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What is Faith?

  • Faith is the covenant trigger of the manifestations of God.
    Isaiah 53:1

  • Faith is the spiritual means in which God’s Integrity is at stake.
    Isaiah 38:2-5

  • Faith is a display of confidence in God until you get your result.
    Romans 4:19-20

  • Faith is the spiritual treasure of inexplicable value. 

  • Faith is the cardinal law that has the power to suspend all laws of nature.

  • Faith is the force that invades the invisible world and brings to pass testimonies in the visible.

  • Faith is an unstoppable force in the realm of the spirit.

  • Faith is an unwavering confidence in God until your desires are met.

  • Faith is the master key to a world of unlimited possibilities.
    Isaiah 11:39-40

  • Faith is a force that invade the spiritual realm and deliver its mission
    Mark 4:36-41

  • Faith worth anything you can ever desire.
    Mark 9:23

  • Faith is the commander of good report

  • Faith is what turns the truth to a reality
    John 1:14

What is unique about Bible Faith

  1. Bible Faith turns our situations into testimonies.
     Jude 1:20

  2. Bible Faith empowers you to believe all things.
    Act  24:14

  3. Bible Faith engrafts one’s humanity into divinity thereby engendering for dominion.
    Romans 11:19-23
    * Faith takes you to the class of God, you move out of the box and begin to command the unusual
    *God has no problem with your problem but He does with your faith; why because most times we tend to look at our problems as too big for God to handle.
    *Every change is triggered by Faith.

  4. Bible Faith unleashes its power through the tongue.
    Mark 11:23

  5. Bible Faith brings God’s hand to rest on a man for exploit.

Characteristics of Faith

  • Rest in the midst of storm
    Mark 4:37-40

  • Supernatural boldness
    Act 14:3
    Boldness is not practiced, you are endued with the spirit of boldness

  • Faith is a daring spirit
    Daniel 6:20
    Faith puts an end to all calamities of life.

  • Faith will always have its way.
    Ephesians 6:16
    No devil can stop Faith from having his way.

 That is a little about faith but there is room to know more so I urge you to get books on faith and listen to messages of Faith but my mission will not be complete without telling you this;

Faith has the capacity to grow

As Christians we all started somewhere by giving our lives to Christ then doing away with things that don’t please God then we also start growing at that point our faith was also little because there are thing that as a young believer you will not be able to take or do but as you grow and your faith grow you can get to the point of raising the dead and the dead will come to life.

Life in the kingdom of God is a personal responsibility because it takes faith to make the most of your life

“Then touched He their eyes, saying, according to your faith be it unto you.” Matthew 9:29

There are three forms of faith

  • The Word of Faith.
    This is for building our Faith.

  • The Gift of Faith.
    This is for strengthening our Faith

  • The Spirit of Faith.
    This is the drunken state of faith. When even when you are sleeping in the physical the devil is afraid of coming near you because he knows that even your breath will slay him.

To have Faith is good because it is a good thing to solely on God not depending on any alternative.

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