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-Daniel Breakforth
The year 2021 was a great year in Christendom. It was a year of legacies, Interestingly, it marked the 40th year of 1981, the year of God’s Divine Visitation (please read my article on that inspirational topic). It was the year that marked the significant growth and adaptation of the Church to more efficient ways of reaching out with the gospel to billions around the world as a result of the experience garnered from the effects of the plague of the previous year. A plague which is still seeking to shut down the world.

The year 2021 commemorated the 25th year of the Prophecy as …A Witness, Leader and Commander to People-Isaiah 55:4 and the beginning of fulfilment of the ‘Commander’ aspect of the same scripture. It also marked the 11th year of operations and 7th year since coming on Social Media precisely Facebook.

The year began with the usual prayer and fasting by many churches in the aftermath of the Year of the lockdown with many less keen on making prophecies and predictions as had been the case before. Significantly, Donald Trump, the US President handed over power to his successor contrary to prophecies. In Nigeria, several events set off very quickly in January.

David Ibiyeomie led Salvation Ministries Home of Success held her final 5 Nights of Glory and will begin the Glory Reign from January 2022. Apostle Joshua Selman’s Zaria based Eternity Network International (KOINONIA) finally stormed and took Abuja by storm in January with a similar invasion by Jerry Eze led Streams of Joy from Umuahia.
Many ministries adopted the early morning prayer hour system in 2020. It continued in 2021. It has witnessed a lot more people able to join prayers online despite the busy schedule so many have to deal with in the times we are in.

Pastor Jerry Eze’s ‘What God cannot do does not exist’ resounded throughout the whole nation and became a regular phrase on the pulpits of many ministries and churches.
Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace.
Psalm 37:37
Significantly, Pastor William F Kumuyi of the Deeper Life Bible Church clocked 80 and a book which captures his biography was launched in commemoration and attended by the Nigerian Vice President, Lagos State Governor and many other dignitaries among others.

Interestingly, the Deeper Life Youth at the Headquarter Church in Gbagada did the abominable; they trumpeted a Happy Birthday Song for Pastor Kumuyi in the Church right in his presence to the consternation and embarrassment of the older members and were subsequently suspended for doing so. A few days later, Pastor Kumuyi asked that all those suspended should be forgiven and welcomed back into fellowship. Deeper Life is …changing or is it better to say…TRANSFORMING. To make matters more shocking, for the first time ever, Deeper Life reached out to members of Christendom outside the Deeper Life fold who would have been considered worldly in time past. We had ministers like Nathaniel Bassey, Don Moen, Baloche all minister at Deeper Life programs while we will soon be welcoming Dunsin Oyekan, Bob Fitts and also Ibukun Awosika at the same Deeper Life as early as January 2022.

Bishop David Oyedepo released his legacy books which are a compendium of the 12 pillars of the commission as delivered to him.

A study of the message by Apostle Joshua Selman on Seasons of Life preached in 2021 helps give better understanding to the establishment of legacies by Patriarchs who we also refer to as the Fathers. Additionally, the Legacy Project was started by the Living Faith Church which in all likelihood will be dedicated around the time Bishop Oyedepo clocks 70…or probably earlier if the Contractor for the project has his way. This topic will be discussed more robustly under ‘Projects’ in this article.
And he built his sanctuary like high palaces.
Psalm 78:69
Several projects began, continued or were completed in 2021. The Akwa Ibom State Chapel is already a marvel to behold. Pastor Korede Komaiya led Master’s Place 5000 capacity Dreamland has reached an advanced stage. Poju Oyemade’s Covenant Nation enacted a wonder by raising a new church from scratch in just 3 months while the last 19 days of the project was simply a record breaker. RCCG has continued with her 3km by 3km structure while it will have to redo its Youth Chapel which was to have become one of the largest.
Winners’ Chapel International (foreign church arm of the Living Faith Church Worldwide) dedicated her 2,000 capacity auditorium, Faith Dome pastored by Isaac Oyedepo at Maryland, USA. John Akpami led Global Revival Ministries-Christian Teaching Centre also dedicated her beautiful and massive auditorium in the old town of Zaria). The year 2021 also witnessed the groundbreaking and dedication of Archbishop Idahosa Memorial Centre during the hosting of the 1st Archbishop Benson Idahosa Memorial lecture while the Great Dome of the Pastor Yemi Davids led Global Impact Church was also dedicated in Lagos.
The Loveworld Nation is fast developing her campground at Asese along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. It is close in proximity to both the Redemption Camp as well as the Deeper Life Conference Centre.

The Campground at Asese has a makeshift structure which is said to cater for 100,000 people and was used during the recent International Pastors and Partners Conference (IPPC). The Loveworld Medical Center and the Healing School are the core priority projects before a mega capacity auditorium will be put in place.

The most notable among the Church projects presently going on globally and all interestingly based in Nigeria apart from the 3km by 3km project which has been on for a few years however are those being undertaken by Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Salvation Ministries Home of Success (SMHOS) and Living Faith Church Worldwide.

The Deeper Life Conference Centre Project, has progressed and by the time the project ends, the 3 clusters of auditoria will take 127,000 people at a sitting. The massive male and female hostel being built like a mega 5 Star Hotel is also looking very magnificent though still under construction.

We will continue to keep a tab on all these projects and will definitely attend the dedication services, most of which will take place over the next 2 years.
Sometime in 2010, SMHOS began a 40,000 capacity auditorium. After surmounting a major challenge by the Rivers State Government, the work which had been delayed for a while progressed. By 2020, SMHOS unveiled her roof design by a Chinese Company and the roof was laid in 2021. Presently finishing touches are being put in place and the Cathedral named-Hand of God; would have been dedicated in the Glory Reign of January 2021 but for the electric power issue which is being tackled at the moment. Reports have it that the SMHOS Cathedral or Hand of God will be dedicated in April 2021 when SMHOS clocks 25. Presently, the Church is in liaison with Shell Petroleum and others to fix the gas turbines which will run the power plant at the complex which includes an auditorium which is soon to become the largest in terms of capacity-120,000 as well as the school-Chokhmah. SMHOS has hundreds of Satellite Churches in Port Harcourt alone.

I had pondered how this was going to work since I know that Faith Tabernacle operates as a Lagos Church for Lagos residents while Glory Dome operates as the Abuja Church (operations though still on at Area 1 have been toned down somewhat while other churches within Abuja such as in Gwarinpa and other suburbs are not enough to considerably affect Glory Dome Attendance).

Living Faith Church Goshen however is the exception and has continued to thrive despite her 15,000 capacity size with LFC Churches all over Abuja and Nassarawa.

SMHOS will therefore be closing all her churches in Port Harcourt for Sunday services so that members can attend the Hand of God while same centres will be open on Thursdays for the weekday services as is practised in Lagos/Ota by LFC.

An observer noted- after all it’s not like their pastors were preaching in these churches before now. With this method, it is very likely that they will be filled to capacity from inception as the GRA Church reported a 157,000 attendance as at 2015.

The last but not the least of the 2021 projects is The Ark and the local churches built in 2021 aftermath of establishment of 16,700 churches in 2 years.

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