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Since all have sinned and are falling short of the honor and glory, which God bestow and receives.

                                                                                                                                                                                Romans 3:23

Sin is a destroyer; it destroys faster and wider than a nuclear weapon. When we sin, we fall short of God’s glory and when that happens we will need to work harder to get back up to met up with His glory.

We also loose honor when we sin, God is ever looking for someone to talk to, someone to give an instruction, someone to stand in the gap, someone he can trust but when we sin we miss all that, that is why as much as we can, we need to run away from sin the fastest we can.

The bible say for in a house there are many vessels, some unto honor some unto dishonor. The vessels are many when you have not been used by God, you are part of many vessels, and the ones that are unto honor are the ones that are been used and are still in use and some unto dishonor. For something to be dishonored that tells us that it was once honored but what mad it dishonored?

Sin can make any believer dishonored and when a believer is dishonored, God cannot use him; he will be liken to the old sack that new wine cannot be put into because it will burst.

As a believer there is need to ask God for mercy and grace because that is what will keep you going.

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