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Coal is one of the natural resource a country like Nigeria is blessed with, though this particular natural resource has gain a little attention or even no attention of the government. This may be attribute to the fact that our over dependency on the money will make from the crude oil sector has made us a country that depends only on oil neglecting other resources God has blessed this land with.

If there is anything that has caused a real damage to our economy is our inability to diversify, actually that’s not our discuss on this particular article, our target basically on this article is to those who are staying in the coal city and are thinking of place where which you can enjoy your time or stay in such a city.

The actual reason for tagging it a coal city is the fact that there are massive amount of coal that is dominant in this particular city.

Now to ways to enjoy in this particular city

  1. Getting a few histories at NATIONAL MUSEUM OF UNITY. I tell you few history lessons will be a nice idea too. A people without a history are lost forever, as a matter of fact learn from history is also a guide to the future, ways via which we can also juxtapose the future. Hence, a visit to the National Museum will supply you with relevant information about the pre-colonial times of Enugu, the Biafra War as well as relics of the war and a lot more. It’s located at 65, Abakiliki Road, Ogui Junction GRA (Blueberries Park).
  1. You can go explore the beauty of NGWO CAVE AND WATER FALL. This located at the Ngwo Pine Forest where the waterfall cascades from rocks. Apart from the waterfall, there are several caves that are tucked away in the rock, which you can also check. You can access some of them by climbing! Do you wish to see the untapped, virgin and natural beauty of Enugu? Then visiting the Ngwo Cave and Waterfall can be the best option.
  1. You also go ahead to watch ENUGU RANGERS AT THE NNAMDI AZIKWE STADIUM. To the lovers of football, currently Enugu rangers are doing very well on the Nigerian premier league so watching them won’t be a waste of time, as they have some tactical display that will blow off your mind, also the Nnamdi Azikwe Stadium has a capacity of about 22,000 capacity you can also do well to check around other sport unit rather than the football unit.
  1. LIVE CROCODILES AT ANI OZALLA LAKE at the request of the chief priest. This will be a lot more interesting as a matter of fact we don’t have rivers showing live crocodile, checking this Ani Ozalla lake to see a live crocodile will be very interesting, at least it will give you some sense of realness about crocodile, at the command off the priest in charge it will come out live and you can see it.
  1. You can also check AWHUM WATERFALL AND CAVE. Apart from Ngwo cave and water fall, there is another cave and water fall called Awhum, you can go around and check that too, killing boredom in Enugu is just a step out and check all this things, you will be very happy you did.
  1. If you are also the type that loves shopping and relaxing in a cool place there are a lot of place you can visit in Enugu state, one of the popular place you can also visit is POLO PARK MALL.

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