone that ever dares to take your picture to anywhere for evil, the evil intended for you will befall them sevenfold!

David in the Bible, the man after God’s own heart (Psalm 89:20).
– At Shiloh 2021, the eye of the Lord is running to and fro, the same way He found David and anointed him, He will anoint you!

Everything in this Kingdom works by love.
4. Love is required for prayers to be answered. God’s servant has told us several times, that one time he said to the Lord, “Won’t You even wait for somebody to pray before You answer?” He said, God said to him; “There is a company of people that before they pray, I will answer. Before they call, I will answer.” The Bible makes that very clear in Isaiah 65:24.

Answered prayer is fortified and hastened and expedited by our love for God. When our second son was to be born, I can never forget this. Everything had taken place and the child was not forth coming.

I was in the hospital and the doctors have tried whatever they needed to do and they told my husband, the next thing now to do from here is to carry out a surgery and then, he walked into the hospital, I still have a mental picture of how the bed was in that hospital and then, he came in and put his hand on my stomach, short and sharp prayer, straight to the point; “Child, come out.”

The child turned and within a short moment, what would have been a surgery became hitch free delivery – answered prayer and speedily.

Right now, everyone under the sound of my voice, you are pregnant and you have been threatened in anyway: I speak the Word to you here at Shiloh 2021; for you, it shall be safe delivery!
– If you have ever heard any stillbirth before, I declare to you right now by the Spirit of the Lord, the last one you had is the last you will ever have!
– From this moment forward, in case you have experienced before, losing a baby in the womb, the last one you had is the last you will ever have!
– To everyone under the sound of my voice that is pregnant, you will go in to the labour room, you shall return with your babies alive and men will gather to celebrate your God!
– In case you are here today, believing God for the fruit of the womb, I say to you “Congratulations!”
– No more barrenness in any area of your life!

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